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  • Sony Q3 results: PS3 sales rise to 47.9 million, close on 360

    While both PS3 and PSP saw drops in hardware sales for the Holiday quarter, both systems enjoyed rises in the software sales for the period.

  • Sony PS division records FH profit as PSP sales half in Q2

    PSP sales fell dramatically in the quarter ending September 30, 2010, Sony said today, but the Networked Products and Services division – the company segment that holds all PlayStation products – moved to profit in Sony’s first half.

  • Sony Q1 results: PS3 hardware up 118%, software explodes to 24.8m

    Sony’s posted results for the quarter ending June 30, showing large year-on-year rises for both PS3 software and hardware, but the NPS division failed to make a profit for the period.

  • Report: Sony strikes gold, sees profitable Q1

    Somewhere, off in an – in all likelihood fictional – alternate universe, Kevin Butler’s riding a golden jet ski powered by fuel made from ground-up diamonds. Of course, he always did that. But now, Sony can actually afford it.

  • Sony: PS3 is upgradeable to 3D, company will return to profit in 2011

    During a presentation to investors, Sony revealed that all PS3 systems are upgradeable to stereoscopic 3D via firmware updates, and the company plans to integrate 3D through Blu-ray and HDTV sets as well. The company’s goal is to “lead the 3D market” and offer 3D tools to developers that wish to create games with three-dimensional […]

  • Sony PS division has lost $4.7 billion since launching PS3

    Sony’s Q2 financials today have taken total PlayStation division losses to $4.7 billion since PS3 launched in November 2006. The facts: FY 2007: -$1,970,923,859 FY 2008: -$1,079,994,103 FY 2009: -$577,207,240 FY 10Q1: -$413,541,667 FY 10Q2: -$653,333,333 Total loss: $4,695,000,202 All figures come from Sony’s investor relations page. Note that both quarters so far this financial […]

  • PS3 sales to hit 13 million in FY09, says Sony

    Sony expects PS3 sales to rise from 10 million in FY08 to 13 million this year, it said in its full-year figures today. PSP sales are expected to grow to 16 million from 14 million. The only predicted downturn is PlayStation 2, which will fall from 8 million to 6 million in the current financial […]


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