Microsoft Q3 – 2 million Xbox units, including 1.2 million Xbox One consoles sold-in

Microsoft announced revenue of $20.4 billion for Q3 FY13 ended March 31, 2014 with net income coming in at $5.66 billion.

  • Titanfall: Expedition - War Games map detailed, screens released

    Titanfall’s Expedition update releases next month, and the official website has been updated to include details on the upcoming content.

  • Goat Simulator heading to retail in the UK on May 23

    Goat Simulator will be heading to retail in the UK on May 23, Koch Media has announced. The boxed version will contain Steam Workshop Support and all the rest you’ve come to expect. “The box is only edible to goats. You are not really a goat. Please do not eat the box.”

  • Epic never left game development, says founder Tim Sweeney

    In recent years many have speculated that Epic Games, creator of the Unreal Engine and developer of Gears of War, is moving away from game development. The long absence of free-to-play game Fortnite only added fuel to the fire. That game has now re-emerged, and Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has assured fans that the […]


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