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  • First Demon's Souls gameplay footage coms out of Tokyo

    On Gamersyde. The From Software PS3 title appears to be an RPG involving dragons, running around castles and putting on armour. Looks pretty. See for yourself.

  • Ninja Blade gets shaky-cammed pre-TGS

    After the break. Not being funny, but to say Ninja Gaiden was an “influence” on this is putting it mildly. There are three videos there. The majority of the first one’s an inventory screen, from the look of it. The second one’s fighting. The third one’s the ninja sliding down the side of a building […]

  • Demon's Souls announced for PS3 ahead of TGS

    Famitsu’s published the first screens and details of From Software’s Demon’s Souls for PS3, as you can see on Gamekyo. Looks funky. The RPG is presumably one of games Sony said yesterday it was to announce at Tokyo Game Show later this month. Look at sketchy pictures of magazine pages through the link. Thanks, Blerk.

  • Ninja Blade 12 hours long, demo being considered

    IGN’s posted a chat with From Software producer Masanori Takeuchi about Ninja Blade, the 360 action title announced in Microsoft’s Japanese press conference this morning. There’s quite a bit of detail in there: the playable ninja character’s called Ken, the game’s about 12 hours long and the team’s “definitely considering” a demo. Fancy. Game’s out […]

  • Ninja Blade trailer shown in Microsoft Japan press conference

    Microsoft’s shown a very short but very cool trailer of From Software’s Ninja Blade as part of this morning’s Japanese Xbox 360 conference. Watch it on Gamersyde. No date on this yet. Thanks, Blerk.

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