Some of these Minecraft Floating Island builds are amazing

Thursday, 31 July 2014 21:20 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Some of the most amazing Minecraft creations have been concocted for the “Head into the Clouds” contest hosted by Planet Minecraft, and while we won’t find out who the winner is until next week, you can look over some of the submissions and root for your favorite.

The contest started in July and tasked contestants with creating a world based on Planet Minecraft’s Floating Island map.

The one caveat was creators had to keep the original structure of the floating intact. Otherwise, they could build upon the map as they saw fit.

Below are just a few of many, really neat creations.

Aeternium – the Symphony of Dreams: by BlockWorks

Genesis Turtle – A Living Ark: by TechZero (I love turtles!)


Leo’s Gate: by artisan

Heaven’s Isle: by Vexares


A Lunar Dream: by MysticAbsents

A Foolish Nightmare: by Tickandtock


These are just a few out of at least nine pages of submissions. You really should head over to Planet Minecraft and have a look.

Via Kotaku.