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  • AU News Wrap, August 11 – What Happened Today

    Looks like someone forgot to do their news wrap on schedule.

  • AU News Wrap, August 10 – What Happened Today

    If anything happened today that wasn’t games news, I missed it, because the local blogosphere was all Aussie job cuts, all the time.

  • Bastion PC to hit Australia August 17

    Warner Bros. Australia has confirmed Bastion’s local PC release date of August 17, one day behind other territories – although that’s probably a time zone thing, really, since we live in the future. The critically-acclaimed action RPG (read: dungeon crawler) will go for $14.99, and kick off on Steam before hitting other local PS portal […]

  • Batman: Arkham City Steelbook Edition exclusive to AU, NZ

    Warner Bros. has unveiled a schmick limited edition of Batman Arkham City, available only through EB Games stores in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Gameloft accused of illegally overworking staff

    Mobile developer Gameloft is reportedly guilty of more than churning out “derivative” iOS games. According to a former employee, it’s working staff to the breaking point.

  • Tuesday Shorts – Minecraft grass, Lady Gaga, LOTRO update, more

    It’s Tuesday morning in your time zone, which means it’s cocktail hour in mine. Enjoy these shorts while I slip off to the pub.

  • Sam & Max bring The Devil’s Playhouse to retail

    Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse has been lurking around as a downloadable title for a while now, so we’re happy to hear it is about to make the jump to retail.

  • Report – Sony pulls Motorstorm Apocalypse release in New Zealand after Christchurch earthquake

    Kotaku is reporting that Sony has pulled the release of Motorstorm: Apocalypse in New Zealand.

  • Katamarai Damacy designer offers Global Game Jam keynote

    Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi has put together a video keynote for the IGDA’s Global Game Jam 2011. “What just happened?” said Global Game Jam founder Gorm Lai after viewing the presentation. Should be worth watching, then.

  • 1 million 360′s sold in Australia and New Zealand

    Microsoft’s pushed through the 1 million mark with Xbox 360 in Australasia. Woo.

  • Police stops Splinter Cell PR stunt in New Zealand

    When you start pointing fake plastic guns at civilians like you’re Sam Fisher, it’s not going to end well.

  • More countries to get Xbox Live Video Marketplace in the fall

    According to a Microsoft fact sheet, ten more countries will be getting the Xbox Live Video Marketplace this fall.

  • God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition announced for PAL regions

    SCEE has confirmed a God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition for all PAL regions, to include both God of War III and the God of War Collection. This is good news: only America got the GoW Collection, which includes the first two games remastered in HD at 60fps. Here’s what the entire package includes: […]

  • VidZone release dates for Europe announced

    VidZone has announced the dates that Europe can expect to receive the service on their PS3′s. Here’s the list: November 23: Austria, The Netherlands, and Portugal December 3: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden December 10: Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and New Zealand The service launched in the UK in June. Thanks,

  • PAIN releasing on Blu-ray this month

    PAIN will release on Blu-ray for PS3 “on Wednesday 24 June in Europe, 25 June in Australia and New Zealand, and the UK and Ireland on Friday 26 June for €24.99/£19.99.” We know, because it says so on the EU PS Blog. That’s it. Amazing. Buy it. For fun, and shit.

  • New Zealand censor wants to prosecute parents who allow “violent” games

    Bill Hastings , the chief government censor of New Zealand, wants to prosecute parents who allow their children access to violent games, by imposing a hefty fine of up to $5,000 or three months in jail. He hopes that the “shock value” of seeing others prosecuted will keep other parents in line. They might think […]

  • Capcom and THQ join forces in Australia and New Zealand

    Capcom has chosen the THQ Asia Pacific team IceStorm as its new partner for game distribution in Australia and New Zealand, following the closure of Red Ant in the territory. THQ will not only handle distribution in Red Ant’s stead, but also all sales and marketing for Capcom, effective immediately. Bethesda, Konami, and Midway were […]

  • LittleBigPlanet confirmed for week commencing November 3 in UK and Europe

    Sony has just announced that LittleBigPlanet will be released “no later than the week commencing Monday November 3 in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.” “We appreciate all the enthusiasm surrounding this much anticipated title and we would like to thank PlayStation fans for their support and understanding,” says the statement. The […]

  • Another sign emerges that StarCraft II’s a 2009 game

    Speaking at an Activate Asia Pacific event in Auckland, New Zealand, an Activision rep has apparently said that StarCraft II “should” be out next year, reports StarCraftWire. “Next year’s offerings from Activision Blizzard should include highly anticipated PC strategy title StarCraft II, the sequel to one of the world’s most enduringly popular games,” said the […]

  • Olivia Newton-John appearing in New Zealand DS ads

    According to Nintendo, Olivia Newton-John is to “do” the Christmas Brain Training DS ads in New Zealand, as part of a campaign that includes five DS and six Wii marketing efforts between September and the end of the year. According to the firm, “New Zealand will be home to a strong supply of Nintendo products” […]

  • “Only On PlayStation” badge missing from PAL Resistance 2 cover art

    Oh. Our. Gods. The PAL cover art for Resistance 2′s been released, and doesn’t include the Only On PlayStation badge that was seen on top of the US art yesterday. We’ll check this with Sony now. Thanks, Syrok.

  • GameStop confirms NZ retailer Gamesman acquisition

    According to this GameDaily story, US retailer GameStop has confirmed that its bought NZ chain Gamesman, as previously thought. “We are very excited about the union of EB Games and Gamesman,” commented Stephen Wilson, MD, EB Games New Zealand and Australia. “Both companies and their staff have a passion for games and now we can […]

  • Rumour: Independent NZ gaming stores bought out by EB Games

    According to unofficial reports on Geekpulp , New Zealand’s largest independent gaming store, The Gamesman, will soon by bought out by industry retail giant EB Games. All existing Gamesman stores in the country will be rebranded under the EB Games name in time, says the piece. By Michael O’Connor

  • New Zealand Nintendo distributor gets it in the ass

    According to this Geekpulp piece, Nintendo’s main distributor in New Zealand has filed for receivership and has had the debt collectors in. Softprint Interactive was also the main handler for Activision in New Zealand. Not any more, clearly. The story says that there are now no Wii stocks at all in the country. Welcome to […]

  • WAR to ship in Oz, NZ and Far East in line with US and Europe

    EA’s just confirmed that Warhammer Online will hit Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia at the same time as America and Europe. The region will also have its own dedicated server, based in Australia. “Warhammer is a world-wide franchise with a strong following in Australia and New Zealand. By placing our own server down under […]

  • OFLC warns on supplying GTA IV to NZ youngsters

    According to this New Zealand Herald report, the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) has been warning retailers this week to stay off supplying GTA IV to parents “demanding” the game for their children. “If it’s perfectly obvious the parent is buying the game for the child, don’t sell it to the parent,” said […]

  • GTA IV will be censored in New Zealand

    According to this New Zealand Herald story, GTA IV will be censored in New Zealand as well as Australia. We’re a little confused as to why, as the game has received an 18 rating in New Zealand, as opposed to the 15 it got from the OFLC in Australia. For the record, 15 is the […]

  • DualShock 3 dated and priced for Australia

    This Gamespot report confirms that DualShock 3 will be released in Australia on April 24 for A$99.95 (£47 or $92) and in New Zealand on May 9 for NZ$109.95 (£44 or $86). In the US, the controller retails for $54.99. No announcement’s been made for Europe yet, but you can expect one imminently. We’re just […]