This Destiny video demonstrates how to gain Glimmer by “Loot Looping”

Friday, 25th July 2014 17:57 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Apparently there’s a way to gather all sorts of Glimmer in the Destiny beta if you are willing to spend the time it takes to stock up.

In the video below, beta participant Jason Betthauser has posted tutorial in how to go about it.

Basically, in the Forgotten Shores area, players can open a loot chest, and continue to loot from it providing the player gives the chest time to respawn.

In order for it to respawn, you have to go far enough away from it and then loop back.

Surely Bungie will eliminate the ability to do this at some point.

The Destiny beta is now open to all comers and a stress test will go live tomorrow, rewarding players who log in.

Destiny is out September 9 on PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.



  1. fengato

    Loot and the ever-dangling carrot that you’ll never quite get is one of my issues with Destiny. At it’s best, Halo had three pillars that made it great. First – a campaign and narrative that was engaging and fun to play. Secondly the competitive multi was balanced, unspammy and excellent. Third, solid co-op (firefight / campaign.) So far I find Destiny’s single player/narrative component to be greatly lacking (just some voice-overs tacked on to the existing play spaces.) The PVP is an unbalanced, laggy and spammy mess. That just leaves us with Destiny’s co-op (which thankfully has better netcode than Halo Firefight) and the opportunity to grind for new boots. Pursuit of that carrot might be enough some gamers, though as a player who cherishes mechanics over all, I’m not sure that Destiny is going have what it takes to keep me engaged.

    #1 5 months ago
  2. docj067

    I think Destiny will be a love it or hate it for a lot of people. My buddy and I played the beta for an hour or so last night and, with just that brief glimpse, were pretty impressed so far. Granted, we didn’t get far enough in the story to really get a good impression, but the co-op was definitely pretty great. It was enough to make us both want to pre-order. However, I knew pretty quick that this wasn’t going to be for everyone. On a side note, I wanted to not compare this to Halo, but that’s really difficult because it really has that Halo look and feel to it with Bungie at the helm. That being said, it is a disservice to Destiny to compare it to Halo because it’s definitely a few steps from it.

    #2 5 months ago

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