Iron Banner event added to Destiny beta, play your Guardian on both last and current-gen

Saturday, 19th July 2014 17:06 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Bungie has updated the Destiny beta with the Iron Banner event, and it starts at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT/10pm UK and will run until till 4pm PDT/7pm EDT/12am UK.

During this time, two Crucible Maps called Rusted Lands and Blind Watch will be available with The Crucible game mode.

Here’s word straight from Bungie:

Welcome to The Iron Banner. Lord Shaxx isn’t the only legendary Guardian tasked with hammering you into fighting shape. When the time comes, new doors will open in the Tower. The Iron Banner crest will be set alight, and Lord Saladin will emerge with new challenges to overcome, and a new way to earn honor and glory for your Guardian.

The Crucible proper is all about putting your skills to the test. Iron Banner requires another crucial element: Power.

Lars Bakken knows a thing or two about competitive play: “Bring your absolute best gear because we turn on Level Advantages. That means your Attack and Defense ratings matters in Iron Banner matches.”

We’re not just giving you new ways to play. We’re expanding on the arenas where you’ll fight. “Two maps get added into the new playlist,” says Lars. “The fan favorite Rusted Lands returns from the Alpha, and we take you to Mars for the first time ever with Blind Watch. Iron Banner is the ONLY way to see these maps in the Beta.”

New maps are not the only reward for your bravery in this new competitive construct. According to Designer Leif Johansen, “Iron Banner has limited time rewards, so show up with your ‘A’ game. Losing a match may make the difference between getting that bad ass Assault Rifle or not.”

Lord Saladin will be waiting. Before you enter his domain, heed this final warning from Lars: “Get ready to kick ass. You will be tested here unlike anywhere else in the Beta.”

Remember, it only runs for two hours today so be prepared.

Other news on the Destiny front, includes the ability to move your Guardian from one console generation to the next.

“Just like hopping worlds, you can use the same Guardian on Next Gen and Legacy Gen consoles – so long as you stay in the same system,” said Bungie. “Ergo, you can move from PlayStation to PlayStation and from Xbox to Xbox, but not across product lines.”

Hit up the link for more information.

Destiny releases on PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One September 9.



  1. edragon

    Dumbest article I ever seen in VG247! Without exact dates it’s totally useless.
    “Bungie has updated the Destiny beta with the Iron Banner event, and it starts at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT/10pm UK and will run until till 4pm PDT/7pm EDT/12am UK.” <—
    Every day? Or tomorrow? Or 24 july? Or mayb 9 september? Or 23 december? Or next year? Or 2016?

    #1 5 months ago
  2. Stephany Nunneley

    @edragon “Remember, it only runs for two hours today so be prepared.”

    Is that not clear enough or did you not read the full thing? I am betting both. >:/

    And surely, that’s not the “dumbest” thing you have seen on here either, so quit exaggerating just to poke the bear. The latter of which isn’t a good idea to begin with.

    #2 5 months ago
  3. fengato

    Thanks Steph – playing it presently. As a big Halo fan (MP & SP), I’ve gotta say that Destiny competitive MP is not really doing the best job of reeling me in. Something just doesn’t click.

    #3 5 months ago
  4. Obernox

    I dunno, the PvP is a blast imo.

    #4 5 months ago
  5. polygem

    Game is so good…The mechanics work. It screams quality and it all just feels right. They delivered with this one. The very first glance at next gen after Nintendos unique take on it.

    Good good…excited about the ps4 finally.

    #5 5 months ago
  6. polygem


    i absolutely hear you. i thought the same actually but now after playing it pretty much nonstop :D i must say that i really really like it. it clicked now and it did so with a bang. i want to keep playing and playing now. i have swallowed that hook. they got me.

    the competitive mp has the haloesque power-weapon mapcontrol elements in it with the ammo drops but it´s not as dominant and important as it is in halo because everyone can have a sniper rifle, shotty or rocket launcher right from the start…the run is for the ammo here and not the weapon but it is very optional really – you can also completely ignore it. players can get an edge and a better game result if they are taking clever use of it though.

    it is a mix of more codish feeling shooters and halo. i didn´t enjoy it that much in halo 4 – the game tried that as well – but here i like it. it works. maybe it is different because from halo 4 i expected a different feel to the game. that game is great but it definitely didn´t click with me and it is the halo mp i have played the very least – by far.

    i need to play more of destiny though and this is only one mode!

    if halo is any indication we can expect a crazy amount of different gametypes and variations of these gametypes. it is exciting.

    the first few hours i thought that destiny is just a regular shooter only much prettier. it isn´t – it is superdeep. the harder difficulty really changes the game as well.

    those raids or strikes as they call it…fantastic. i think those will offer a good variety of experiences in the final game, with some tough fights that compare to halos “legendary” difficulty. you will need to be patient, smart, work as a team. combined with the fantastic sound- and artdesign one can really expect some great gaming time here i think.

    i cannot wait for the full release. i will play this game a lot and i wanted a game like this ever since. a shooter that i can focus on, that i keep playing and improve my skills and character on.

    it´s a logical progress for bungie, fps players and the genre as a whole.

    the beta is already much better and runs better than the final release of BF4 was and still is :D

    also: thumbs up for playstation 4. the download and install process was fast and easy. joining fireteams and chats, dropping in and out of the game for notifications and messages works as smooth as it gets. it really works well with no clusterfuck in the way. very straight forward and intuitive.

    yep. this is a love letter.

    #6 5 months ago
  7. fengato


    Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy the game, though I think replaying the same stuff from the alpha has taken the shine off a little. I’m giving it a rest now until final release. Really looking forward to the main game – still not sold on the PVP (in truth I’d choose a 343 made Halo over it.)

    I’ve gotta disagree about it ‘running better than BF4′. I find Destiny’s 30fps to feel very janky. If Conquest (64 Player) is avoided, BF4 has been smooth since launch on PS4. Playing Destiny really does make me feel like I’m going back to something like Reach. Tech wise it simply feels old (and a bit unresponsive.) Bungie’s desire for relative parity between the current and previous gen is pretty disappointing.

    #7 5 months ago
  8. polygem

    I had tons of issues with bf 4 on ps4.Tons of issues. Crashes, audio bugs etc. The game has been almost unplayable for me and it still runs and looks like shit. I think the game is a broken mess.
    To me reach was one of the best last gen games and by far the best last gen shooter. They nailed it for me with this one.
    Destiny runs smooth and i actually haven’t found a single bug yet. I am very impressed.

    #8 5 months ago
  9. fengato


    Yes Reach was great, though i find it so very hard to go back to 30fps games. Wish there was a 720p or 900p option that allowed Destiny to run at 60fps. Problem is that Bungie seem reluctant to create second class citizens. :(

    #9 5 months ago
  10. Hcw87

    They have a long way to go to make the multiplayer anywhere near Halo-quality. The vehicles are way too overpowered, and the maps are too small. I don’t see myself playing much multiplayer at all, unless they drastically balance the hell out of it.

    #10 5 months ago
  11. polygem

    I hear you but i think it feels pretty good. This has been the first game on the ps4 this far that delivered a next feel for me. I realy can ‘t sign that it feels dated :D Would like to go more into detail but i am posting from a phone. Maybe later.

    #11 5 months ago
  12. polygem

    Yeah but these are only a few maps, one game mode…a beta. Time will tell but imo, what’s there already feels right and is promising.

    #12 5 months ago
  13. edragon

    @Stephany Nunneley
    And now read your article again carefully. Also with your title, again! And think little bit. Also there is more than one Destiny beta. Next time when you want write article you should add all information or not write it at all. New generation editors, baaah!

    #13 5 months ago

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