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  • Chinese firm Tencent purchases minority stake in Epic Games

    Tencent, the China-based Internet, mobile, and telecommunications company, has announced it has acquired a minority stake in Epic Games. “Tencent’s investment will empower Epic to help us do even more of what we do best, which is making great games and game technology, said Epic president Michael Capps. “Their expertise in the global online gaming […]

  • Crytek: Russian gamers are "hardcore", can "survive anything"

    The Warface development team seems quite pleased with the reception the free-to-play shooter is getting in Russia.

  • World of Tanks developer expands into China

    World of Tanks developer is making a bid for the mainland Chinese market. Gamasutra reports the company has signed a deal with KongZhong Corporation to publish its range locally. Although has several popular free to play titles, World of Tanks is the biggie, with up to 450,000 players online simultaneously.

  • The Sims Social heads to China

    EA has announced plans to launch The Sims Social game in China with Playfish Beijing behind the day-to-day operations and Tencent as the online host through its Qzone platform. The title was released through Facebook in August 2011 and reported 50 million MAU within a few weeks. Total monthly active users at present, according to […]

  • Study - 64% of China's 180 million gamers pay to play each month

    A study polling 500 people conducted by Niko Partners had found that 64% of China’s 180 million casual and core gamers pay for their pleasure each month, and the country is outpacing other countries in terms of money spent. The age of those playing games each month is up as well, with those ages 40 […]

  • Study - Online games market in China grew 32% in 2011 to $6.6B

    Pearl Research has estimated that during 2011, the online gaming market in China grew 32% to $6.6 billion.

  • Perfect World's international MMOs push Q4 revenues up

    Blacklight Retribution was one of a number of international investments which paid off for Chinese MMO specialists Perfect World this quarter.

  • PC gaming US market hits $18.6 billion, up 15% year-on-year

    The PC Gaming Alliance has some good news to share regarding the ever-growing PC market.

  • Trion to release RIFT in China

    Trion Worlds and Chinese Internet firm Shanda Games have entered into an agreement which will see the release of RIFT in China. Shanda will hold the exclusive license for RIFT localized in Mandarin, a deal which Trion CEO Lars Buttler called “a huge step for Western premium games in China.” Trion’s expansion to Asia follows […]

  • Vita pre-orders cause Hong Kong phooey

    Pre-orders have gone live for Vita in Hong Kong, apparently creating a level of delirium intense enough “jam” online stores and “mob” retail outlets, according to a Joystiq-filtered Engadget China report.

  • Cryptic's parent company reports increase in profit and revenues for the quarter

    Cryptic’s parent company, Chinese online game developer Perfect World, has reported a rise in profits for the quarter of 587.7 million CNY ($92.1 million), which is up from 486.9 million CNY the prior year. The firm also reported an increase in revenues of 708.9 million CNY ($112 million), up from 579.2 million CNY yoy. All […]

  • NetEase profits and revenue rise on Chinese WoW

    World of Warcraft’s Chinese operator, NetEase, has posted a 39.8% increase in year-over-year revenue, noting a profit rise of 41.3% to $128.2 million and revenues of $308.3 million. The upswing for the quarter ending September 30 is despite the decline in subscription numbers for the Blizzard MMO, which were down 800,000 to 10.3 million for […]

  • Thursday Shorts - 3DS Metroid crashes, CoD XP tickets, Diablo III intel

    After reading Nathan’s epic David Jaffe interview, I am incapable of digesting anything larger than bite-sized.

  • Reuters: Less expensive iPhone 4 heading to China, iPhone 5 heading to Sprint

    Apple plans to release a less expensive iPhone 4 within weeks, in order to nab lower-end customers in emerging markets such as China.

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