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  • Korean Unreal Engine-based MMORPG announced

    The Korean branch of Epic Games has signed with Alliance of Valiant Arms publisher Neowiz for an Unreal Engine 3-powered MMORPG, titled Bless.

  • Monday Shorts – Vita accessories, Wii U trademarks, Carmack hearts this hardware gen

    Some things just can’t be spun out past a couple of sentences and the exhortation to go, look, and learn more.

  • Report – North Korean ‘hacker army’ targets MMOs

    South Korean police have reportedly outed a ring of gold farmers dispatched from North Korea.

  • Limbo PS3 rated by Korean Ratings Board

    The Korean Ratings Board has rated a PS3 version of 2010 indie love-in Limbo. Sony Computer Entertainment Korea is the one who mate the listing. Previously released on Xbox Live Arcade last summer, developer Playdead had said it was working on a new IP, but insisted that Limbo was an “exclusive for life” on XBLA. […]

  • Wednesday Shorts: Portal 2 Easter egg, Rift in Korea, Gears 3 executions

    Tasty bites to get you over hump day.

  • Report: Asian games industry still fuelled by Internet cafe culture

    A new report from games industry market analyst firm Pearl Research suggests Internet cafes are still a major motivator in Asian game markets.

  • PC Gaming Alliance reports increased revenue worldwide

    Ahead of the full release to members next week, the PC Gaming Alliance has published an extract from its Horizons Report at GDC, and things are looking up for fans of the Original Platform.

  • Rumoured delay to Western TERA release

    Korean-language interviews have sparked speculation that Bluehole’s fantasy MMORPG The Exiled Realms of Arborea – commonly known, thankfully, as TERA – will again miss its supposedly international release, opening doors in Japan well before North American and European beta testing begins.

  • Bilson: North Korea has been “really cooperative” in helping with Homefront story

    THQ core boss Danny “Lips” Bilson has said Homefront’s backstory between North Korea and the US is borne of a “speculative fiction that comes out of paranoid theory.”

  • Namco Bandai to publish Kane and Lynch 2 in South Korea

    Siliconera‘s reporting Square Enix has handed publishing rights of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days to Namco Bandai in South Korea.

  • Korean WoW subs get StarCraft II free

    Pumped for StarCraft II? Today’s your lucky day. At least if you have a WoW subscription. And you live in Korea.

  • Korea: StarCraft II gets put on a plane

    Blizzard Entertainment Korea has announced a co-marketing plan with Korean Air for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, which will see character Jim Raynor’s image wrapped on two planes belonging to the airline.

  • THQ brings three WWE titles to E3

    THQ has announced the company’s comprehensive lineup of WWE games which will be making an appearance at E3 this week.

  • LG brings 3D gaming to 360… in Korea

    Engadget’s reporting that an LG TV will allow 360 games to be played in 3D. Woo, and indeed, T.

  • Blizzard cuts ties with Korean e-Sports Association

    Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime has said that the company intends to find a new e-sports partner for StarCraft in South Korea, due to IP rights.

  • StarCraft II given an AO rating in Korea

    The Korean Times has reported that StarCraft II has been given an AO rating in the country.

  • Professional StarCraft players in Korea accused of cheating

    Professional e-sports players in Korea have been accused of match set-ups and illegal betting through StarCraft. Celebrity player sAviOr, Ja Mae Yoon, is one such player being accused.

  • Lost Planet 2 to get a 2010 release, says MS slide

    So says a powerpoint slide at a Microsoft invitational in Korea, Lost Planet 2 could still see a release this year. The slide shows Capcom has the game down for “this winter” in Japan, compared to the PS3 version: that doesn’t have a date yet in the country. Be that as it may, it will […]

  • Global Industry Analysts predicts gaming market to reach $91 billion by 2015

    Global Industry Analysts (GIA) expects the global gaming market to reach $91 billion by 2015. The report, titled Video Games: A Global Strategic Business Report, was complied by GIA reviewing trends in gaming from 2001-2015. It was concluded that growth can be attributed to the climbing installed bases of consoles, the popularity of MMOs, mobile […]

  • Tetris creators talk multiplayer for the series, making it a sport

    Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov and founding partner Henk Rogers were at E3 last week, and while having a bit of a chat with Kotaku about the future of the classic puzzler, Rogers revealed that he would like to see the title become more than just a game. The latest iteration of the series is a […]

  • NCsoft numbers up on Aion success

    Aion’s success has lifted NCsoft out of the doldrums, giving the Korean firm a 51 percent sales rise in the first quarter compared to the same period last year. Sales of KRW 133.4 billion ($107.7 million) were achieved in the first three months of the year. Operating income was up heavily to KRW 42.5 billion […]

  • Report: Sony cutting PS3 supply to South Korea

    According to this Chosun Online report, Sony is to stop exporting PS3 hardware to South Korea in an effort to stop “reverse importing”. “We are troubled by ‘reverse-importing’, which is when products exported into South Korea are flown back into Japan,” said a Sony employee. Thanks to a depreciating South Korean Won and a strong […]

  • Warcraft 3 champ signs $500k gaming contract

    Professional Warcraft gamer Jae Ho ‘Moon’ Jang has signed a three-year deal with Korean gaming league WeMade FOX worth 700,000,000 won ($473,037). Previously a member of Warcraft and Starcraft team Meet Your Makers, Moon is please to be playing back home again. “I am honored to play for a Korea professional gaming team for Koreans. […]

  • South Korea’s Pres: Why can’t our companies develop products like Nintendo?

    South Korea’s president, Lee Myung-bak, posed a question during his visit to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy this week asking why the nation cannot build a  videogame hardware system to compete with the likes of Nintendo. “A lot of our elementary school children have Nintendo game machines. Why can’t our companies develop products like that?” […]

  • DS hits 2 million in South Korea

    Nintendo’s sold more than 2 million DS units in South Korea since launching the machine in January 2007, according to Telecoms Korea. Nintendo of Korea is a young pup: it was only formed in 2006. Via Kotaku and GoNintendo.

  • HanbitSoft: Hellgate London will continue as free-to-play title

    Hellgate London will continue to be published as a free-to-play title by Korean outfit HanbitSoft, the company’s confirmed. No territories have been specified. Namco has already confirmed it’s to shut the game’s servers down in the West. HanbitSoft said yesterdav that future updates for Hellgate: London are in the works, with a focus on “strengthening […]

  • Nintendo doesn’t see itself in competition with Sony or Microsoft

    The CEO of Nintendo Korea, Mineo Koda, has told the Asian News Network that the company doesn’t see itself in competition with either Sony or Microsoft. “People often ask such questions, and we say our competitor is neither those companies, but consumer indifferent to games,” he said. Koda went on to say he feels Nintendo […]

  • Korea pours billions into home games industry

    Korea’s government is backing the nation’s games industry with a 350 billion won ($200 million) investment until 2012, aiming to expand the country’s game exports to 5 trillion won ($3.39 billion) per year. According to a report in Korean news publication Digital Chosunilbo, Culture, Sports and Tourism Minster Yu In-chon revealed the plans in a […]

  • Crytek opens Korean office

    Crytek’s opened an office in Seoul, the company’s announced. The team will be focused primarily on licensing CryENGINE. “Establishing an office in Seoul was the logical step to expand our business in Korea as well as giving our engine licensees in this region the best possible support, through direct access to a dedicated local team,” […]

  • Aion: The Tower of Eternity breaks beta test record in Korea

    The Korean beta for forthcoming NCsoft MMO, Aion: The Tower of Eternity, has reached a total of 170,000 users, making it the most popular event of its type in the country’s history. More than 11,000 people were logged into the game after only two minutes of the beta service launching, apparently. “In less than an […]