This is not how Destiny looks on Xbox One – yet

Tuesday, 22nd July 2014 03:49 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Destiny is going to run at full 1080p on Xbox One eventually, but not during this week’s beta. Happily, Bungie has provided a sneak peek.

The footage comes courtesy of IGN and shows off how Destiny will look at launch.

This week’s beta, unfortunately, runs at 900p. Thanks to an Xbox One SDK update, Bungie was able to up the game’s final resolution – but not in time for the beta, which is, of course, already an out of date build.

Destiny arrives on PS4 and Xbox One in glorious HD in September. It also arrives on PS3 and Xbox 360 on the same date, but not in glorious HD – and that’s why there’s no Destiny cross-play within console families, actually.

Thanks, Joystiq.



  1. The_Red

    I really hope they are not going for pointless parity. There is no parity this gen because no 2 platforms are in the same performance / power level:
    PC >> PS4 > XB1 >>> Wii U

    If they do and Destiny ends up looking and running exactly the same on PS4 and XB1, then they are no better than asshole / lying people behind graphics of Watch Dogs (Gimping the PC version so PS4 / XB1 versions don’t look too bad) or Dark Souls 2 (WTF did you guys do to the lighting and why it looks just as bad on PC?).

    #1 3 months ago
  2. Hcw87

    Blizzard allready said they’re going for parity, pretty sure it’s in the video as well.

    Even though both are 1080/30 though, there might be minor differences like a more stable framerate or better shadows on one of the platforms.

    Highly doubt it though, they want everyone to enjoy the game equally no matter which version you pick up. Pretty funny, considering Sony’s deal with Destiny. You’d think they’d actually boost the PS4 version in some way.

    #2 3 months ago
  3. The_Red

    Blizzard? :)
    But come on. “want everyone to enjoy the game equally no matter which version you pick up” has nothing to do with this. If it did, then soon PC versions of all games should go the Watch Dogs route (Cut / hide all advanced graphics options so the PC version looks no better than PS4/XB1 ones).

    #3 3 months ago
  4. Hcw87


    That’s some random typo indeed.

    Anyway, as both are allready 1080/30 i don’t see what they can do different with the PS4 version. 60 fps? The Beta was allready full of frame-drops, so they obviously can’t make it run at 60.

    Higher resolution? Also a no-go for consoles.

    I’m sure there are some minor differences in lightning/shadows, whatever their engine can handle. I’m sure they had more than enough work to make it run well on all 4 platforms though, instead of trying to squeeze everything out of the PS4. An eventual PC version is probably not far behind either.

    #4 3 months ago
  5. The_Red

    Yeah, the beta did indeed have some drops and that’s also another issue. Destiny looks nowhere near “next-gen” level of graphics that can’t go beyond 30fps on a console. It’s a decent looking cross-gen title which means average for new consoles (I know that equals terrible by PC standards).

    A game that looks like Destiny HAS to run @ 60fps on both platforms. Many people call it UBER NEXT GEN simply because of the pretty colors and decent (yet derivative) art direction. Technical side of graphics has nothing to do with art direction and from that technical standpoint, visuals of Destiny are only mildly better than an average PS3 / 360 title.

    Back to the PS4 vs XB1 visuals, I understand that their hardware difference is not THAT huge but it is still significant enough that could suffer from “full parity”. We have seen examples of full parity in form of Watch Dogs and Dark Souls 2. Now imagine if this shitty trend continued and the eventual PC version of Destiny looked 99 percent like PS4 version (which is the inferior system in the PC vs PS4 visual comparison). That’s bullshit and needs to stop :(

    #5 3 months ago
  6. Hcw87

    I know the beta was a pretty big download around 13gb, but they may have downgraded the visuals a little bit in order to make it run stable enough and with as small a download as possible. The Battlefield beta Versions have allways looked inferior compared to the full release for example.

    So hopefully it’ll end up looking better in the final release. It is an old build after all.

    #6 3 months ago
  7. fearmonkey

    After playing the beta, I dont see why either console couldnt play it at 1080p. The beauty is in the artwork, it’s not really a major next gen looking game in my opinion.

    #7 3 months ago
  8. justerthought

    Definitely disappointed with this game. The hype led me to believe it was a coop open world adventure that you explore and find cool stuff, but all the footage shown so far is just your basic COD_HALO FPS with players dancing around a map, strafing from side to side shooting each other with very average graphics. That type of gameplay is a dinosaur by today’s standard.

    #8 3 months ago

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