This game appears to have ripped off Dark Souls in a big way

Monday, 7th July 2014 12:53 GMT By Dave Cook

Dark Souls appears to have been ripped off by Korean mobile game called Blade, right down to advertising and its cinematic trailer.

Kotaku reports that Blade has reached the top spot in South Korea’s top grossing chart, but unfortunately for developer 4:33 Creative Lab, it seems that gamers have connected some potentially damaging dots between the title and From Software’s Dark Souls.

For starters, here’s a comparison between Dark Souls promotional art and Blade’s promotional material via Game Donga:


Nice advert, yep, everything seems in order here…



The comparisons run deeper, as it appears the Blade trailer has ripped off the Dark Souls 2 cinematic video.

Here’s the original:

And a grab from the Blade clip, which has since been taken down:

blade trailer

Hmm. Head over to Kotaku’s report to see more comparisons between both clips and judge for yourself.



  1. Digital Bamboo

    Korea: Land of a Million Copyright Infringements.

    #1 3 months ago
  2. ManuOtaku

    @Digital Bamboo I thought that was china, is now also a Korean thing as well?, if thats the case i hope Japan is not next to caught this contegious spreed.

    #2 3 months ago
  3. Dragon

    @Digital Bamboo ,
    Not really. Its more like DS2 copyright maybe never existed in Korea.
    I could have said the same about China, but that would be wrong. Almost every popular thing has a ripoff there. “Copyright” word probably doesn’t exist in mandarin.

    #3 3 months ago
  4. Dragon

    Btw, I am not supporting rip-offs, its just that its a sad inevitable truth about todays world. Popular things get ripped-off.

    #4 3 months ago
  5. voxelman

    Man this site has really gone down hill. What’s with the misleading click-bait titles?

    #5 3 months ago
  6. unknown_gamer

    For a Smartphone game , its really good
    i played it recently before they update it , sadly they dropped the Bluestacks support

    #6 3 months ago
  7. eTitan

    THIS GAME IS AN ACTION RPG, IT HAS A PART OF THE TRAILER THAT USES SIMILAR STYLES THIS IS A COPY. Wait…its not at all. If this game ripped of Dark Souls then Sacred “ripped off” Diablo…and so did every other top down hack ‘n slash ever.

    The comparisons are like comparing movie posters.

    They all look the same and use a similar style that people know attracts customers.

    #7 3 months ago
  8. silkvg247

    Defensive against dark souls? Why? Demon’s souls, dark souls, etc.. have frankly unforgivably bad controls. And any unbiased journalist would deduct points accordingly. I’m all for clones, maybe we can get an actual playable version of the genre which penalises based on bad decisions or bad skills rather than inability to counteract terribad controls. Eternal darkness being approx a zillion times better than Res Evil springs to mind.

    #8 3 months ago

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