Crave headlines

Crave left ESA because of company sale factors, says boss

Speaking to GI, Crave chief Michael Mass has admitted that the company’s decision to leave ESA had nothing to do with the organisation itself, but was rather motivated by an upcoming company sale. “Crave’s departure from ESA at this juncture is not a statement against the value provided by our longstanding membership, but rather was […]

  • ESA: Crave's definitely out

    ESA’s issued a statement confirming Crave’s exit from the body, saying the publisher still believes in its goals. Not enough to keep paying membership fees, clearly. “We can confirm that Crave has decided not to renew its membership in the ESA,” said Rich Taylor, the ESA’s senior VP of communications and research. “We value each […]

  • Crave leaves ESA, brings tally up to five

    What’s big and powerful, yet small and vulnerable? Sadly, we’re talking about the ESA. Joining the likes of id Software and Activision, Crave Entertainment is now politely excusing itself from the ESA’s table, GamePolitics reports. The site also notes that Crave will still be attending E3 next month, meaning that Crave and the ESA are […]