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Nintendo ‘temporarily’ suspends distribution of its games, consoles in Brazil

Nintendo has temporarily ceased distribution of its games and consoles in Brazil due to high tariffs.


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  • Nintendo ‘temporarily’ suspends distribution of its games, consoles in Brazil

    Nintendo has temporarily ceased distribution of its games and consoles in Brazil due to high tariffs.

  • Free-to-play PC market in Brazil hits $470 million – report

    Research firm Interpret has released its Free-to-Play Gaming in Brazil report, which states the genre has grown on to 17.2 million players. Of the 51.5 million gamers between the ages of 13 and 65, the F2P market is up 20% year-over-year due to rising PC ownership and better broadband availability. Full year, the Brazilian PC […]

  • Amazon Bluetooth enabled game controller outed by Brazilian FCC – report

    Shots of Amazon’s purported Bluetooth-enabled game controller have appeared online.

  • Major League Gaming announces first international franchise MLG Brasil

    Major League Gaming has announced a partnership with Brazil’s sports entertainment and hospitality company Grupo Águia to form MLG Brasil.

  • PS4′s Brazilian price tag 63% tax, “not good for consumers”, says Sony

    Sony raised eyebrows last week by announcing a hefty R$3,999- about $1,850 – price tag for the PlayStation 4 in Brazil; it has now acknowledged the price is unhealthily high but blamed it on local taxes.

  • PS4 priced at $1,850 in Brazil

    The Brazilian PlayStation Blog has confirmed local pricing for the PS4, which will go for R$3,999. At time of writing, the exchange rate between the Brazilian real and US dollar means the console costs about $1,850. Australian and European mark ups don’t look so bad now, hey? Games will cost R$179, which is about $82 […]

  • FIFA 14 gets 19 licensed Brazilian clubs

    FIFA 14 publisher EA Sports has confirmed that this year’s instalment will bring 19 licensed Brazilian clubs into the roster.

  • Sony to build PS3s in Brazil, offer localized releases

    As part of ongoing attempts to expand their user-base, Sony is to begin manufacturing PlayStation 3 consoles in Brazil and will offer fully localized versions of upcoming titles day-and-date with their worldwide launches.

  • The Walking Dead now available on consoles in AU, BR, NZ

    The Walking Dead has finally made it to consoles in a couple of patient territories – Australia, Brazil and New Zealand. Although TellTale released the game locally on iOS, Mac and PC, the console versions were put on hold over classification concerns, which, as it happens, may have been misplaced, as Australian officials elected to […]

  • Eurogamer Network becomes Gamer Network due to global expansion

    Eurogamer Network has undergone a name change to reflect its recently global expansion into new territories. Say hello to Gamer Network.

  • Nintendo targets Brazil, China, Mexico and Spain in piracy report

    Nintendo has nominated four problematic territories in an appeal to the US government to counter video game piracy.

  • Forge Of Empires developer InnoGames opens Brazil office

    Forge Of Empires developer InnoGames has expanded into Brazil, in a move to capitalise on the growth of the Brazilian games market.

  • Steam now accepting Brazilian currency through UOL BoaCompra

    Valve and UOL BoaCompra has announced Steam will now accept Brazilian Reais for purchases starting with Boleto as a payment method. Other local payment methods are planned for the coming months, provided by BoaCompra, and include deposits, account transfers, PagSegura and local credit cards. Valve said the addition of support for payment methods in Brazil […]

  • Sony to attend Brazil Game Show in October

    Sony has announced it will attend the fifth annual Brazil Game Show and will bring along God of War: Ascension, Little Big Planet Karting, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Sports Champions 2. The show is the largest in Latin America and entirely focused on showcasing the national games industry and […]

  • Zynga ends copyright lawsuit with Vostu

    Zynga’s told VG247 it has settled with Brazilian social games start-up Vostu over copyright claims that the latter infringed the company’s “creative works.”

  • Report – Vita to have Skype functionality

    It looks as though Skype will be made available on Vita when it releases, just as with the PSP, according to a demonstration of the handheld in Brazil.

  • ESA: 54% of illegal file swapping comes from Brazil, China, France, Italy and Spain

    The ESA has named Brazil, China, France, Italy and Spain as the five countries with “extraordinarily high” levels of online game piracy.

  • Xbox Live coming to nine new countries

    Microsoft has announced that nine more countries are to join Xbox Live

  • Brazilian Senator wants a ban on “offensive” videogames

    Brazilian Senator Valdir Raupp has proposed a bill that would make it illegal to create, distribute, or import what he calls “offensive” videogames in the country. According to Brazilian website UOL (via GamePolitics), the Education Commission of the Senate has approved the bill, and it has now gone into the Committee on Constitution and Justice […]

  • Brazil finally getting PS2, costs lotes do dinheiro

    SCEA announced today that Brazilians will finally be able to get their hands on a PS2 along with 14 gaming titles. Get this – the console will run folks R$799 ($445) and games will cost R$119 ($66) and R$99 ($55). Why so much? According to 1UP, the import taxes have been set at are around […]

  • Zeebo launches in Brazil

    Zeebo, the 3G-enabled console announced at GDC this year, has gone live in Brazil, Engadget reports. The system’s on sale for Brazilian $499 (around $299) and ships with FIFA 2009, Need For Speed Carbon, and Brain Training, in memory. Buyers also get credit for three free downloads: Prey Evil, Quake, and Quake II. The machine […]

  • Rumour: Is this the first official mention of Forza 3?

    Microsoft Brazil, apparently speaking at a community event at the firm’s offices in São Paulo, has shown what looks to be a partially covered Forza logo in a line-up of games hitting at the end of the year. Watch the video after the break. The logo pops up on the screen at 6:58, and it […]

  • GDC: Zeebo console targets “next billion” gamers

    A new console was announced at GDC yesterday, a 3G-enabled box packing a punch somewhere between a PSone and a PS2, according to maker Zeebo. Here’s its home site. Zeebo plans to launch its “video game console for the next billion” in Brazil next month for $199 and in other countries later this year for […]

  • Ubisoft gets a Brazilian

    Ubisoft’s bought “Brazil’s longest-standing independent video game developer,” Southlogic Studios. The 20-strong studio’s a Jack of all trades, performing both title and outsourcing functions. It most recently coded indubitable DS powerhouse, Imagine: Wedding Designer. “We have been delighted with our collaboration with Ubisoft on their Imagine line of games,” said Southlogic founder Christian Lykawka. “The […]

  • US PC sales charts, June 29 – July 6

    Diablo Battle Chest makes a triumphant return to the US PC sales charts following the announcement of Diablo III at the Blizzard Invitional in Paris, but it only manages second place to The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff at number one. Top ten below: The Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff Diablo Battle Chest Spore Creature […]

  • Ubi opens development studio in Brazil

    Update: It’s just been announced. Press release after the link. According to this Jogos piece (in Portuguese), Ubi is opening a new development studio called Ubisoft São Paulo in Brazil. The outfit will focus on DS games for girls between 8 and 14. Apparently, there are also plans to open new studios in Rio de […]

  • Bully banned in Brazil

    According to numerous reports, Bully’s been banned in Brazil. Apparently, Judge Flavio Rabello has ordered the suspension of all sales of the title in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s southern most province. “The aggravating factor is that everything in [Bully] takes place inside a school,” said Rio Grande do Sul state prosecutor Alcindo Bastos. “That […]