Sony putting “significant investment” into Project Morpheus

Monday, 7th July 2014 12:30 GMT By Dave Cook

Sony head Andrew House has confirmed that the firm is putting a “significant investment” into its Project Morpheus virtual reality headset.


Speaking with The Guardian, House made clear that Sony is betting big on its VR strategy, stressing, “It’s definitely more than an experiment. We’ve made some commitments; we’re putting significant investment into the product.”

The key goal for Sony is to achieve a new level of player immersion using virtual worlds, and its Project Morpheus headset, which will display those places right in front of the player’s eyes.

House went on, “We do now think that we can get to this point of delivering a magical sense of presence – where your brain tricks you into thinking you’re actually in this place. We think there’s something there that could be really, really interesting for a next frontier of game development.”

He commented on Morpheus rival Oculus Rift, which was bought by Facebook earlier this year. House argued that while developers have flocked to the device there does not yet exist a “monetisable” business model, although he championed the efforts of developers making projects for the headset in their spare time.

“It struck that me that if there’s a variety of game developers showing interest in this space then it’s probably time to jump in and see if we can play a part and give them the tools they’re looking for,” House added.

Are you convinced by virtual reality devices? Could Sony usher in a business model that makes sense for VR? Let us know what you think below.

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  1. Stealth____

    A big mistake. I do not feel it is long term gaming application

    #1 6 months ago
  2. Erthazus

    With PS4 you can forget about decent VR games. System is underpowered for that. Maybe next gen.

    #2 6 months ago
  3. ManuOtaku

    Iam ready for VR, although i hope publishers dont make quick cash ins like with motion control games. The best games with this tech were done by the 3 manufacturers. Therefore I hope they will try to bring the best possible experience, not just money grabbers.

    Having Said that, although iam ready for VR, iam still waiting for an holographic display console alas star wars chess games.

    #3 6 months ago
  4. Luciferous

    I am more than ready to give VR a decent chance, I used an Oculus Roft last year and I understand that the hardware has made several leaps forward. I’m hoping Morpheous is at EGX this year so i can give that a go and see where things are sitting with it.

    I feel games like Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen are where VR will be most comfortable.

    #4 6 months ago
  5. CycloneFox

    @Stealth____: You haven’t tried out an ocolus rift, yet, have you?

    Sony investing into VR is the best thing that could happen to VR in general (including oculus rift on the PC). Without a market-leading console with VR peripherals, the publishers will never invest too heavily, if at all, into VR and we would never see any AAA games, supporting VR.
    But if this is successful, VR gaming on the PC will greatly benefit, just like PC games already benefit from console gaming.
    So, don’t hate on the Project Morpheus, just because you prefer PC gaming and oculus rift. Both will benefit from each other.

    #5 6 months ago
  6. Reddpayn

    Ps4 itself is underpowered for that, but the sonys idea is that the headset itself would run the games ( atleast great part of them). This ofcourse leads to the fact that the device itself will be very costly. Also, cloud could have part in this project too (just speculation)

    #6 6 months ago
  7. _LarZen_

    “Are you convinced by virtual reality devices? ”

    Yes I am. I have tested the first dev kit from Oculus and it was a mind opener. I believe VR is the future for gaming and interactive entertainment in general.

    I cant wait to stop watching a tv or monitor. And instead be inside the game. The future is brighter then ever!

    #7 6 months ago
  8. super3001

    lol they will support vr like 3d? sony make tech and always abandon it

    I hope sony invest everything and lose it all. vr is dead end

    #8 6 months ago
  9. polygem

    Not convinced by the tech but I haven’t tried it yet so I know shit about it.

    I have just bought a 650 euro high end monitor and I LOVE that thing. Colors look better than on the vita. I am super happy with all my gaming gear atm and feel ready and future proof for the next 7 years or so.

    Took me a while to get there.

    Not sure if I would trade something like that in for the VR experience and I am definitely not ready to drop 1000+ euros on such a device just yet…but in general, I can see the potential and a Corp like Sony jumping on it is definitely a good sign for this tech.

    Wait and see is my approach here.

    #9 6 months ago
  10. Dragon

    @CycloneFox ,
    Avoid him. He is a hardcore ninty fanboy who trolls on multiple sites, including gematsu, dualshockers, ign etc.

    On topic, VR is the future. No doubt about it. Even better that Sony and Facebook are investing in it.

    #10 6 months ago
  11. super3001

    vr is not the future. just like 3d was the future (say sony) and now it not

    vr will be niche

    #11 6 months ago
  12. LovesALLformats

    Sony wonders y they r losing billions… ( failed movies, failed 3d,) luckly they own breaking bad which made them a lot of money. Sorry its 2014 I don’t want to wear a helmet to game.

    #12 6 months ago
  13. Rosseu

    After reading Ready Player One, yes.

    #13 6 months ago
  14. derpex

    Big surprise, this article is swarming with deranged microsoft shills spread lies, FUD, ignorance, and hatred.

    #14 6 months ago
  15. mistermogul

    I am yet to be convinced that VR will be worthwhile.

    I’d rather Sony just invested this money into more PS4 exclusives personally…

    #15 6 months ago

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