Future proof: 2024′s hottest industry trends

Thursday, 17 July 2014 08:32 GMT By Brenna Hillier

A decade ago we would have found it hard to believe that free-to-play MOBAs, arguments about resolution and frame rate and remakes would dominate the industry. We peer into the VG247 crystal ball to see what lies ten years into the future.


There are four triple-A releases in 2024, all of them in November

Mainstream triple-A gaming grows ever more expensive and labour-intensive, despite the creation of hundreds of middle-ware tools that iron out the speed bumps. Publishers double down, and double down again, on a decreasing number of hot properties.

Games take five to ten years to complete, and each franchise has at least five studios working on it to ensure sequels occur within generational gaps. EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Take-Two, Sony and Microsoft each have four franchises in active rotation.

Four games release every November, having been announced between one and two years earlier – after at least three years of leaks, ensuring nobody ever enjoys a surprise. About half way through 2024, gamers chatter about how busy the end of year release calendar is. By January 2025, they’re complaining about a lack of games and swearing 2023 was better.

Mid-tier gaming stays dead, but we have six new tiers

The gap left in the market by the diminishment of triple-A has left room for what was once known as the “indie” market to flourish, diversify, and generate billions of dollars of revenue each month.

Unfortunately, this plethora of diverse content for diverse audiences cause outrage among the gaming old guard, who immediately go into hyper-defensive mode, unleashing their planet-sized adjustment disorders and dominating the dialogue until they have established a hierarchy of gaming exclusivity which they feel comfortable complaining about.

As a result, gaming is now divided into: the mainstream experience on consoles and PC for “core” gamers (and also the 300 million people who bought the latest Call of Duty); “low” gaming, “low-middle” gaming, “upper” gaming, “peppermint” gaming and “thinking” gaming. Adherents of each tier wage comment wars that make platform choice – largely now reduced to “do you like InFamous or Crackdown better” – arguments look like leftover cake: not ideal, but nothing you’d turn down.

Nobody ever gives the same answer when asked to define these categories.


Halo is on its second reboot and Tomb Raider is on its fourth

Publishers have given up on new IP, but they’re so loath to put out a game with a number greater than three on the end of the title that they keep rebooting universes. This works about half the time, but each reboot is backed for at least two sequels regardless of whether it sells phenomenally or not at all.

Every reboot is initially greeted with scornful contempt, before earning a grudging respect, weathering a scandal, releasing to orgasmic reviews, and finally being persistently derided by the original detractors when everybody else has moved on and gotten over it.

Every few weeks someone puts together an image showing every iteration of a particular character or environment through 15 or so sequels, and everyone marvels over the advance of technology before spitting hate at each other over what counts as “real” Lara.

“Auto” is the new “solo”, which was the new “indie”

Each creator was required to spent a week meditating under a waterfall before starting, in order to ensure their product was not developed with the intent to make a living.

Here in 2014, the word “indie” has lost all its meaning. Nobody ever locked down what precisely “indie” developers were independent of, when many of the companies laying claim to the term answered to shareholders or took funding from publishers or backers, and the word is now being thrown around as if it were a genre or aesthetic.

By 2024, “indie” means “corporate shill”. Indie teams were replaced by “solo” games, created by one single developer, and therefore entirely true to the creator’s vision. Each creator was required to spent a week meditating under a waterfall before starting, in order to ensure their product was not developed with the intent to make a living. All solo developers took a vow of poverty and were disqualified from ever creating again if consumers gave them money for their products.

Unable to sustain itself among increasing criticism from vocal gamers, the “solo” movement is plagued by incredibly high turnover and frankly rubbish games. Spotting a niche in the market, a clever entrepreneur put together software that automatically generates various slightly dull gaming experiences, drawing the narrative blocks from random look up tables stacked with post-post-post-modernist texts and the graphics from Falafel, the next big art-focused social networking site.

These games, developed in a spirit of pure creation untainted by human desire to feed children and pay the electricity bill, have been hailed as the only “pure” form of game. The original creator has run out of banks to put his money in, and is reportedly considering a sell-out, at which point it is expected Internet commenters will actually vanish up their own rectums in their disgust.


Retro art runs its course and comes out the other side

After pixel art and sprites go out of fashion, indie (and solo and auto) developers turn in desperation to the next obvious steps, rolling backwards through various kinds of raster graphics to vector graphics to oscilloscopes and finally punch cards, with no graphics output whatsoever. This constant push for nostalgia eventually leads to a brief fad for slabs of rock shipped with chisels, to carve your own tic tac toe sessions.

With the retro trend now completely exhausted, someone has the bright idea of reversing the polarity, and starts promoting their primitive title as being more advanced than the last one. The gatekeepers of fashion meet in secret and agree to dole out advances in small portions, but the arms race accelerates and before we know it the fashion for “retro” graphics demands more advanced techniques than even triple-A is cranking out.

The polarity is reversed again, and in 2024 the current fashion is for end-of-era SNES graphics – think Donkey Kong Country.

Masochistic gaming has gone mainstream

“No longer satisfied with ambushes and enemies that can kill you in one hit, players demanded games that switched themselves off, erased your save file, and issued small fines.”

The craze for difficult games really took off over the past ten years. It started innocently enough, with sneering masochists representing a greater proportion of the gaming audience, but by the time we hit 100% saturation and everybody in the whole world was complaining that Dark Souls 4 was “too easy”, we hit a tipping point.

No longer satisfied with ambushes, enemies that can kill you in one hit, and the loss of resources, players demanded games that switched themselves off, erased your save file, and issued small fines.

It escalated from there, and the adoption of VR and full-body nerve suits only accelerated the trend. Some gamers now refuse to cough up a penny unless a game shuts down all their senses and limns their every neurone with exquisite pain, while chanting YOU ARE NOT WORTHY, YOU WILL NEVER BE WORTHY.


Gamers are very excited about the PlayStation 5, Xbox 7000 and the Samsung Quill

It’s been a long decade, but we’re just starting to hear the first rumours about the next set of consoles, tentatively expected in 2033. All the companies involved are refusing to say anything, even as their studios go mysterious silent, one-by-one; their financial reports show huge increases in R&D costs; they are spotted wooing component manufacturers; and workers keep sneaking prototype pictures out to Kotaku.

Early leaks suggest all three new boxes will be, um – computers. They will require you to purchase a keyboard and mouse, and have user-swappable components, making them future proof. In order to avoid any problems with compatibility, if users purchase a game that their rig can not run, they will receive a “free” digital version, tied to their premium console network subscription, which will be stored in the cloud and streamed directly to their TVs.

None of the three new consoles will function offline. All will allow you to share your games with anyone and everyone you like – as long as they also have a premium console network subscription. Console network subscriptions will cost $150 per month.

Nintendo has cured cancer

Nintendo is actually run by a small group of lizard men in consultation with an ancient demon, which resides in a massive split rock buried miles below Nintendo’s Kyoto HQ.

Despite running a chain of highly profitable and yet socially-responsible hospitals across Asia and increasingly in western territories, Nintendo keeps insisting it is primarily an entertainment company, not a health-care provider. “Laugh the pain away,” Shigeru Miyamoto cackles from the cybernetic robot suit in which he now reposes, ensuring his immortality and the continued compliance of shareholders. The suit administers another shot of heroin. “Laugh it all away!”

Satoru Iwata has retired. Reggie Fils-Aime is now running Nintendo both sides of the pond, although it has become apparent that Nintendo’s public leadership is actually a group of actors hired to smile broadly at the camera and take part in undignified charades; they are quietly brainwashed until they themselves believe they are running the company, but are actually just playing a future version of Tomodachi Life.

Nintendo is actually run by a small group of lizard men in consultation with an ancient demon, which resides in a massive split rock buried miles below Nintendo’s Kyoto HQ. The secret management files down here during blood moons to make sacrifice and receive the demon’s wisdom. “It’s time for new hardware, oh loathsome one!” they moan.

“Let it be round like an egg,” the thing hisses, in a voice that strikes the small of your back with a faint, damp pressure, briefly stopping your heart. “Let it have three screens and be powered by the human pulse.”

“What shall we call this device, oh tepid underbelly of the midnight sow?” they chant.

“Let is be called… the Poo Too,” the voice intones, and the blast of its breath on your face is as dry and hot as a camel’s fever dream.

It is an instant best-seller.


Gaming has gone mainstream

Although console manufacturers keep smiling as they tell you there’s only one place to enjoy “real” gaming, you can now play the latest Final Fantasy game on your FitBit, which has inserted its metallic tendrils through your flesh and into your nervous system, where it can override your optic input to deliver graphics directly to your brain.

In fact, you can play the latest Final Fantasy – and indeed, every major non-exclusive release – on every device your wear or own, including your microwave. Every second of the day you are not bent over your wheelbarrow, shifting resources for your machine overlords inside the signal-dampening control field synched to your life support collar, you are gaming. Everyone is gaming.

You saw a dead body once, in the next pod over from yours in your community housing unit. It had froth still drying on its lips, and the word “DING” carved in its chest, apparently by its own hand. You alt-tabbed to Dota 3. Later, James told you the dead one had finished all the games. You laughed. Fairy tales to frighten children.

All the big publishers are scrambling to push out asynchronous turn-based real time RPG shooter MMOs (or whatever)

It’s no wonder every publisher is scurrying to add an asynchronous turn-based real time RPG shooter MMO (or whatever) to its catalogue for the coming year. We have our doubts about it.

Although the genre has been around for ages, asynchronous turn-based real time RPG shooter MMO (or whatever)s are suddenly the focus of publisher attention. It probably all began about five years ago, when a disruptive new player arrived on the scene, taking a strange niche genre mostly played by the hardcore PC modding community and turning it into a phenomenon almost overnight.

The first major asynchronous turn-based real time RPG shooter MMO (or whatever)s was followed by dozens of imitators, which innovated to various degrees and found loyal fanbases. But it was when a developer best known as an industry hero had a go that things got really lucrative.

While asynchronous turn-based real time RPG shooter MMO (or whatever)s are only vaguely recognised by mainstream culture, taking a far distant backseat to more familiar, blockbuster genres, they’re among the most-played games of 2024. The concurrent user bases are staggering. It’s no wonder every publisher is scurrying to add an asynchronous turn-based real time RPG shooter MMO to its catalogue for the coming year. We have our doubts about it.

VR really takes off

After display technology and architecture collided, resulting in every private and public space housing a round, floor-to-ceiling television, consumers found that actually, they weren’t that averse to the idea of a headset that immersed you in a virtual world. It’s not like you notice the difference; there are ads screaming at you and shaping your mind from every surface regardless of whether you’re in “real” or “virtual” space.

You don’t have to like my jokes; I get paid anyway. Now let’s hear yours.

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    #1 8 months ago
  2. bradk825

    “About half way through 2024, gamers chatter about how busy the end of year release calendar is. By January 2025, they’re complaining about a lack of games and swearing 2023 was better.”

    So what I am hearing is, some things are not expected to change at all.

    #2 8 months ago
  3. OlderGamer

    And here I was , thinking this was going to be a legit shot at forecasting the indusrty in ten years time. Not even sure why I keep coming back.

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    Oh hey, the series of comment arguments I’ve been in got a sideways mention. Neat.

    The whole reboot thing isn’t really a matter of “in the future,” it’s actively in the here and now. Perfectly good, admirable franchises are rebooted into what should be brand new IPs as it is purely because it’s considered good business to reduce them to what’s trending and considered popular enough to sell more copies. I’d say people are growing to accept this behavior, but really, I only see it with franchises with female protagonists. The ones starring men, like DmC, get rebuked as expected. But, women are objects, and objects can be used in many different ways, so it’s more accepted.

    #7 8 months ago
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    Well, I wish there was more industry news on this site, like how it used to be, but at least it is content for the front page.

    We all get the joke, but you should of generated an entire fake front page of the site and split it up as a series of articles…. You need to go “full-retard”…. lol, Tropical Thunder reference.

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    EPIC article brenna :) you missed one “in 2024 all AAA titles come out in november, and the rest of the months are chocked full of Re-Re-Re-Mastered games from all the previous era(s). the best seller for summer 2023 was space invaders -with friends-VR from zynga. It was a social version of space invaders played in VR”
    oh and consequently ” facebook is not HeadBook, cause with the FUCKING OCCULUS RIFT it’s in your FUCKING HEAD!!!!!! ” (read while screaming out loud)

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    The full GDC 2015 keynote of Xbox boss Phil Spencer is now available to watch. In case you missed last nights’s Phil Spencer keynote at GDC 2015, the whole thing has been made available to watch on YouTube. The address is titled “The Future of Gaming Across the Microsoft Ecosytem,” and it’s where Spencer announced […]

  • Elite: Dangerous won’t be “dumbed down” for Xbox One

    The Xbox One version of Elite: Dangerous will in fact be the same as the PC one. Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier came out on stage last night at GDC to announce the game making its console debut on Xbox One. Some have feared that the port would not provide the same experience as the PC […]

  • Virtual reality: by gum, it’s really happening

    Virtual reality has exited the realm of peripheral gimmick and turned into something that just might go mainstream. VR has an uphill battle ahead of it. The tech is going to be expensive, and there are a number of problems that need to be solved before it could be considered an inclusive technology (motion sickness, […]

  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor takes Game of the Year at GDC Awards 2015

    And the winner is: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor beat out Alien: Isolation, Bayonetta 2, Destiny, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft to win Game of the Year at the Game Developer’s Choice Awards 2015. Elsewhere in the awards, Ustwo’s mobile hit Monument Valley was a stand-out favourite, with wins in the Innovation, […]

  • Alien: Isolation was prototyped in third-person – video

    Alien: Isolation is one of the most effectively scary triple-A games in years, but it didn’t start off a perfect creation of pure terror. Creative Assembly prototyped Alien: Isolation in third-person perspective before they nailed down the final approach. The developer revealed this during a GDC 2015 presentation, and it’s a good reminder that games […]

  • Madden 15 added to EA Vault

    Madden 15 is now included in EA’s all-you-can-eat subscriber service. Madden 15 is the ninth game to be added to the EA Vault, a stash of games available on demand for EA Access subscribers. It's still Madden Season for EA Access members – Madden NFL 15 is now in The Vault for all members. Go […]

  • Source Engine 2 doesn’t have hidden costs or royalties – but is Steam exclusive

    Three major engines went free at GDC 2015, and each of them is monetising in a different way. There’s been a heck of a lot of discussion about development tools and the costs associated with them during GDC 2015. First Epic announced that Unreal Engine 4 would be free, bar royalities on successful releases. Then […]

  • Final Fantasy creator hates sequels

    Final Fantasy, a byword in prolific franchises, was created by a man who hates sequel. Final Fantasy games are famous for being reinvented with each core release, and it was not until series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi began to withdraw from the franchise after Final Fantasy 9 that we started seeing regular sequels and spin-offs. Speaking […]

  • Guardian complaints led to the closure of Destiny’s Loot Cave

    Destiny players are to blame for the shuttering of the much loved Loot Cave. Early in Destiny‘s history, many players got hugely excited about the “Loot Cave”. Accessible shortly after starting the game for the first time, this high-volume spawn point allowed players to stand in one place, taking out waves and waves of low-level […]

  • Xbox and PC games boss Phil Harrison to leave Microsoft – rumour

    Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business VP and EMEA head of games Phil Harrison is rumoured to have thrown in the towel. Microsoft has not issued a statement on Harrison’s alleged departure, despite repeated questioning by press at GDC 2015. Instead, word comes via multiple sources speaking to GamesIndustry at the show. According to the rumours, Harrison […]

  • Metal Gear Online commentated trailer explains stuffed dog – but not invisibility

    Metal Gear Online developer Kojima Productions has provided significantly more insight into how the multiplayer side of The Phantom Pain works. Metal Gear Online is the online multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Konami hasn’t shared a great deal about it yet, but we did see a very cool Metal Gear […]

  • Elite: Dangerous Xbox One trailer shows off space MMO

    If Elite: Dangerous looks this good on Xbox One we have nothing to complain about. Microsoft revealed Elite: Dangerous is coming to Xbox One this year during its GDC presentations today. We don’t know very much about the port, but I suppose we ought to have expected it; Frontier Developments has a very close relationship […]

  • Battletoads to appear in Shovel Knight Xbox One

    A Battletoads remake must be on the horizon. Right? Right?? The Battletoads will appear in the upcoming Xbox One version of Shovel Knight, Yacht Club Games revealed today. The Battletoads drop in for a fight! Shovel Knight is headed to Xbox One and meets up with @RareLtd brawling trio! — Yacht Club Games (@YachtClubGames) […]

  • The Division pre-alpha footage leaks, Ubisoft says it’s well out of date

    The Division fans finally got a look at Ubisoft’s MMO this week, but the publisher has said the footage is not in any way representative. Pre-alpha footage of the The Division was leaked this week, but has since been thoroughly smacked down by takedown notices. All that remains are a few screenshots and a GIF: […]

  • Microsoft HoloLens designer killed in hit and run accident

    Very sad news out of Redmond this week, as Mike Ey was killed in a tragic accident. Ey, 30, was one of the key project designers on Microsoft’s HoloLens AR headset. He was killed on Saturday morning in a rear-end collision. The driver of the second vehicle fled the scene but was tracked down by […]

  • AMD throws support behind VR with new low-latency anti-nausea tech

    GPU manufacturer AMD has released a new SDK compatible with “a broad set of VR devices”. Called LiquidVR, the tech is designed to “bring better content, comfort, and compatibility to VR applications” including games, simulation, entertainment, education, social media, travel, medicine, real estate and ecommerce, apparently. AMD said maintaining comfort and realism in VR environments […]

  • Danganronpa 3 in the works, but a long way off yet

    A new Danganronpa is happening. Danganronpa 3 is in the very, very early production stages, writer Kodaka Kazutaka has confirmed. Nothing about the project is “set in stone”, Kazutaka told Polygon, so there are no details to share yet; the characters and story may change several times before being finalised. The writer said he’s weighing […]

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare MLG Pro League 2015 schedule announced

    Major League Gaming has announced the full schedule for the 2015 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare MLG Pro League. The eSpots firm revealed two more seasons of Pro League, a live Relegation tournament for Season Three, and a season ending World Championship with $250,000 up for grabs You can watch all the action on […]

  • Happy Birthday PlayStation 2, you are almost old enough to drive

    Amidst all the GDC 2015 hoopla today, we forgot to wish PlayStation 2 a Happy Birthday. The system turned 15 years old today, going by its March 4, 2000 launch date in Japan. It was released in the west that autumn, and had shipped 100 million units in less than six years post launch. PS2 […]

  • Here’s what the final version of Valve’s Steam Controller looks like

    A look at the updated Steam Controller has surfaced via a hands-on post from Polygon. Valve said what you see in the images below is the final version of the controller. The controller has gone through numerous revisions since it was first revealed, but it seems Valve has decided on two touch pads which work […]

  • The Sims, SimCity developer closed down

    The Sims 4 developer Maxis has been shuttered, EA has confirmed. The Sims, SimCity and the rest of the Sim franchise has traditionally been helmed by Maxis, which had its flagship studio in Emeryville, California. Now EA has confirmed with Kotaku that this studio is being closed. “Today we are consolidating Maxis IP development to […]

  • Gigantic MOBA coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One with cross-play

    Today during GDC 2015, Microsoft announced that the new IP from Motiga called Gigantic will be cross-play enabled. Slated for Windows 10 and Xbox One, the five-on-five third-person battle arena game allows the player to select from an array of heroes with distinctive powers and play styles. Players will then make their way through areas […]

  • Here’s a look at Unreal Tournament DirectX 12 gameplay

    Epic Games is creating Unreal Tournament using Unreal Engine 4 running on DirectX 12, which Microsoft says “sets a new bar for visual fidelity.” DirectX 12 is a single API developers can access across Windows devices, which can result in a 20% improvement in performance over DX11 running on the same machine. The Unreal Tournament […]

  • Wireless adapter for Xbox One controllers out later this year

    Microsoft announced at GDC 2015 today it will that all wireless Xbox gaming accessories will be designed for and supported on both Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs moving forward. Later this year, a wireless adapter will be released, allowing current Xbox controllers and future devices to be used wirelessly on PCs. This will […]

  • Microsoft offers up more details on Spencer’s GDC 2015 talk

    Microsoft has provided more details on Cross-Buy functionality between Windows 10 and Xbox One as well as the Xbox Live SKU and other announcements made during Phil Spencer’s talk today. During the session, the head of Xbox shared “the next step” in the company’s plans for a unified platform across all Windows 10 devices which […]

  • Wasteland 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 this summer

    Wasteland 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 as a Game of the Year Edition. inXile Entertainment announced the news on the PS Blog, noting the edition contains enhancements and improvements. The game has been ported to Unity 5, which was announced over the weekend, providing upgraded visual effects, “improved character models, upgraded environments, and Unity […]

  • Cross-Buy detailed for Windows 10 and Xbox One; Elite: Dangerous coming to Xbox One

    During Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s session at GDC 2015 today, it was announced Elite: Dangerous would release on Xbox One. Spencer also outlined cross-buy functionality across Windows 10 and Xbox One. Spencer’s talk started off with Frontier Developments announcing Elite: Dangerous for release this summer as a console debut on Xbox One, suggesting the Elite: […]

  • Longbeards Culture Pack available now for Total War: Attila

    The Longbeards Culture Pack is now available for Total War: Attila and it comes with three new playable factions. The Langobards, the Burgundians and the Alamans can be played in both single and multiplayer campaign modes as well as custom and multiplayer battles. A new feature called The Lay of Ybor is also included. It […]

  • Nvidia unveils Titan X as world’s “most advanced GPU” – video

    Nvidia revealed Titan X as “the world’s most advanced GPU” during Epic founder Tim Sweeney’s State of Unreal session a t GDC 2015 today. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took the stage during the panel stating it contains “8 billion transistors,” and has 12GB of RAM. Pricing wasn’t announced, but it was rumored back in January […]

  • Steam sale discounts titles announced for SteamOS

    With many of the year’s most popular games heading to SteamOS, Valve has decided to host sale in celebration. Here’s a short list of titles on sale. The full list of PC, Linux, Mac and SteamOS discounts can be found through the link. The Banner Saga Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Batman: Arkham […]

  • PayDay 2 announced for SteamOS, celebrating with franchise sale

    PayDay 2 is coming to SteamOS, Overkill has announced. Still under development, a release date will be announced at a later date. “Making sure PAYDAY 2 is available on SteamOS felt like a no-brainer,” said Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of Starbreeze in the press release. “With PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition coming to the next generation […]

  • Magicka 2 has a release date and a crazy new trailer

    Magicka 2 has a release date for PC and the PlayStation 4, and Paradox Interactive has released a trailer featuring “Vlad’s latest lyrical triumph,” which is his rendition of the Game of Thrones theme. Magicka arrived on PC and PS4 May 26 and the game can be pre-ordered on PC beginning today, with PS4 pre-orders […]

  • Nintendo eShop schedule: Don’t Starve: Giant Edition, Never Alone, others

    Nintendo has sent over a list of titles heading to the eShop in 2015. The schedule contains titles such as Affordable Space Adventures, Runbow, Swords & Soldiers 2, Don’t Starve: Giant Edition, Never Alone and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars. Below a preliminary list of games scheduled to launch in the Nintendo eShop on […]

  • Week 8: Can you win the weekly VG247 GTA Online playlist? Play tonight at 8pm UK time!

    We’re hotdogging tonight. I don’t even know what that means. Eight weeks of ridiculous death. Such a brave, true milestone. We’re going to celebrate two entire months of playing weekly GTA Online playlists with VG247 readers with Hotdogging, a set of six jobs I named completely at random. This one ends with a straight-up border […]

  • Puzzle platformer Four Sided Fantasy coming to PC, consoles in early 2016

    Curve Digital and developer Logan Fieth’s studio Ludo Land are bringing puzzle platformer, Four Sided Fantasy, to PC all major consoles in early 2016. Ludo Land are developing the PC version, with Curve Digital handling the console and Vita versions. Four Sided Fantasy tasks players with venturing across “dreamlike levels” by controlling and manipulating the […]

  • Tropico 5 arrives on PS4 in April – video

    A release date for Tropico 5 on PlayStation 4 has been announced. This is the franchise’s first foray onto PlayStation consoles. It arrived in Europe on April 24 and in North America on April 28. A Limited Edition has also been announced, and it includes The Big Cheese DLC and the Bayo Del Olfato sandbox […]

  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Limited Edition PS4 releasing in Asia

    A limited edition Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain PlayStation 4 system will be released in Asia. The system and its DualShock controller were designed in collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment and targeted for the Asia region, per Gematsu. It will be released as part of PS4 Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain […]

  • This video shows Sid Meier’s Starships being played on iPad

    Sid Meier’s Starships will be released on iPad alongside Mac and PC, and to give you an idea on how it plays on the tablet, a new video has been released. Watch below as Pete Murray and lead producer Stuart Zissu show off the iPad version. The 4X space-strategy releases on March 12.

  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood announced as standalone prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, a standalone prequel to The New Order, will release May 5 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game takes pace in 1946, and and players take on the role of B.J. Blazkowicz as he embarks on a two-part mission in Bavaria. Part one, Rudi Jäger and the Den of Wolves, […]

  • Observer Mode coming soon to Evolve as a free update

    Observer Mode will be released for Evolve as a free update for all platforms, 2K and Turtle Rock have announced. The community feature was designed to give Evolve players the ability to observe and add commentary as well as livestream, allowing a sixth user to “passively enter a custom game” with the ability to switch […]

  • Dragon Quest Heroes and PS4 top Media Create charts in Japan

    The PlayStation 3 and PS4 skus for Dragon Quest Heroes were the top sellers on the Media Create charts in Japan, moving a combined 594,749 units. Elsewhere on the chart, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D was in third place with 39,751 units moved, and last week’s top seller, God Eater 2: Rage Burst, […]

  • Watch Hideo Kojima answer lots of your burning Phantom Pain questions

    What’s better than learning the official release date of MGS5: The Phantom pain? Hideo Kojima talking more about it, of course! Hideo Kojima has decided to answer a few fan questions about Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, to help boost everyone’s hype to insane levels. He talks about the game’s story, his relief […]

  • MGS5: The Phantom Pain Day 1 and Collector’s Edition revealed

    Konami has officially revealed the release date of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain alongside the game’s Day 1 and Collector’s Edition. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will release September 1, worldwide, as previously leaked. It will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The PC Steam […]

  • EU Club Nintendo: Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds soundtrack back in stock

    Club Nintendo members in Europe can once again pick up The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds soundtrack. For 3000 Stars, members of the program will receive the double-CD soundtrack which features 89 tracks with liner notes from Ryo Nagamatsu and 12 sheet music excerpts. It also comes with 16 Milk Bar Musician pieces. […]

  • HTC apologises over “confusing” Half-Life VR comments

    HTC has misspoke when it talked about Half-Life coming to VR headset Vive. HTC chairwoman Cher Wang has apologised over the comments she made yesterday about the possibility of Half-Life coming to Vive, the VR headset it’s manufacturing with the help of Valve. Sources close to Valve, have indicated to the BBC that the developer […]

  • What do Heists and Daily Objectives tell us about the future of GTA Online?

    Daily Objectives could be more important to GTA Online than Heists. These theories and more, from a giddy Matt Martin. Yesterday Rockstar dropped a bombshell. Not only is it releasing Heists next week – the mythical 4-player missions for GTA Online – but it’s also going to be introducing daily challenges and more modes to […]

  • Breaking down Hardline Premium, is it worth it?

    Having been announced just a few days ago, the Premium service for Battlefield Hardline has been a topic of constant debate among the Battlefield community. Many look at Hardline as a Battlefield off-shoot that will just tide everyone over until Battlefront comes out in the fall. EA has other plans however, announcing a $50 Premium […]

  • Watch Dogs sold more than GTA 5 and FIFA 15 in Australia in 2014

    Watch Dogs outsold GTA 5, and FIFA 15, at retail in Australia last year. According to data obtained by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) from the NPD Group Australia, last year’s year retail sales charts look a bit different in Australia. The top-selling game was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, followed by Watch […]

  • Watch PC footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from GDC 2015

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a new gameplay video available that shows a bit of action from the PC version. The video below was captured from Nvidia’s GDC conference live-stream. Developer CD Projekt RED was on hand to show off The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s graphical prowess running on a PC. Thanks, GamesHQMedia.

  • Dying Light: Hard Mode and Ultimate Survivor Bundle out March 10

    Dying Light’s second DLC drop, the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, and the free Hard Mode, have been given a solid release date alongside a new trailer. Dying Light developer Techland has confirmed that the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, the game’s second DLC drop, will release March 10. The DLC is part of the season pass, but will […]

  • Exploration puzzler Ether One is coming to PlayStation 4

    Ether One, the first-person exploration game that puts you in the minds of other people to help change events of their past is coming to PlayStation 4 this year. Ether One is coming to PlayStation 4 this year, developer White Paper Games announced at GDC 2015. A retail version will also be available alongside the […]