Destiny beta: exploring The Tower Plaza hub

Thursday, 17th July 2014 18:00 GMT By Matt Martin

We explore The Tower Plaza, Destiny’s hub for players to buy and sell, find quests and change their loadouts and equipment free from danger.

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  1. dazedonthemoon

    PSN is down, can’t even download the beta with all this traffic

    #1 5 months ago
  2. TheWulf

    I just realised that the Destiny symbol kind of looks like underpants.

    Now I can’t unsee it.

    #2 5 months ago
  3. polygem


    #3 5 months ago
  4. SuaveArmadillo

    Any spare US PS4 codes?

    #4 5 months ago
  5. SuaveArmadillo

    @SuaveArmadillo NM, some very generous people all over the internet!

    #5 5 months ago

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