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Danish blood donors get a free copy of Bloodborne

If you’re in Denmark and feel like donating some blood, Sony has got a very tempting offer for you.


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  • Danish blood donors get a free copy of Bloodborne

    If you’re in Denmark and feel like donating some blood, Sony has got a very tempting offer for you.

  • Xbox One Nordic delay: Swiss retailer says launch is unlikely before Easter

    Xbox One’s Nordic launch was rumoured as delayed into Q3 2014 recently, and one Swiss retailer has updated the console’s product page with a warning that this could indeed be the case.

  • Xbox One launch delayed to Q3 2014 in Nordic territories – rumour

    Xbox One won’t make it to Nordic territories until the shine has more than worn off 2014, according to anonymous whispers.

  • Assassin’s Creed screenshot used on Danish news

    Whoops. Denmark’s TV2 used a screenshot from Assassin’s Creed, showing Damascus of 720 years ago, to illustrate a news article on conflict in present-day Syria, Times of Israel reports. An employee is said to have found the image online and believed it to be a photograph. This sort of embarrassing mixup happens all the time; […]

  • The Oslo Massacre and the danger of damning a medium

    The World of Warcraft habit of Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was presented as initial evidence in his trial yesterday. Julie Horup examines the fallout amid media demonisation of games.

  • Skyrim wins Game of the Year at Danish Game Awards

    The third annual Danish Game Awards were held tonight, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim walked home with not only and award for Best RPG, but Game of the Year as well.

  • Requiem for a soldier: 1916 – Der Unbekannte Krieg

    A much loved indie is getting a second lease on life. Julie Horup checks in with the dinosaurs, tank maggots, and WWI trenches of 1916 – Der Unbekannte Krieg.

  • Counting pennies? It could be worse: you could be Danish

    Next time you ready a whinge about our mutual hobby, spare a thought for gamers outside Japan, the UK and US – like Mike Bowden, whose lament for our Danish brethren is echoed across Europe.

  • Zero Point Software raises $125,000 through fan-funding for ‘AAA Indie’ title

    The Danish developer of Interstellar Marines has described how it eschewed traditional publisher funding and reached out to its fans. The fans, it seems, have reached back.

  • Report: IO drops 35 staff’s reporting that’s IO’s dropped 35 staff.

  • Modern Warfare 2 wins GOTY at Danish Game Awards

    Last night, the first ever Danish Game Awards were held in Copenhagen and the big winner of the night was Modern Warfare 2, getting two awards. One for Game of the Year, and another for Best Action Game.

  • First ever Danish Game Awards to be held tonight

    The first ever Danish Game Awards are being held tonight, and it looks like some very popular names are up for awards.

  • More countries to get Xbox Live Video Marketplace in the fall

    According to a Microsoft fact sheet, ten more countries will be getting the Xbox Live Video Marketplace this fall.

  • Eurogamer Denmark goes live

    Eurogamer’s published the latest of its European versions, this time in Denmark. “Eurogamer is a true icon in European gaming and I’m proud to be part of the Danish expansion,” added editor in chief of, Kristian West. “Personally I look forward to sharing with Danish gamers this fresh take on our games and the […]

  • Watchmen dev Deadline goes bust

    Boomtown’s reporting that Watchmen dev Deadline has filed for bankruptcy. The Danish firm’s issued a statement saying it’s no longer able to fulfil its financial obligations. More through there.

  • No Animal Crossing-Wii Speak bundle for Scandinavia

    Catastrophe this morning for the Nordic region, as news hits that the Animal Crossing-Wii Speak bundle won’t be available in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Apparently our Northern cousins will be able to buy the game and microphone peripheral separately, but not in the same pack. Expect viking fury about this over the course of the […]

  • NXE: XNA community games region specific? [Updated]

    NXE’s XNA community games don’t appear to be available in all European regions. Reports on the Eurogamer forums suggest that both Denmark and Norway simply don’t have the Community Games menu option in the new dash. Which means we can’t play them either. Catastrophic. Perhaps it’s just Scandinavia that has been left out? We’re contacting […]

  • Lara model caught out on archaeology questions by Danish paper

    Not pretty. Ekstra Bladet – or “The Sun of Denmark,” as Mike would have it – has put some basic archaeology questions to Lara model Alison Carroll on camera despite constant protestations. The results are a bit of a car crash. Said the paper, translated from the Danish: “She’s beautiful to look at, but the […]

  • “Going from concept to production in one jump” is why concepts fail, says Harrison

    Whilst talking about Unity middleware platfrom in Copenhagen, Atari exec Phil Harrison has said that the reason many games fail is due to going from “concept to production in one jump.” “Here is my EUR 10 million gift to this room — all of the mistakes I have made in software development have been based […]

  • Assassins’ Altair promotes PEGI

    An Assassins Creed-themed PEGI video hit Danish television this week, of a man dressed as Altair telling parents about violence and the appropriateness of certain games for their children. This isn’t all the Danes have done to bring parents up to speed, however. A website entitled Mediarådet (Media Advice) has been set up with a […]

  • Denmark selling the most expensive copies of GTA IV in the world?

    Denmark’s largest games retailer, EBGames (a subsidiary of the US firm, Gamestop) is selling copies of Grand Theft Auto IV for 599kr on 360 and 549kr on PS3, which by our calculations makes them the most expensive copies of the game in the world. That’s a whopping £63 for the Xbox 360 version and £57.75 […]

  • Founding members leave IO to “redefine online multiplayer”

    The founding members of IO Interactive have reformed as Reto-Meto, the studio announced today, a brand initially created in 1997 as part of joint IO/Nordisk Film venture. The Copenhagen, Denmark-based venture is apparently “committed to redefining the online multiplayer space.” IO Interactive is best known for its Hitman series, and was the subject of a […]