Summer Blast Sale Week 1 now in effect on PlayStation Store

Wednesday, 25th June 2014 02:12 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Sony is also hosting a Summer Sale – check out the first week’s worth if discounts through the break.

The games listed below will be on sale through June 30, when a second round of discounts will come into effect.

In addition to games, Sony has discounted a huge range of movies; visit the PlayStation Blog for more details.

Steam and GOG are both currently holding summer sales, too.




  1. SlayerGT

    I got the Man of Steel in HD for 12 bucks. Seemed legit.

    #1 6 months ago
  2. Sylrissa

    This is only for US or something?., because none of these sales are showing up on PSN for me.

    #2 6 months ago
  3. Khan979

    Fuck Sony… This coming from a PS fan that has owned every system they EVER made. I don’t know why this doesn’t get more coverage, but they have fucked the free games in PS+ (used to have 10+ free games on PS3) now there are essentially 4 ( I know they went to the 2 games per system model, but this is just a way to push more indie (hence cheaper for them) games on it and less AAA). They basically came out and said psvita will no longer get much support from them from a games standpoint. These two things alone piss me off, but then they also put MP behind a paywall (this wasn’t as big of a deal to me since I already had PS+, but still it shows them moving more towards the MS way of doing things). MS gets soo much crap for the shit they pull, yet sony seems to get off relatively easy for their crap. Why aren’t there more articles talking about how sony is backing away from all the things that made them great? I know we have had minor articles that mention these things briefly, but nothing that really compiles all the shit they have changed in the last year or so that is a slap in the face to their long term supporters.

    Nerfing their instant game collection – yes I say nerfing, because there is no real instant game collection worth a damn anymore. (what’s out this month on PS3? mudd something or another that looks like some dumb ass 8 bit game, nba 2k14, sly cooper and trine…..woopty fucking do)….and that’s ALL there is now….used to be you could go to the PS+ games and see a damn good list of games. I’m not saying that a couple of those aren’t decent games…but nothing like what used to be there.

    Stashing MP behind a paywall…they haven’t improved shit from a server standpoint… this was just a money grab, trying to follow in MS shoes.

    PSVITA…worthless piece of over priced crap, that’s not worth buying unless you want to play portable indie games…let’s face it they sold it based on the concept of it being a portable console, capable of playing console quality AAA games on the go….how many good AAA games are on the system? Not many. And now they want to quit making good AAA first games for it? Wii U isn’t selling well, but at least nintendo is still putting plenty of effort into it, and making quality games for it.

    Look, I love Sony, but the fact they have pulled the shit they have recently deserves a lot more attention than it is getting. I would really love to see an article detailing all the negative changes they have made rather then, just a snapshot article of some of the individual changes. It’s like the changes they make or comments they make are noted, but then brushed off, let’s put some pressure on them to not just screw over the people who have supported them.

    I know I will get some hate for this post, but screw it, it’s bugging me tonight, after I logged onto the PS network and seen the crap they are now offering, it clicked in my head how much they are slowly changing, and not for the better…..really take a look at the changes, and if you have been a sony supporter as long as I have you will see it’s mostly crap.

    #3 6 months ago
  4. stretch215

    @3. You are complaining about FREE GAMES. Would you like some coffee with your entitlement?

    #4 6 months ago
  5. truekeitaro

    @Khan979 How dare Sony try to include the little guys! No small businesses deserve to be showcased! I also shop at Walmart and Starbucks! I don’t think small business are worth my time. They should just give up!

    #5 6 months ago
  6. psxman

    @4 always nice to see rationality.

    #6 6 months ago
  7. grizzlycake


    How are those FREE games when that’s pretty much the only decent feature PS+ (next to cloud saving) has?

    #7 6 months ago
  8. CyberMarco

    @stretch215 FREE*

    As long as you pay 50$ for a yearly sub.

    #8 6 months ago
  9. Khan979

    @truekeitaro I like indie games, and I have purchased plenty of them…you miss the point here, my complaint is that their services are getting worse then they have been, not better. Their PS+ subscriber rate is higher then it’s ever been yet the service is not as good as it was when there was a smaller PS+ subscriber base.

    And as far as the vita goes, Most of the games I have purchased for it are indie, so yes I do support them, but I still love the big AAA games the best. Indie games are not why I (and I am sure many others) purchased a vita when it came out. They are nice to have there, but Sony should not be stepping away from making first party games on it. Heck if Sony won’t make games for their own system, do you think major 3rd parties will?

    #9 6 months ago
  10. mariehkey


    #10 6 months ago
  11. Panthro

    Might not be as cheap as the Steam sales but at least with PSN you know you are not going to be ripped off, Steam has always reminded me of a shady outdoor market stall selling counterfeit T-shirts for $10 less than the superstore beside it who sell the real versions and also aren’t outside and have a nice cosy atmosphere in comparison to Steam’s cold and dingy atmosphere.

    In the end, buying games from PSN or console shops in general are always worth it just for a secure purchase alone.

    #11 6 months ago

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