Mighty No. 9 needs more of your money

Monday, 7th July 2014 14:13 GMT By Dave Cook

Mighty No. 9 developer Comcept has launched another round of crowd-funding for Keiji Inafune’s successor to Mega Man.

It follows this new Mighty No. 9 alpha gameplay footage.

The original Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter drive raised some $3.8 million last year, but Comcept has turned to PayPal donations to secure additional funding.

Comcept’s new funding drive has just one stretch goal at the moment, and that’s for full English voice acting. At the time of writing the campaign has raised an additional $2,739. The English dub option was said to have come from fan feedback.

In the video above Infanue told fans, “We don’t want the Mighty No. 9 project to end with the game alone. We want the game to be part of something greater we deliver on a global scale.We feel this is something we can do with even more support from the fans.”

As you can see, new stretch goals will be added if funding surpasses $100,000:

mighty no 9

Just like Kickstarter ,you can pledge set amounts to purchase copies of Mighty No. 9 and partake in extra bonuses that will be sent to backers at launch.

What do you think of the new funding drive?

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  1. Digital Bamboo

    The game does seem to be lacking at this stage TBH, so maybe asking for more money to make it better is the right call.

    #1 6 months ago
  2. Obernox


    #2 6 months ago
  3. TheWulf


    Like I said last time, it looks phoned in for what it is. Generic visuals lacking the flair I’d expect from Inafune (especially since they didn’t opt for cel-shading or 2D), the dull and forgettable character designs (especially Call’s, who’s just a slightly redrawn version of Roll), and the entirely horizontal levels (encouraging the abuse of dash-dash-dash-attack-dash) with little in the way of genuine obstacles or platforming leave a lot to be desired when compared against even those of the first Mega Man and their verticality. (Verticality has always been an important part of Mega Man level design.)

    I mean, I was hoping for it to be more than it is, but it’s looking more and more like a cynical cash grab. And I don’t say that about Kickstarter a lot. I’ll be much more wary in the future of Kickstarters like Mighty No. 9. I should have been wary from the outset, I think, which I’m now kicking myself over. Beck, in many ways, is almost a rip off of Mega Man (not as bad as Call, but still), and that should have rung alarm bells. I fell for it, and I feel stupid for doing so.

    I’ve been pleased by the majority of what’s come out of my Kickstarter (especially Lifeless Planet and Broken Age) backing, but this one? Ehhhhhhhhh.

    #3 6 months ago
  4. TheWulf


    The mistakes they’ve made aren’t related to money, they’re related to not caring. The aesthetics could have been done better, the fans (I’m a backer, so I know, from their postings of fan art) have provided numerous designs which are far better than their own.

    And the level design, again, has nothing to do with money. If you’re going to show something off, you should be showing people how inspired your ideas are. The first thing shown shouldn’t be an incredibly horizontal level that looks like an absolute snooze-fest, and has more in common with bad ’90s shareware games.

    It’s got a distinct shovelware feel to it.

    It’s just awful level design, right there, and I know because I’ve spent more time playing 8- and 16-bit platformers than most people. I love platforming! And for a good platformer, you need good level design. I mean, this has less verticality than the first Sonic game!

    I mean, sure, they have the odd falling bit, and they have steps. But if you don’t understand why that’s not verticality, you need to go back and play Mega Man 1 and 2 on the NES. The gameplay footage wasn’t the first thing to tell me that I’d backed the wrong horse, but it was perhaps the most deciding factor.

    More money won’t fix uninspired visual/level design. More money will just reaffirm to them that they can sell you anything. :I

    As always, I’d love to see them prove me wrong, but as it is it looks like it only has a tenuous connection to Mega Man, designed instead mostly for the adrenaline junkies of today, with short attention spans, who just want to kill all of the shit without ever having to think or strategise on the go.

    #4 6 months ago
  5. FBSKing

    I really hope they make a good game, a game that has several sequels, but also want the game anime cinematics look like in megaman x 4 or at least something similar:

    #5 6 months ago
  6. Digital Bamboo

    @TheWulf Yea, maybe you’re right. It certainly doesn’t look inspired!

    #6 6 months ago

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