Want to own at Titanfall’s Hardpoint mode? Follow these rules

Friday, 4 July 2014 16:26 GMT By Dave Cook

Titanfall has its own version of Call of Duty’s Domination mode called Hardpoint. Let Dave show you how to utterly destroy the opposition in his latest Cookie video.

It’s the latest Titanfall guide video to come from my new YouTube channel Cookie, in which I discuss all things about Respawn’s shooter, including tips, news gameplay and MVP runs. Throw me a subscription for regular content and my undying love. Thanks <3

Here’s the Hardpoint video:

There’s a lot of rules in here that you need to hardwire into your brain in order to succeed, but the biggest rule is don’t just try to farm kills or boost your kill-death ratio. Actually support your team and try to capture those Hardpoints. Seriously.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for a lot more videos next week.