Toxic players can be an asset says Orcs Must Die designer

Friday, 27th June 2014 20:44 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Robot Entertainment designer Jerome K. Jones is of the opinion toxic players can be an asset to games such as the firm’s Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Speaking with Polygon, Jones said since players such as there won’t “go away” they help drive a game’s longevity.

“There’s probably something good about the toxic players showing up and sticking with your game,” he said. “The good thing is probably that it’s a good game. It’s holding their interest, it’s keeping them around. It’s making them passionate enough to give a damn.

“They’re not going to go away. And honestly, I don’t think you want them to. You need those people there. They’re driving the game. They’re giving it longevity. They’re giving it passion. And when they find something about your game that they love, they defend it to the death. Those are the same people that can go to bat for you.

“I don’t think those are bad people, you just gotta do your best to deal with them in whatever manner seems to work the best.”

Orcs Must Die! Unchained is currently in a closed beta and will be released on PC as a free-to-play title. Unlike its tower defense namesake, Unchained contains teams multiplayer or those who wish to go solo can use bots.

Squads of 5v5 will compete in holding back the hordes of enemies, and players will be able to summon minions to help quell the waves.

Founder’s packs are still available from $150 to $20.



  1. redwood

    team multiplayer in OMD could be awesome.. am a check this one out when it releases.

    #1 6 months ago
  2. TheWulf

    I have zero tolerance for them, though, I’ll say that. I suffer with tinnitus, so the last thing I want is some overly extroverted white arsehole yelling racist and homophobic obscenities at me. That’ll just have me mute the headset and drop out.

    I’ve probably had the widest range of experiences in ME3 multiplayer. There’s a direct correlation too between those playing geth or turians and being nice, which I found to be the weirdest damned thing. In fact, I noticed the largest contingent of women playing as geth and the EDI bot, and they were always pretty great. Men playing asari or female quarians are, by far and wide, the worst of the bunch. I have no idea why this is. And everyone else is somewhere in between.

    I guess it’s the ‘sex appeal’ that draws the arseholes to those races, due to the asari being oversexed by default, and (from what I read on the ME forums, at least) the quarians being given very desirable hips??? But yes, it seems to be that the most rude, obnoxious ones play what they find sexiest.

    So, usually the ones who’re playing something like a geth trooper, or juggernaut, or one of those turian tech-vanguards (forget the name of them), are really rad, rad people. I dig them. Within a race, I’ve probably seen the biggest mix of personality types within the krogan race — I’ve seen everything from highly toxic players to those who’re as good as gold (and skilled, too).

    One of the best experiences I’ve had was with a krogan battlemaster, I think they are? The guys with the big hammers. The bloke playing one of those was calmly intelligent in a very introverted way, very calculating and tactical, and had a very good idea of what the AI was doing at any point. So he’d make some rather helpful suggestions, made some pretty nice build suggestions, too. Really rad person.

    And usually, the ones that are the nicest need make no claims to being nice, they just are. And you can often tell just by the tonal quality of a person’s voice (or at least, I can) which they’re going to be. I’ve often been accused of having insanely good hearing, though (one of the reasons I suffer with tinnitus in the first place). I can hear a piece of cardboard drop, so I pick up things in voices that most don’t.

    And I try to catch someone’s tone turning nasty before they start shouting, I’m not always successful, but I’m getting better. I’m getting better as the sample size improves, really. Usually, the ones who’re ready to turn are those who’ll breathe heavily whilst trying to be as nice as possible in the flattest tone possible, just holding back the rage until they snap.

    But ME3′s been an interesting experience in human studies, for me. My favourite players are the most introverted ones, and the geth have the lion’s share of those for reasons I may one day understand. So I’m always delighted to see a geth join a party, because they will help you. They get a lot of hate, too, but probably because their players are non-confrontational. That makes me sad.

    But yeah. If I get knocked down in ME3, I can always count on a geth to pick me up again.

    I’m actually curious how much those experiences match up with those of other people, because my sample size isn’t as big as it could be. But yes, so many geth, and then a good number of turians, then the odd krogan being super nice. It also seems like the further you get from human with the species, the nicer the players have the potential for being. I think the only reason that the krogans attract the wrong people is because that have certain quantities of ‘badass.’

    I need to play more to solidify my opinion on the EDI bot players, too, because they seem to be the opposite of asari, which makes them odd. But yeah, humans will be humans, and as always, the nicest humans will be the introverts. An introvert is always going to be the one who’s going to rush to your aid, no matter what. And if you’ve played ME3 with a geth who seems to be suicidal in his desire to help people, that’s probably me. Though I most often get out alive!

    Especially with the juggernaut. Man, I love the juggernaut. An offensive juggernaut specced right can be amazing, especially if you’re running with a rezzer. So someone else will be doing the rezzing and you’ll be providing cover. Not sure I understand people who spec defensive juggernauts, but to each their own! I’m just happy to play with genuinely nice people, I don’t care if their builds are silly.

    #2 6 months ago
  3. OpInfo

    “Toxic player”, there can be a broad range of meaning in that, but I guess as long as he puts money into your product, I guess he’s still welcome.
    I can only tell from a gamers perspective that severe assholes are never good for a game, They can easily be a reason to stop playing and go somewhere else if they go unchecked and unsanctioned. I would say there is a reason they are called “toxic”.
    So if Mr. Jones thinks they still can be an asset, it makes me wonder what compelled him to say that…?

    #3 6 months ago

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