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  • Sam & Max bring The Devil’s Playhouse to retail

    Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse has been lurking around as a downloadable title for a while now, so we’re happy to hear it is about to make the jump to retail.

  • EU PS store update, March 23 – Strong Bad, DCUO, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, Dissidia Prologus

    As PS3 celebrates its fourth birthday in the UK and Europe, SCEE’s bringing Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People to PSN today as its main headliner. But that’s not all.

  • Argos selling Mass Effect 2 for £7.99, Gamestop drops to €6

    In what has to be the bargains of the century, UK retailer Argos is stocking the 360 version of Mass Effect 2 for the ridiculous price of £8, while (via Savygamer) has dropped its knickers as far as €6.

  • Marvel Vs Capcom pre-order bonuses detailed for UK and Ireland

    Capcom’s dropped details on British and Irish pre-order goodies for Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and appears to be going in heavy with the t-shirts.

  • Zynga to open new office in Ireland

    Zynga’s confirmed it’s to open up a new office in Ireland.

  • Euro PSN update, Oct. 6 – Ferrari: The Race Challenge, Phantasy Star Portable 2, MW2 sale

    Sony has updated the European end of PSN with downloadable games Ferrari: The Race Challenge and Phantasy Star Portable 2, loads of special offers, and a sale on Modern Warfare 2 DLC. Get the gaming bits below.

  • Euro PSN update, Sept. 1: Alien Breed, RDR, BioShock

    The European arm of PSN was updated this morning with some nice sales, a trial and unlock of Alien Breed: Impact, a R.U.S.E. demo, the Sam & Max finale, and other goodies. Get the list of offerings below.

  • Euro PSN update, August 11 – Mafia II demo, RDR DLC

    Sony updated the European end of PSN this morning with Scott Pilgrim vs The World as a downloadable game, a demo for Mafia II, and some Red Dead Redemption and Dragon Age DLC. Get the gaming highlights below.

  • Euro PSN update, July 28 – Earthworm Jim HD, Rayman 2

    Sony has updated the European end of PSN with some nice goodies for you like Earthworm Jim HD, Pong, Rayman 2: The Great Escape, the Madden NFL 11 demo, and two Harry Potter games for PSP. There’s loads more below the break.

  • Euro PSN Update, June 30 – Harry Potter, LBP, Death Track

    Sony has updated the European end of PSN, and along with a ton of special offers, there’s a LEGO Harry Potter demo, Everybody’s Tennis, and a free Fantasy Level for LBP. Hit the jump for the gaming highlights.

  • BioWare to open new customer services center in Galway

    EA’s announced it will open a new customer service center from BioWare in Galway. As in Galway in the Republic of Ireland.

  • Euro PSN update, May 19 – ModNation, PoP, Armoured Core 3

    Sony’s updated the European end of PSN, and other than a myriad of special offers and a couple permanent price reductions, there’s a quite a few things to be pleased with.

  • Vidzone launches Vidzone TV on PS3

    Thanks to an update on PSN, VidZone on PS3 is now known as VidZone TV, and now hosts over 100 music TV channels.

  • Euro PSN update, April 22 – Lost Planet 2 MP demo, UC2, loads of sales

    Sony has updated the European end of PSN, and there’s the multiplayer demo for Lost Planet 2 there, loads of games on sale, and some Uncharted 2 for ya. Read onward.

  • Euro PSN update, March 25 – LBP Sonic, AvP Swarm

    Sony as updated the European end of PSN and there are loads of deals to be found along with some permanent price reductions that will hopefully make your wallet smile.

  • UK retailers reveal pre-order deals for Star Trek Online

    Namco Bandai, the UK publisher for Star Trek Online, today revealed details surrounding the game’s pre-order incentives, including being able to partake in the open beta from January 12-26.

  • EU PS Blog giving away a custom Darksiders PS3

    THQ’s handing out a custom Darksiders PS3, the publisher’s posted on the EU PS Blog.

  • SKY now available across UK and Ireland on 360

    Microsoft has announced that Sky Player for Xbox 360 is now available to “100 percent” of the user base in UK and Ireland. Here’s the statement: As you may know we have been implementing a gradual rollout of the Sky Player on Xbox 360 service since our initial launch, and as of today, 100 percent […]

  • Scotland proposing tax breaks to keep game developers

    Secretary of State for Scotland Jim Murphy has proposed tax breaks for the Scottish videogame industry. These proposals have come to light after Murphy spoke with Realtime Worlds owner Dave Jones who has threatened to take his company to Ireland should there be further lack of support for developers. “We have had a discussion about […]

  • Realtime Worlds – Relocation to Ireland could be “serious consideration”

    Realtime Worlds studio boss Colin Macdonald has admitted that Irish tax breaks could see the Scottish studio upping sticks and going green. The Irish government may be about to specifically target the Scottish games sector by offering developers a five-year tax holiday in return for hopping over the water. “If the package on offer in […]

  • HMV sales up 12.5% for the past 18 weeks

    HMV has revealed that UK and Ireland sales were up by 12.5 percent and like-for-like up 1.7 percent, for the 18 weeks leading up to August 29 with sales up 4.4 percent across the whole group. “In a tough consumer environment, the Group has made a solid start to the new financial year,” said CEO […]

  • Irish Battlefield 1943 players upset over exclusion of Ireland

    Battlefield 1943 players living in Ireland are a bit perturbed that the game fails to display the country’s flag on their profile pages and instead only flies the UK flag. Apparently, if you live in Northern Ireland or Ireland, “EA won’t allow you to identify yourself as “Irish” despite the 1998 Belfast agreement saying otherwise”, […]

  • VidZone to host world premiere of U2′s latest music video

    Those who use PS3′s VidZone service in the UK or Ireland will get to see the premiere of U2’s “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy’, music video, this coming Tuesday. The rest of Europe gets it next Thursday. It’s the third single from their No Line On The Horizon album and the video […]

  • GAME reports 9.1% drop in retail sales

    Retailer GAME has reported a 9.1 percent drop in sales for the first half of the year. Like-for-like sales are down 15.4 percent. For UK and Ireland based stores, business was down 12.4 percent, with like-for-like down 15.8 percent. Its International businesses decreased 1.1 percent and a like-for-like was down of 14.4 percent. These figures […]

  • HMV reports sales of £1.95 billion for end of fiscal year

    HMV has reported sales of £1.95 billion for fiscal year ending April 25, with profits up £63 million. Escalating profits were attributed to its Re/Play branding, and Gamerbase concessions in the Trocadero, with more pay-to-play locations planned for the next fiscal cycle. “At the end of the second year of our three-year transformation plan the […]

  • PAIN releasing on Blu-ray this month

    PAIN will release on Blu-ray for PS3 “on Wednesday 24 June in Europe, 25 June in Australia and New Zealand, and the UK and Ireland on Friday 26 June for €24.99/£19.99.” We know, because it says so on the EU PS Blog. That’s it. Amazing. Buy it. For fun, and shit.

  • Blizzard hires an additional 500 staffers for Cork support center

    Staff at Blizzard’s support center in Cork, Ireland has grown from 100 people to 600, and more development in the training and technology sector are still planned. The center operates 365 days a year and 25 different languages are used in spoken and written communication. Due to its expansion, Blizzard has signed a new deal […]

  • Media Molecule offers Sackboys for all

    Seriously. Media Molecule is offering to send a woollen Sackboy to anyone in the UK and Ireland that bothers to send in their name and address. All you have to is: So, to get your toy, simply do the following: Go to the official UK LittleBigPlanet YouTube page Subscribe to the channel After subscribing you […]

  • Report: Alienware suffering job cuts, plant closures

    Alienware is to close both of its manufacturing plants, based in Miami and Ireland Production will be moved to parent company Dell’s facilities. The news comes from an internal memo, cited in this ExtremeTech report. Alienware spokeswoman Winnie Wong has apparently confirmed the memo as authentic, but would not say how many employees would be […]

  • Listen to Cliff Bleszinski live on the internet tonight

    Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski is going to be interviewed live on Irish radio tonight, listeners. The Lamborghini-driving ultra-developer will be chatting to RedFM DJ Victor Barry tonight, November 6 at 22.30 GMT. You can tune in here. He’ll probably say something about promiscuous sex, so make sure you’re recording it.