Horizon Zero Dawn guide & walkthrough: side quests, best armour & weapons, collectibles and more

Thursday, 9 March 2017 04:00 GMT By Staff

Horizon Zero Dawn is a big game. Go at it systematically with our guide to quests, side-quests, collectibles, the best equipment and more.


Horizon Zero Dawn is the PS4’s biggest release of 2017 so far. Built by the team behind the Killzone shooters, Horizon Zero Dawn is a single-player adventure set in a “post-post-apocalyptic” word where humanity ekes out a living in the shattered remnants of a long-forgotten technological past. Their only rivals? The terrifying machines that roam the landscape, intent on their own mysterious purposes.

Our hero, Aloy, must use all the skills of a Nora warrior – and many more unique to our red-haired heroine – as she confronts a growing threat. With three kinds of bow, two slings and a host of other weaponry, Horizon Zero Dawn hands players a crowded toolbox with which to dismantle their towering foes.

Whether you’re looking for the best armour, the best weapons, some tricky collectibles, or just some advice on what to do when in Horizon Zero Dawn – we have you covered with this guide.

Horizon Zero Dawn is best enjoyed without spoilers, so you won’t find any here; this guide hub links out to all the resources you’ll need to to track down that 100% completion stat, without revealing the mysteries of the world.

Now: get out there and slay some robo-dinos.

  • Everything you need to know to grab all the collectibles

    Vantages, Banuk artifacts, ancient vessels and metal flowers: all four of Horizon Zero Dawn’s collectibles are laid bare. It’s not always clear how and where you can find these babies, even if you have the map. We explain each one and guide you to some of the trickier examples.

  • Tips: easy XP, skill points, crafting, unlock weapons and get the best gear

    New to the game? A bit baffled? Wondering why things don’t die when you shoot them? Start with this collection of Horizon Zero Dawn tips and tricks. There are tens of hours of content ahead of you; don’t spend nine of them unaware that you can make health potions on the fly, or skipping over the best skills.

  • How to find the Death Stranding Easter egg items

    Hideo Kojima likes the Horizon Zero Dawn engine so much he’s using it for Death Stranding. Check out these neat little nods to his new game, and chase them down yourself for the glow of a job well done. That will be your most meaningful reward.

Not what you’re looking for? We’ve got Horizon Zero Dawn experience, you’ve got questions: fire ’em at us and we’ll do our best to answer.