PlayStation VR comes with “external processing unit” – report

Monday, 2 November 2015 15:16 GMT By Sherif Saed

It looks as though the PlayStation VR headset won’t just rely on the processing power of a PlayStation 4 to drive it.


PlayStation VR, the VR headset previously codenamed Project Morpheus, is going to need an external box to help it deliver on its premise. Sony is calling it ‘PU’, short of Processing Unit, and it will be doing a lot of the graphics and audio processing.

The information comes from a presentation by Sony’s Ram Madhavan, held at the Unite 2015 developer conference.

According to Madhavan, this processing unit does “most of the heavy lifting” when it comes producing low-latency images. The same is also being done for audio processing. The external unit supports 3D binaural audio.

You can watch the full presentation below where Madhavan touches on the kit’s SDK and how far it’s come.