More GTA Online code “leaks”: military DLC, face-paints, VTOL jets

Wednesday, 27 August 2014 09:50 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Rockstar may be fucking with you, boys.


GTA Online’s post-1.16 code has yielded some potentially tasty secrets, as per DomisLive‘s latest video, with yet more hints of future military-style DLC.

The first nugget comes in the mention of this line: “if mparmy exists make 9 army face paints available to purchase”.

Secondly, the code notes a “VERTICAL_FLIGHT_MODE,” presumably hinting at a VTOL jet akin to the British Harrier. At this point, Rockstar appears to have written in the code, “That file never existed before 1.16.”

Which sort of suggests someone is asking any potential snoopers to look at that line of code. Almost as if someone wants you to believe something that may not be true.

Rockstar has already made changes to the way it names DLC pre-launch, following leaks of the Hipster and Independence Day DLC. The Flight School update was simply called “DLC pack” in the Xbox Live Marketplace source code.

Strong rumours regarding casino and zombie add-ons before gamescom have so far amounted to nothing. Just remember: Rockstar isn’t as green as it’s cabbage-looking.

Check out the video below.