H1Z1 PS4 version news coming soon, teases dev

Tuesday, 26 January 2016 12:08 GMT By Sherif Saed

The PlayStation 4 version of H1Z1 is still happening.


H1Z1 developer Daybreak Games announced a PlayStation 4 version of the game since as far back gamescom 2014, the company was still called Sony Online Entertainment back then.

Since then, the developer stopped mentioning that version of the game. Until recently, when executive producer Chris Wynn tweeted that news of the PlayStation 4 version will be forthcoming.

Wynn has recently joined the Daybreak Games team as an executive producer on H1Z1, and promised to reveal more in the coming months.

When it’s finally released, H1Z1 will be the first game of its kind available on Sony’s console. H1Z1 is a multiplayer survival game with perma-death. It’s been in Steam Early Access for over a year.