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  • Disney Magical World launches today on Nintendo 3DS

    Disney Magical World launches today for Nintendo 3DS system, and allows players to create a personalized avatar along with a “customized dream life,” before embarking on a 3D fantasy adventure featuring over 60 Disney characters across the main plaza and four worlds.

  • Double Fine Presents: Last Life second title to benefit from indie's backing

    Double Fine has thrown its support behind noir adventure Last Life, the second game to be announced as part of the indie’s quasi-publishing scheme.

  • Fract OSC release date announced

    Fract OSC will be available on GOG, the Humble Store, Steam and directly from the developer from April 22, Phosfiend Games has announced. It’ll set you back $15 on Mac or PC. An unusual musical puzzle adventure in which players repair machines, Fract OSC was backed by the Indie Fund. Take a look at its […]

  • Double Fine's Hack 'n' Slash Steam Early Access release not far off

    Hack ‘n’ Slash is “just weeks away” from Steam Early Access launch, Double Fine confirmed in a newsletter today. The Linux, Mac and PC puzzle adventure will go for $15, and has players using hacks to explore dungeons. Check out the latest trailer below.

  • Rogue Legacy studio co-founder discusses game's development in new video

    Rogue Legacy is coming soon to PlayStation 3, PS4, and PS Vita, and according to the developers, it will contain all the “dark humor and alluring secrets” included in the Linux, Mac and PC version. On PS4, the game will also allow players to share their videos, which will assuredly reveal just how much money […]

  • Until Dark alpha shots show more lovely environments

    Until Dark, formerly known as Project Z from Bordeaux-developer Shiro Games, has a new set of environment alpha shots available below the break.The title is a multiplayer exploration game set in a “huge and mysterious world,” where players don the guise of adventurous heroes who need to team up and fight exotic monsters, explore, build and […]

  • Nero next-generation visual novel confirmed for Wii U

    Nero, the visual novel in the works at Italian developer Storm in a Teacup, will be released on Wii U through eShop. Other platforms are to be announced, but the official website has Steam, Xbox One and 3DS logos posted. According to the studio’s creative director Carlo Bianchi, the “next-generation visual novel” will make use […]

  • LEGO The Hobbit Wii U retail release delayed in North America

    LEGO The Hobbit was released in North America on April 8, and those who expected to pick the TT Games title up on Wii U, probably noticed it wasn’t available. That’s because the game was delayed on the system to April 22. A reason for the delay was not provided. The physical copy of the […]

  • The Wolf Among Us video teases upcoming Episode 4

    The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile released this week, and Telltale has released a video teasing Episode 4. It’s below. If you have yet to finish Episode 3 or have yet to the play the game at all, you may wish to skip out on viewing it. Thanks, Blue.

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect - a game to kill for?

    Murdered: Soul Suspect is a bit of a mystery. Chief among its enigmas is the question “is it any good, actually?” We put our top man on the case.

  • Jeffrey Archer's role in the creation of Not A Hero

    The OlliOlli devs are working on a cover-based shooter that started life as a dungeon-crawler inspired by Angry Birds. What?

  • Secrets of Rætikon release date no longer a secret

    Secrets of Rætikon, the beautiful spiritual successor to Chasing Aurora, will launch in full next week.

  • Guild of Dungeoneering is a reverse rogue-like game from Gambrinous

    Guild of Dungeoneering, the reverse rogue-like game from Gambrinous, has a debut trailer available below the break. The game is a dungeon exploration title where “you don’t get to control the adventurer.” Instead,players lay out the dungeon one room at a time, including monsters and treasure, and try and “guide your hero to victory.” The […]

  • Dragon Fin Soup video shows over 20 minutes of alpha gameplay footage

    Dragon Fin Soup has a new video available showing a longer look at gameplay.


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