Best PS4 Black Friday deals

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 06:15 GMT By Staff

Looking for the best PS4 deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? We’ve got them right here.

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Looking for the best PS4 deals on on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016? We’ve got them for you right here.

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to buy into the PlayStation dream, whether that’s with a new console bundle, some hot new games, bagging a few cheap titles or bolstering your accessories. On this page we’ll break it all down for you and list console bundle deals, game deals, peripherals including headsets and extra controllers, and a bit of cool merchandise for good measure. And don’t worry about where you live, we’ve split our categories into UK and US segments for added ease of use.

Don’t go outside in the real world and fight for new stuff. Sit back, save money and wait for it to be delivered fresh to your door.

When is Black Friday 2016?

That’s the big question but it’s easy to answer. Black Friday 2016 takes place on November 25. We’d expect retailers to begin advertising their deals in the month before the big day, and then start cutting prices in the week running up to Black Friday.

Also remember that sales will continue over the US holiday weekend and on to Cyber Monday. After that, it’s the Xmas shopping season, so expect sales to continue, but not as drastically as during Black Friday. It really is the best time to buy, rather than waiting for Xmas holiday or New Year sales.


Cheapest PS4 console and game deals

Okay, so Black Friday 2016 hasn’t kicked into gear yet, but that’s not to say there aren’t already decent hardware and game deals on offer. We’d recommend keeping an eye on the following pages to see what deals are knocking about, especially as retailers try to clear some old stock ahead of the big buying season. You’d be surprised at what you can pick up during the traditionally quiet summer months.




Black Friday Xbox One, PC, Nintendo, laptop and Apple deals

There’s a lot of discounting going on during Black Friday, and not just on PlayStation products. We know you don’t stick to one thing for your daily entertainment, so here’s a handy list of other deals you can pick up during Black Friday 2016 in gaming, home entertainment, computing and tech.

PS4 on Black Friday 2016

PlayStation always takes advantage of the Black Friday holiday, so players can be sure to take their pick of bargains across the PS4 and Vita, digital games, boxed games and peripherals. Expect Sony to announce a digital games sale across PSN in the weeks before Black Friday, and look out for any discounts on the PS Plus service. And if you’ve not preorders the PSVR headset there may be some surprise discounts there, but remember it’s brand new technology, so is likely to be only slightly cheaper if at all.

Last year PlayStation had its most successful Black Friday in its history, but how will it fair this year now that it has sailed passed the 40 million units sold mark? Although Sony has confirmed a 4K compatible PlayStation 4 is in the works, codenamed Neo, will that mean customers will be cautious of buying what may be seen as an “older” PS4 model? Alternatively it could mean retailers and Sony will drop the price of current PS4 models to shift stock in time for the Neo launch, which will be a very good thing for all of us.


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a retail sales day, the Friday following Thanksgiving in the US. Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, meaning Black Friday is always on a Friday. Or it’d be Black The Day After Thanksgiving. And no one wants that.

Cyber Monday is also a thing, following after everyone’s had a rest on the Saturday and Sunday.

Black Friday’s considered to be the start of the American Christmas shopping season, and has been since 1932. The unbridled festival of consumer greed has spread to the UK in recent years, with the whole shebang going fully international in 2014. British online retailers such as Amazon have taken to it with gusto, and UK gamers are now just as likely to pick up bargains as their American cousins.

How much can I save on Black Friday?

Why exactly should you need to pay proper attention to Black Friday and Cyber Monday? There’s an easy answer: you can save a fortune. As well as bringing some massive discounts on expensive technology items, such as HD TVs and stereo equipment, video games, gaming PCs and consoles all line up for large savings. According to Adobe shoppers saved an average of 24 percent on goods last year – almost a quarter of the normal price. When you apply that to expensive tech like consoles and TVs, that’s a significant chunk of your hard-earned cash.

The tide continues to turn for online retail, with Black Friday sales dropping at bricks and mortar stores in 2015 once again. This means more and more deals will be offered online in the future. You should absolutely be watching this year (yes, just bookmark this page now). There’s a reason people go crazy for Black Friday.

And if you’re wondering how well games consoles perform compared to other deals at Black Friday, the same Adobe report shows that PS4 and Xbox One were in the top five goods bought on Black Friday 2016, alongside Samsung 4K TVs and Apple’s iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini.

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