Console games are in rude health. Get on board or GTFO

Friday, 20th June 2014 12:10 GMT By Matt Martin

We saw the future of video gaming at E3 2014. Get your ticket, lets ride to Console Town. Choo! Choo!


“Apart from that weird bit in the middle of the PS4 conference where real-life Comic Book Guy went off script, we were slapped around the face constantly by high quality, confident video games.”

I came away from E3 2014 feeling rich. I’d hoped Microsoft and Sony were going to step up and prove that the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have a viable, fun future. That video gaming as an entertainment medium in the home was capable of living another five years.

I came away more than convinced by Microsoft and Sony’s showing, as well as the other publishers on the show floor. I was even a little surprised by Nintendo stepping back into the arena. If 2013 was a false start, 2014 was proof that the blockbuster console business is back on track. The return of the popular franchises, the debut of new IP, a little sprinkling of indie and the resurrection of old favourites. Console is as strong as it ever was.

Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, Destiny, Advanced Warfare, The Witcher 3, GTA V (again), Uncharted 4, No Man’s Sky, FIFA 15, Bloodborne and much, much more. These are the games that keep the heart of the console industry pumping. The publishers and the console manufacturers are back on their feet after a scrappy couple of years, they’ve recouped and they’re coming out swinging.


The criticism is that it’s more of the same old thing. Sequels and men with guns and fast cars and goblin-punching and sports and violence and explosions and space exploration. You’re right, it is more of the same. It’s always been this. This is console gaming. There’s quirky titles in there and experiments and cool little apps but no one buys a PS4 for Guacamelee Super Turbo Whatever Edition, or to listen to music or to watch streaming videos. We come for the games and we take all the other stuff as we see fit. This should not be a surprise to anybody.

E3 was almost universally games. Apart from that weird bit in the middle of the PS4 conference where real-life Comic Book Guy went off script, we were slapped around the face constantly by high quality, confident video games. Games that aren’t afraid to be video games and aren’t trying to be something else.

And one of the highlights of the show was the fact that the players who aren’t invited to E3 got a real taste of it. The Battlefield Hardline beta and the Destiny alpha that journalists and the rest of the industry played on the show floor were exactly the same as the ones you downloaded and played on your consoles. Regardless of what you think of them, how’s that for confidence?


“The Battlefield Hardline beta and the Destiny alpha that journalists played on the show floor were exactly the same as the ones you downloaded and played on your consoles.”

When publishers decided to thin out their portfolios to just a handful of games a couple of years ago, it was the right thing to do. There were less games on the show floor but they were of much higher quality, they were much more memorable. Queues for some of the biggest games were never overwhelmingly massive, likewise meetings never ran too late. Games were being played and business was being done. E3 is much healthy now it’s lost some weight.

You can’t complain that it was dominated by the big boys either. Deep Silver is clearly focused on becoming top tier, and it has a few decent titles with which to punch above its weight in Dead Island and Metro. I’m not so convinced by the return of Home Front, but time will tell.

Devolver Digital is trying to straddle the line between indie cool and mainstream success, but it looks to be courting the console business because it knows where the real money is, which is why its collection of games is perhaps getting too bloaty too quickly. Regardless, it’s a company with some good games and everyone seems to be having a lot of fun.

It turns out you can have fun with video games. Who knew?

Even Nintendo got partly involved this year. It’s first person squirter Splatoon is acknowledgement that – hey! these kids like shooting things! – even if its cute execution will leave it doomed to sell less copies than the PunchOut remake everyone begged for a few years back.


And how about Zelda? If it’s not a simple hack-n-slash in Hyrule Warriors it’s an open world action role-playing game for Zelda on Wii U. We’ve had hundreds of those in the past but when Nintendo does its own version of Skyrim everyone loses their shit. Good on them, I’ll play it too, it looks hot. And what else did Nintendo push out? Mario Maker. The kind of level editor that’s been available for years, even on console. But this is modern thinking for Nintendo, give it another couple of years and it will have caught up with 2012 trends.

“Publishers aren’t making a game just for you. Feedback through beta tests is important and it does make a difference, but it’s feedback about the game in progress, the one made by the big corporation.”

I might come across as sarcastic (really?) but this is what the console business is built on and I love it. And clearly, the gamers do too.

They keep coming back for it, whether it’s new franchises like Watch Dogs or the return of who’s-your-daddy Master Chief. There’s even newer stuff too, and while I’d expect Sunset Overdrive to live as long in our hearts as Auto Assault, I absolutely applaud Insomniac’s shoot-and-skate mash-up for breathing life into older, seemingly outdated ideas.

far-cry-4-e3 (7)

The only fly in the ointment is virtual reality. We’ve only just jettisoned motion controls from games, let’s not get distracted with novelty at a time when everyone should be doubling down on high production values elsewhere. VR has got niche written all over it, and niche doesn’t live long in a living room.

But this is it. For the next three years, if not more. This is the future of the console game business. I roll my eyes at those who roll their eyes at that. What do you want? Publishers aren’t making a game just for you. Feedback through alpha and beta tests is important and it does make a difference, but it’s feedback about the game in progress, the one made by the big corporation. This isn’t Kickstarter, thankfully.

The future of console games is as simple a concept as incredible graphics or something as complex as seamless multiplayer. It’s Destiny, it’s Advanced Warfare, it’s FIFA.

The future of console games is exploration in worlds you’ve not yet seen. It’s The Witcher, it’s No Man’s Sky, it’s Zelda Wii U. The content of video games isn’t going to change. It’s conflict and story and winning and wonder.

Accept and enjoy it for what it is. This is console video gaming.



  1. Ghostly

    “The criticism is that it’s more of the same old thing. Sequels and men with guns and fast cars and goblin-punching and sports and violence and explosions and space exploration. You’re right, it is more of the same. It’s always been this. This is console gaming. ”

    yeah, unfortunatelly. Thats why its a shame pc gaming isn’t at the forefront as it used to be. Just look at the 90′s, or more specifically at the 96-2000 era. Pc created the fps genre, created deathmatch. It created the computer rpg genre, Fallout, Baldurs Gate, Torment, Icewind Dale, etc. It created the tactical genre with Rainbow Six. It created the stealth genre with Thief. You had experiments like Battlezone or Uprising, pieces of art like Alice or Giants Citizen Kabuto or Sacrifice. The Pc created the strategy genre. The Pc created space sims. Then xbox 360 and ps 3 happened and we have third person action games that are the same year after year. hooray for console gaming being healthy

    #1 6 months ago
  2. Legendaryboss

    We all knew this was a Matt article just by looking at that title. Oh and look nice controversial bits. Yeah i won’t dwell on that. People do need accept the console generation for it is and take the trends for what they are. The opinion piece is just take it or leave it, reminds me of The Weakest Link.

    #2 6 months ago
  3. Lahanas

    Great article. Consoles were, are and will continue to be the best form of gaming and the center of the industry.

    #3 6 months ago
  4. monkeygourmet

    Has that Red Bull / Monster energy drink sponsorship come through yet Matt?

    Seriously, what an awful, awful headline…


    #4 6 months ago
  5. Opalauge

    “Accept and enjoy it for what it is. This is console video gaming.”

    Yeah…this Gen is surely old enough to evaluate what it is and what it will be…


    The problem is that kind of attitude and the constant comparision. Console gaming created many genres and created many impulses in the history of gaming too!
    Consoles form a common platform which is essential to create and finance AAA games.
    In Europe the PC gaming market is still strong, but not in North America.
    That’s the reason why most former PC games are primarily developed for consoles (The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, GTA, CoD, Far Cry, Thief, Deus Ex…).
    The console Market is simply bigger and generates Sales.
    I lieke my PC and I’m also using it for gaming…but I’m also aware of the fact that without consoles there would also be massively less AAA PC games.

    #5 6 months ago
  6. bradk825

    Hip hip….

    I don’t care what the naysayers… naysay. I like my Xbox and I always look forward to picking up the controller and enjoying a game. It’s my favourite way to experience fiction and I love playing online easily with friends.

    @1 PC didn’t actually create any of those things. It’s a format, not an artist, lol. I was PC gaming at the time myself though. Not these days.

    #6 6 months ago
  7. 4G

    I agree with the article to be honest (even if the headline makes me cringe.) The thing is, for those that want originality? I’m afraid there’s none of that any more, there’s no such thing as new ideas. The originality comes from the implementation of these ideas, and how they’re presented.

    E.g; Call of Duty has always been grounded, and been based on, reality. Now, for the first time, it’s gone all-out sci-fi, and that’s new for the series. The exo suit? Done before, but the was Advanced Warfare is doing it is different to most games.

    You could take that argument, and pretty much apply it to anything mentioned in the article…

    #7 6 months ago
  8. Bomba Luigi

    I cant help but being more pessimistic. I see how Releases are getting more buggy and messed up, DLC and Microtransactions getting more and more silly and all that shit.
    And Games are going more in the Online, MP, everything is connected all the Time direction. Not really a bad thing, its just something I cant be arsed with. Its a Trend that for the first Time gives me the feeling of getting “too old for that shit”
    For a big chunk of the Industrie I’m just no longer a target customer. Which I can understand, but its kinda sad anyway.

    All that said, everybody whos positiv and optimistic should keep that. I was that once too and thats much more fun ^^

    #8 6 months ago
  9. undermyrules no need for words

    #9 6 months ago
  10. polygem

    shit article on all fronts. it´s basically just a promo/ marketing piece for this industry, ignoring some of the more concerning issues completely- like (just in my mind atm because i just played the beta) bf hardline being just a reskinned bf game. something that vietnam was – not a bad thing per se- but it becomes questionable as soon as it launches full price…but yea, matt, go on, promote this industry, a healthy industry keeps you in business too, i get that but if i can give you one advice – sometimes it pays off to think in longer terms.

    i see the console market drifing into very shallow waters recently despite having more and more content. i can´t see this going on forever that people will be willing to keep buying and buying. maybe the party will be over sooner than you think.

    i for one see less and less value in most of the games that i am buying recently. they disappoint more than ever before – feel unfinished, rushed, uninspired, like cash grabs. i am still buying a lot of them, sure, i am one of those helping a tiny little bit to make this industry be as healthy as it is but i don´t think that i will just keep buying throughout this gen if i wont get a feeling of getting great gaming value for my money spent in return.

    i love console gaming too but is more and more and more stuff really good for a healthy future of console gaming if the price is lack of content and quality? i do not think so and imo you can see the drop in quality in many games way too frequently now, be it bugs or the lack of innovation or both.

    it´s a bit of a problem that the gaming media is so willing to get corrupted by the big marketing dollars. they turned into marketing tools.

    but yeah, choo choo, ride that train or gtfo i guess. selling out is never sexy but it can make one rich.

    #10 6 months ago
  11. super3001

    yet another shitty flamebait article written by a bad journalist

    gtfo matt martin

    #11 6 months ago
  12. marijnlems

    Wow. That headline is the most intellectually challenged thing I’ve ever read on this website (including most of the comments!). Pat, why would you want VG247 to become a cesspit of bro-ness that tells critics of the industry’s worst instincts to “get the fuck out”?

    #12 6 months ago
  13. Demigod

    Makes me wonder if the site owner is downsizing as the number of flame/click bait articles here has gone up lately

    #13 6 months ago
  14. Legendaryboss

    Don’t jinx it.

    #14 6 months ago
  15. Darkfield

    Gamers find games where they want them, as a PC gamer I don’t see consoles at the top of the food chain, we practically get everything console gamers get give or take, minus platform exclusives which there aren’t many that I’m hugely interested in other than MGSV and Bloodborne and maybe Destiny (remains to be seen). They won’t get the likes of Wasteland 2, Torment, Divinity, Pillars of Eternity, and so on either. They might not even care, fair game just as I don’t give a single flying fuck about the likes of Halo. We find games where we want them, be it PC or consoles, we are more than satisfied either way.

    PC gamers will play things like No Man’s Sky and Far Cry 4 on their expensive rigs, and console gamers get them on their consoles. How can anyone be mad at that? everybody wins.

    #15 6 months ago
  16. monkeygourmet

    The article and title actually fits in really nicely with the websites advertised below it.

    “Console games are in rude health. Get on board or GTFO”

    fits perfectly with things like:

    “What will humans look like in 100,000 years?”

    “Celebrities Who Look Like Cartoons”

    So, in that sense at least the style is consistent. I just find it obnoxious because that was never the demographic VG247 pandered too.

    #16 6 months ago
  17. ruckus

    “Always stay in character, and no flirting with pretty moms… TO THE EXTREME!”

    Nah – guess I’ll gtfo.

    #17 6 months ago
  18. Gheritt White

    The only bit of the article I disagreed with is VR – I think that if it’s sold at the right price-point,l it could become a regular feature of people’s living rooms in about four years time, just like iPads (i.e. second screens) are now.

    #18 6 months ago
  19. Clupula

    As as console gamer since the Colecovision days, I can tell you that at the end of EVERY generation, you get PC people talking about how the next console cycle won’t sell and everyone will just move to computers. It’s boring bullshit but it’s never going to go away, so I’ve just learned to ignore it.

    #19 6 months ago
  20. monkeygourmet


    GTFO loser! Stop being such a pussy. Man up and deal with it you hater!

    …Did I forget any other ‘edgy’ catchphrase that try’s it’s best to crush any form of discussion?


    These kind of words / statements are the crutch of a generation who has forgotten how to debate / discuss things. Absolutely perfect in marketing / advertising too… Shitty soundbites which try to sidestep any form of intelligent criticism and analytical discussion of a product / movement.

    Very, very occasionally these statements strike a chord (Even a broken watch is right twice a day etc…). But in this instant we KNOW it’s just bullshit buzzwords.

    There is clearly a lot shit going on in the gaming industry at the moment. It was literally weeks ago that Ubi gave out ‘free’ tablets to journo’s, even after the Dorito’s gate. Shit is still going on exactly the same as it’s always been. Very similar to the ‘Expenses’ scandal in the UK for Govt. officials.

    The rot is still there and statements like GTFO, Deal with it just show contempt for the very people who should be on your ‘side’.

    #20 6 months ago
  21. bradk825

    @19 indeed. This gen of consoles is selling faster than last-gen did, and yet you have people saying they are failing and console gaming is dying.

    You may not like the games, or the systems, or the controllers, or the companies, but that stuff is all subjective. Bottom line: They are selling faster than ever before, and that in and of itself proves the industry is in good health.

    I do think certain things are needed to keep it that way, but regardless, it’s doing well and all gamers, PC included, should be happy about that.

    #21 6 months ago
  22. ManuOtaku

    @Clupula well to be fair that is also truth for the notion PC is dying, both camps retro feed each other in this regard.
    p.s iam a console gamer that havent had played on pc, never.

    #22 6 months ago
  23. monkeygourmet


    Every generation consoles are doomed, except Nintendo.

    They are double doomed.

    #23 6 months ago
  24. monkeygourmet

    Look at any music scene that got too ‘big’…

    Did the quality stay the same..? Or did it get worse?

    This can be applied to any industry that grows in size and how many people who want to get a ‘piece’ of the delicious pie.

    More sales also mean things like more adverts, more DLC, more F2P etc… these days. More veins to tap.

    #24 6 months ago
  25. ManuOtaku

    @monkeygourmet well ,sadly ,thats truth.

    #25 6 months ago
  26. polygem

    NO, shut up you fuckers it´s all just AWESOME!

    #26 6 months ago
  27. Ghostly

    @ clu pula,

    Right after you dreamed about gaming since colicovison you woke up, right? No, your post is wrong. The pc at the beggining of the 90′s couldn’t even render a platformer in smooth animation like mario did on consoles. It was after a genius like Carmack created a method for platformers to run smooth on those pc’s and established the fps genre with Wolf and Doom that the PC gained momentum and started to be mainstream. And by this time it was the mid 90′s. How in gods name people were saying on every console generation that the pc will rise?

    It was in fact the complete opposite. every single time. In 2001 a year after ps2 and at the dawn of xbox that people were saying pc is dying. Then by 2008 after the xbox 360 and ps3 were firmly established the pc once again is dying. It is only now that for the first time the consoles are vastly inferior in every possible way to pc’s. This is the first time. The consoles are weak, they barelly have any games, while the PC hardware is fenomenally powerfull, is evolving, oculus rift paves the way for VR, 4K monitors are beginning to indicate the future and becoming cheaper. So no, nobody said at every generation that consoles are dying and the pc will be the main platform. Quite the contrary

    #27 6 months ago
  28. Legendaryboss

    @19 & @21 Nailed it.

    #28 6 months ago
  29. Legendaryboss

    @Ghostly Lol Consoles have always been inferior to PCs, from day one. This gen is no different. Lack of games? Non sense, two platforms on market may suffer from that, but the 3DS, Xbox One and PS4 have or will eventually have a rich library (3DS) and third party support (all). The trends prove people buy systems for third party support, then there are those who buy it for first party games but a platform cannot survive with just one but there are anomalies. Anyway the point is multiplats count, period.

    #29 6 months ago
  30. Clupula

    @Ghostly Yeah, because people weren’t all playing Zork, Karateka, and King’s Quest after the first videogame crash. May have been on C64′s for the most part here (and from what I’ve read, the Amiga over in Europe), but it was still the equivalent of today’s PC gamers. It’s a cycle that keeps repeating over and over again and if you’re too fucking blind to see it, you can fuck right off.

    #30 6 months ago
  31. Clupula

    @ManuOtaku I’ve played all of two games on PC. I played American McGee’s Alice for about a half hour on my friend’s PC during the PS2 days and just had to stop, because playing with a keyboard and a mouse was seriously pissing me off. I didn’t touch the game again until they were cool enough to include it on the PS3 version of Madness Returns.

    And then, since my brother was a big PC gamer, he had me play a little bit of Diablo 2 on his PC, but I didn’t really like it much.

    I guess if you want to count the old Infocom text adventures, I played a lot of them on my ADAM, back in the day, but when I had a C64, I just used it to program games. I didn’t buy any retail ones, myself.

    #31 6 months ago
  32. Clupula

    @Legendaryboss Exactly. Ghostly is obviously above letting things like facts get in the way of his argument. Whenever there is a new console generation, it’s always touted as being equal to whatever the big PC tech is at the time. As you said, PC is always more advanced than consoles, which is why the new generation consoles always find themselves playing catch-up every gen, tech-wise.

    #32 6 months ago
  33. Ghostly

    Wow, nothing makes you laugh as much as clueless people behaving like they know things, when in fact they barelly know tehir own name. I guess the fact that in 1990 a pc couldnt run mario from the 80′s because they were too weak didn’t register with you guys. Thats ok. Maybe this will shed some light before you talk out of your ass again. Before you start stating “facts” again, rofl.

    Now that we got that out the way, lets get the second thing out of the way. Before that, i said that at every console LAUNCH, the pc was inferior. Of course, as time went on the PC became more powerfull, but at launch, all the consoles packed more horsepower. Now since you seem to like facts, let me give some for you, the real ones.

    So this is the first console generation that is from start, way behind against a PC.

    Hopefully you learned something today, so next time you want to act smart, you actually know what you’re saying.

    #33 6 months ago
  34. OlderGamer

    Sigh. Really??

    #34 6 months ago
  35. Legendaryboss

    @Ghostly Oh I’m sorry, that image proves that consoles besides this gen were eventually out powered by PCs from their day one specs. The rephrased point is, when all is said and done PCs > Consoles. Happy?

    #35 6 months ago
  36. Clupula

    Ghostly, I know you’re really busy choking on the piston-operated mechanical cock of whatever rig you just made in your mom’s basement, but it’s funny how you suddenly retcon what you said to mean “at launch,” when you clearly didn’t say that. Not to mention, the moving technology to PC levels is a reaction to, you know, the point where people start playing PC more. That’s the point where you hear that console gaming is dying.

    If I had more time and less of a life, I could go back and many articles from over the years that say that console gaming is dying because of the temporary popularity of PC gaming at the time. If there are articles that say PC gaming is dying, I have not seen them. If they exist, then they’re still a minority view.

    There are people who believe the English Royal Family are lizard aliens too. Doesn’t mean their view isn’t an isolated one.

    You are such a funny little boy.

    #36 6 months ago
  37. Ghostly

    well pula, you sure put me in my place, didn’t you ? You showed me. I better get down into my moms basement now that i’ve been shown whats what.

    #37 6 months ago
  38. Jet Black

    What has happened to VG247 lately? This is just another Matt Martin “Click Bait” article that is dull & aggressively written only to incite anger rather than debate. It’s really beginning to become a chore visiting VG247 lately…

    #38 6 months ago
  39. nollie4545

    VR is not niche, VR will be the mainstream way games are played within the next 10 years, you watch. 3D monitors etc are niche, VR is not.

    Console gaming is merely gaming for the Mcdonalds generation who just want to game and don’t want to wait or do much for that aim. The enthusiast model will always be the PC gamer, who are willing to spend more time, money and effort on their hobby than the console clan.

    If nothing else, the PC gamers have a huge trump card IMO: Mods. Modders and modding.

    #39 6 months ago
  40. dazedonthemoon

    Articles like this sure get a lot of clicks and comments, so I guess the “click bait” nature this site is heading towards is working. When this site first changed the design, no one was commenting at all. It was dead. Now that they have changed the way they operate, they get a shitload of pissed off traffic. Hahaha not the way to please your loyal viewers but I guess it’s working in their favor.

    Doesn’t help either that they totally ignore us when we talk like this. They obviously aren’t bothered by their change in journalism. If anything, it’s working for them.

    #40 6 months ago
  41. Michael Ireland

    @dazedonthemoon Vote with your feet.

    The same people keep posting about the change of focus on the site to horrible click bait headlines and lazy, one-note articles, but they still choose to stick around for some unfathomable reason.

    The guys in charge doesn’t care. The ones that do have enough common sense to leave. Complaining won’t change anything. Morality doesn’t pay the bills.

    #41 6 months ago
  42. dazedonthemoon

    It’s not a full change though, there are still plenty of things I like about this site, just a little sad to see where a lot of the articles are heading. I don’t want to sound like that guy that bitches nonstop but still sticks around. I still respect a lot of the journalists on this site.

    #42 6 months ago
  43. dazedonthemoon

    @Michael Ireland
    That’s what I was getting at. But I’ve viewed this site almost everyday for over a year. Change is hard! Lol.

    I’m still hoping things will turn around and we eventually see a return to the no-nonsense and no-fluff journalism I originally loved so much about VG24/7.

    #43 6 months ago
  44. Michael Ireland

    @dazedonthemoon They won’t. You’ll have to take my word on it,

    #44 6 months ago
  45. Catgirlmasterrace

    If only they’d include fcking mouse/keyboard support in console games. I have a console, but I spend most of my time on PC gaming, because controller is just not up to par with MKB in most games (there are exceptions though. thats why I own consoles along with PC.)

    #45 6 months ago
  46. Opalauge


    Once upon a time we were all geeks and nerds…exposed to uncomprehending looks. surery there were fanboyism and console/platform wars in the past, but with a wink.
    Nowadays this once “innocent” hobby is a billion dollar business and opinions got more influence. Opinions are a marketing tools…they influence potential customer and that makes them venal.
    The result can almost be read anywhere…even on once respected portals and magazines.

    #46 6 months ago
  47. TheWulf

    Hmm. Crass article title… Matt? Yep. Hello Matt.

    The criticism is that it’s more of the same old thing.

    It’s that because of the new extroverted presence we have in gaming. It didn’t always used to be that way, but I’ll come back to that later. It’s a perfectly valid criticism.

    Sequels and men with guns and fast cars and goblin-punching and sports and violence and explosions and space exploration.

    That sums it up, yeah. It’s excessively safe, it’s meant to not alienate people who’ve been playing the same things over and over since the mid ’00s, where things went bad due to the extrovert infusion. However, before that?

    I’ve made lists before to show just how different games were in the ’80s and ’90s, but look at the Genesis, the Dreamcast, and the PS2 (where it all ended). The odd games were par the course, then. The PS2 was made up of unique experiences, legendary ones, even. Okami is a game that’s yet to be matched by another console game, in my opinion. So, this is a very, very recent phenomenon.

    It’s an appeal to extroverts. When gaming was aimed at introverts, it was unashamedly imaginative, and ‘anything goes’ was true at the time. You only need to look at the PC library, or the Dreamcast, the PS2, or the 16-bit consoles to realise how true this was. The kinds of games we see today, where they are all the same thing, time and time again, didn’t exist.

    It’s a zeitgeist. When extroverts invaded gaming, gaming became boring enough to accommodate idiots sitting in front of and yelling at their TV whilst knocking back beers.

    Really, tell me how Shenmue, or Ecco, or Seaman, or Jet Set Radio were in any way similar to each other? And that’s just a selection from one console. That was the a sign of the times, back then, when you could go into a store and be assaulted by a veritable deluge of colourful boxes sporting bizarre ideas, picturing alien experiences.

    It’s very different from what we see lining the shelves these days.

    Or go back further. Consider the age of the Atari or the home computers, everything was batshit back then. I remember on the Spectrum I played a game where I was a person who pastes up those wall poster ad things, except an invasion of extradimensional aliens was also happening because I don’t know why. That wasn’t going to deter me from my job, though! Oh no. No bizarre thingies were going to stop me from my charge of posters to be glued up.

    It was utterly mental. I loved it. You probably hated it.

    You’re right, it is more of the same. It’s always been this.

    Except it hasn’t. For the reasons mentioned above. To state it again: It’s just a zeitgeist, it’s a change that’s occurred to accommodate a lower brow contingent of people who wouldn’t have been able to handle the imagination that was present in gaming before they turned up.

    Even as late as ’03 games for extroverts were still a thing, it’s around ’05-’06 they all started to die off. I mean, from ’03, could you imagine sitting down a gun-loving extrovert in front of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, and telling them that they’ll have to think and even take screenshots/write things down in order to play this game? I had an encounter with similar thinking recently, actually.

    A friend of mine was playing Under a Killing Moon, a ’90s game, in preparation for building up to Tesla Effect. She quickly realised that she actually had to write things down, to take notes, to feed into her crime computer back at the apartment. I was worried, for a moment. I asked her if that was okay, and I said that I was nervous because older games were like this, they expected you to think more.

    No, that’s great!‘ she enthused, ‘I actually feel like I’m investigating. I dig this!

    This is console gaming.

    Again. A correction. This is console gaming now, post extrovert-invasion. It doesn’t have to be this way, because it wasn’t always this way.

    There’s quirky titles in there and experiments [...]

    That used to be the norm rather than simply being a freaky sideshow for extroverts to gawk cluelessly at, is my point. As I said, all you have to do is look backwards from ’05-’06 to realise how completely true that is.

    At one point, a shift occurred for the worse, as I said. Publishers started selling boring games because they figured out that they could tap a larger audience, but that audience was made up of boring people. People who look outwards as opposed to inwards, and thus have no capacity whatsoever for imagination, creativity, or the true romance of adventure and discovery. They just want sports, and to kill shit.

    To me, considering the age I came from, where EVERYTHING was interesting, it’s a huge disappointment. And it makes me feel sad that most games only tend to throw in a mere few seconds for my kind of person in any game. (I remember lamenting about Skyrim the other day, and how I could literally enjoy a game that’s just me philosophising about things and stuff with Paarthurnax.)

    So, to stress it again, this is recent. And it’s as disappointing as it is dull. But hey, you have to make the extroverts happy. Especially the straight, white, healthy, cis-gendered male ones! The ones that are closed-minded, bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic, culturally xenophobic, and potty mouthed. The ones that scream ‘social justice warrior’ at anyone who laments how incredibly dumb, brainless, and air-headed gaming has become. Have to make them happy.

    [...] no one buys a PS4 for Guacamelee Super Turbo Whatever Edition [...]

    How do you know that? Where are your facts? The thing is is that the introverted audience is sizeable, it might be 20 per cent or so less, sure, but it’s there. It’s just that publishers figured out that they could endlessly copy-paste games, mechanics, and ideas to constantly resell them to a group of people who want just that. That’s easier than coming up with something new and exciting every day.

    As I also pointed out recently, when you look at modern games, they’ll sometimes have a tiny gimmick (like Watch_Dogs did), but ultimately they play EXACTLY the ame as every other third person action game, or first person shooter. Once you look past the gimmicks, this vapidity is tremendously obvious. They’re just selling the same game over and over, with only mild changes.

    The TINY amounts of novelty provided by the gimmicks are enough to make it genuinely exciting and interesting for extroverts who actually always want more of the same, just with VERY minor iterations. Even games of the past are brought back and slaughtered for an extroverted audience (poor Thief), made into just another third person action adventure, or just another first person shooter.

    There’s an underlying homogeneity to it all. Once you see past the gimmicks and the slight aesthetic changes, it’s OBVIOUS. I could scream at the top of my lungs at extroverts that they’re just dropping forty quid/sixty dollars for the same damn game over and over, something that would have been mods or patches in prior generations. But they’re just too generally stupid and bland to care, they enjoy this.

    They actually enjoy this. They like the copy-pasted nature of every game, lately. I mean, look at the Far Cry series, or the Assassin’s Creed series, they’ve been just minor iterations, and so many similarities in general. Call of Duty. ANYTHING that extroverts like. It’s all the SAME bloody thing. Over and over and over and over.

    And it wasn’t like that before ’05-’06, when the shift occurred.

    So what happens is that introverts are now so starved for novelty that they’ll leap on and devour any game that’s genuinely different, and not just trash. Because those games that are all the same, all copy-pasted, are trash. And some people enjoy trash, that’s their thing. Not my thing. So, yeah, some people might actually be interested in buying a game like Guacamelee.

    But, as an extrovert, you lack the insight to understand this, Matt.

    [...] or to watch streaming videos.

    Funny you should mention that. I know one family who owns a PS3 just for BRD playback, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. They don’t actually own any games for the system, other than what it came with.

    We come for the games [...]

    So, stuff prior to ’05-’06 wasn’t ‘games’ just because you didn’t understand them as being games? Oh Matt, you’re such an extrovert.

    Did you hate Gone Home, too? Perhaps To the Moon as well?

    This should not be a surprise to anybody.

    No, it shouldn’t. As such, it isn’t. But what it is is a massive disappointment. Just as there are minorities and marginalised concerns who’re being ignored by games, there’s also a personality type which makes up a substantial chunk of humanity that’s also being ignored. The people who’re being pampered by gaming at the moment are very much extroverted, healthy, straight, white, cis-gendered men.

    Even up to and including bigotry within the games themselves. The games get called on racism, and they are, and not because of any accidental reason either. The racism is there because it appeals to extroverts. Every extrovert I’ve ever known has had some kind of misanthropy — racism, sexism, homophobia, et al. I know two in my family who’re terribly racist, I’ve met many only who are.

    The racism in those games is manufactured for the extroverts to enjoy, because they like that sort of thing. The more intelligent people out there, the introverts, tend to call them on their shit. They offer some piss poor excuse, but I can see right through it.

    I just miss intelligent games made for intelligent people.

    Rather than air-headed, vapid, bigoted, copy-pasted games made for air-headed, vapid, bigoted, copy-pasted people.

    #47 6 months ago
  48. TheWulf

    I will add though that if anyone’s wondering about how racism is linked to extraversion, I’ll explain. Any psych major can tell you this. Basically, introversion has been linked to having a high IQ, whereas group narcissism has been linked to low IQ extraversion. The information is out there, and papers are being written on this all the time.

    The thing is is that an extrovert looks to their own ‘herd,’ the people they see as their people. The extroverted mindset is prone to wanting to ‘win’ at any social situation, they feel it provides them with social capitol; as an extension of that, the extrovert also wishes to see their herd ‘win’ as well. Thus, you’ll see those everyday, extroverted, and entirely straight, white men kicking up a fuss over ‘social justice warriors,’ or whatever low brow label or meme they’ve come up with.

    A few of the posters on this site, including one who was banned recently, have shown gross amounts of racism and sexism, even the support thereof. Of course, because them’s their people, that’s their herd, and they have to support their herd. This is why, as an extension, sports are generally more popular with extroverts than introverts, because the herd can get behind their team. And if their team loses? Well… we know what happens then, don’t we? Usually mobbing, violence, and looting.

    It also has to do with how the extrovert sees others of their herd as an extension of themselves, so what applies to them applies to their herd and vice versa, and that’s the expectation. Thus they’re used to talking but never really listening, because they don’t want to hear their herd disagree with them. They actually need an introvert present to listen and disagree with them, to have someone to rally against. That’s an incredibly common social situation. And they’ll manipulate, use, and barter to get that.

    Even funnier is that right wing leanings have also been linked to extraversion and low IQs, just look at the support for UKIP in the UK at the moment, which is really funny in a sad sort of way. The kind that makes me laugh a cynical, hollow sort of laugh. Yes, it’s expected, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling sad.

    So, yeah, racism, fascism, very much linked to that mindset, because their herd must win, must be dominant. Dominance is very important to the extrovert. Just look at the ‘manosphere’ and ‘alpha fucks and beta bucks’ bullshit they’ve come up with. That’s all thanks to extroverts. You wouldn’t have an introvert within a lightyear of that nonsense. That’s just the way of things, sadly, and there are a lot of simple-minded people out there, just like that.

    So publishers… publishers figure, hey, we can make a quick buck by slipping racism, sexism, and homophobia into their games. Patch out ‘strange relationships’ from Tomodachi Life? Suddenly, every extrovert is interested in buying your game.

    And I’ve seen this too often to even begin to believe that it isn’t true. I’ve seen it here on VG24/7 on a daily basis. I’ve seen commenters upholding these beliefs and attacking anyone who dares to speak out in favour of social equality. And I look at the world and just think how much better it would be if introverts were in charge of everything, but sadly, we don’t want to be. We have more lofty things to do, like science and creativity, so we leave leadership to the dumb ones.

    Sadly, that’s gotten us into a bad situation, and it’s only getting worse. Myself, I’m very interested in anthropology and human studies. I always have been. Since I was very, very young I was always aware of some kind of ‘divide.’ We used to refer to the two groups as nerds and jocks, but it goes a little deeper than that, and now those groups have fancier names — introverts and extroverts, respectively.

    So the nerds are now called introverts, and the jocks are called extroverts. But the thing is is that you don’t have to be a jock to have the jock mindset, that was always the failing with that definition. You can be a lanky, sleazy, waif of a person, and you can still be extroverted. It’s all down to personality types.

    I’m INFP, myself. Almost 100 per cent introversion, and I tend to flip-flop between thinking and feeling.

    Just to make a point, in my camp I have people like Einstein, Shakespeare, and Abraham Lincoln. In the extroverted camp, you’ll find George Bush, George Patton, and Sarah Palin.

    The IQ gap is non-trivial.

    And from my observations, the more unintelligent you are, the more anti-intellectual you are? Well, the more extroverted you are, the more right-wing you are, the more sexist, racist, homophobic, and culturally xenophobic you are.

    There’s always some crossover, but I’ve been observing this divide across many formats for far, far, far too long to believe it’s any kind of coincidence. And like I said, I picked up on it as a kid, decades ago. It’s just that it’s much easier to articulate, now.

    And to bring this to its conclusion?

    There are so many bad things extraversion has brought to games that I do not want. Do. Not. Want.

    #48 6 months ago
  49. TheWulf


    Agreed. Though it wasn’t just computers. Consoles were pretty rad back then, too. I’ve come to realise it was definitely more the era than the platform. It’s just that the PC, with its complexity, tends to err towards being a more introverted platform. In smaller per centages, yes, since almost anyone wan use a PC, but it’s there.

    I think it’s because the threat hangs over the head of the average extrovert that they’re not intelligent enough to avoid loading their computers up with malware. I take very, very good care of my computer. However, my family, especially the heavily extroverted members, do not. They’ve broken countless PCs. And, interestingly, the same goes for my friends. We’re the magical experts who can fix anything, too, because we’re experts!

    They fail to understand that we can’t fix their computers past a certain point, and that we’re not magic, we just take care of our own computers better. It’s weird, extroverts are driven by possession, but they don’t take good care of the things they possess.

    (Never let an extrovert borrow anything. Especially not money.)


    I don’t see why we should. Large groups of people are being marginalised by these ‘trends,’ and they’re even being victimised by racism and sexism being thrown into said ‘games’ to appease overly racist, sexist, et cetera extroverts.

    That’s not cool. I want these trends to pass. Less games aimed at stupid people, please. More Portal, less Far Cry.


    …that’s not even what he said.

    Still, gotta defend the herd, right?


    What you’re seeing is cultural differences. America has a significant, marked, almost culturally programmed preference for extraversion over introversion (to the point where extroverts believe that introverts are mentally ill just for being different), as such… consoles with action adventures and first person shooters are popular.

    Europe, as a whole, has more of a slight preference for extraversion. Introversion can be seen more easily because of that, thus puzzlers, RPGs, and so on will do better.

    This is why stranger games will often see a European release but not an American one, because it’s believed that there’s no market for it, there. That’s not true, of course, but it’s more easy to see the introverted populace in Europe than it is to see it in America. Especially when you have more introverted nations in Europe, where there is actually a slight preference for introversion.

    To sum up: You’re not seeing console popularity versus PC popularity, you’re seeing differing personality types.


    I understand, but… well? Someone has to appeal to the dude-bros, I guess. VG24/7 was almost cultivating a higher brow audience than most sites. They were probably worried that they wouldn’t be able to pull in enough people to stay afloat, so they threw a bone to the extroverted audiences. That bone is Matt Martin.

    Matt is clearly their token dude-bro extrovert. I don’t like him, much, but I understand why he’s there. Pat knows what he’s doing. And I like the rest of the staff.

    As long as Steph, Bren, and Dave stick around, I’m fine. I like them. I don’t always agree with them (sometimes I vehemently disagree!), but I really do like their writing style, and they actually possess some insight. I value insight. A lot.


    I like what you’re saying. And I’ll play things like Tesla Efect, to each their own, I just wish there was a more even spread of market representation, honestly. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. I agree that there’s a leaning towards introverted content on the PC, but it’s really not as much as it used to be, nor as much as it should be.

    I’m all for people getting what they want, you know? I always have been. I was even really, super nice to the console owners on VG24/7 until they all started ganging up and throwing ‘PC elitist’ in my direction, even though I’d done nothing to earn it, so… I just gave up. I completely gave up. I realised that every console owner there was an extrovert, and I don’t like extroverts, I find them deeply unpleasant people.

    Even though I find extroverts deeply unpleasant, I wouldn’t want them deprived of fun or entertainment. I just don’t want it to be one-sided. It makes me bitter that not only is it very one-sided, but they also defend the one-sidedness in a vehement, potty-mouthed way. Want more minorities or women in your game? Well, you’re a Social Justice Warrior now. And I hate that. I really hate that.

    It just smacks of stolen ice cream. (And I WILL keep linking that, just to make a damned point.)

    This is what bugs me about extroverted audiences, it’s their gross, undeserved sense of privilege. They believe that the world owes them everything because they’re the perfect person. They have a really Aryan mindset, and this is reflected in the games which are made for them, too. Minorities and marginalised concerns barely get a look in, and are often victimised for the entertainment of said extroverted audiences.

    Well, what if a woman doesn’t like a near rape scene in a game? What if certain ethnicities don’t like being portrayed as gangland, drug-dealing thugs? Too bad. Shut up you evil social justice warriors!! RARGH!

    And to have a game that features a woman in an intelligent, well written, insightful way? HA! That would freak out the extroverts, wouldn’t it? And what about women as intelligent partners? Nope! The extroverts would be intimidated. What about women who might be sexually interested? But that’s GAY. I just… extroverts baffle me with their stupidity, but I still wouldn’t want to take their games from them.

    I just want to see everyone get a fair share.

    I’m still waiting for a mainstream game to be brave enough to have an amputee protagonist, who’s written in a genuinely sensitive way to their struggles because they brought such a person on board as an advisor, to explain what makes their life more hard versus a healthy person’s. I’d love to see that, or many other disabilities covered. But hey, people must be perfect. ARYAN. Gotta be Aryan. For the extroverts.

    I’m genuinely fed up of living in a world where equality is a bad word.


    I don’t care? I’m a PC owner who’s happy for consoles to do well?

    And, frankly, they’re right. Consoles always have poor sales early on in their lives due to a lack of good games. It makes sense to stick with the prior generation for a while, which is an opinion that I also have. When games I want that actually take advantage of the new hardware turn up, I may actually have a look.

    Your opinion sounds like it’s from 2000, honestly, when the hardware race was still an ongoing thing. We’re in 2014, now, just FYI.


    WHO is saying that they’re dying? WHERE is this happening, other than in your head? Yes, market analysts (professionals) have said that the PC market share is bigger than all consoles combined, but those are hardly just fanboys. Other than that, I haven’t seen anything like that said in the last… what, ten years?

    Your information also seems to be woefully outdated, as I said above, you hold an opinion that was relevant back when the hardware race was still ongoing. It’s not 2000 any more, it’s 2014. Get with the times.

    You’re no longer being victimised for your platform choice. You’re being criticised for your poor personality and your horrible taste in games. :P


    Oh, stop trolling them. They won’t realise you’re being ironic, and they’ll use it as fuel to prove that people are still actually saying that. :P


    That’s a fair point. The thing is though is that most computer gamers at the time were playing their games on an Amiga, which could smoothly render a platformer, and generally outshone the Mega Drive (in regards to graphics and sound), and the SNES in regards to capacity. Graphically an Amiga wasn’t quite up to snuff against a SNES, but on the other hand it was capable of more complicated games due to disks and hard drives holding more than a cartridge.

    By the time the Amiga went out of style, the PC had all ready caught up with the consoles, since you had hardware on the PC and the PSone that was capable of similar things. Then, with the birth of the 3D card, they slowly took over. This rate increased in the hardware wars up until about ’06, where it just dropped off. The console ports happening at that point meant that there was no point in having superior hardware. You could get by with lesser stuff.

    This lead to a rise in the price of higher end components, and most people sticking with their PCs for longer. So PCs I’d say are on even grounds with consoles at the moment, due to consoles setting the bar for the hardware (you have to account and optimise for the lowest point when making a game, not the highest). What makes the difference is mods and the kinds of games you can get on the PC that you can’t on a console.

    Complexity continues to be a feature. You can get AI and general scripts in a PC game that you can’t get in a console game, and a lot of that is to do with what the resources are spent on. I still haven’t seen AI in a console game that matches up to Gothic, but that’s because extroverts don’t care about AI, they’d rather have Hollywood set pieces. Aside from those complexities, though, I’d say things are fairly even.

    The biggest divide is what kinds of games you want. In general, aside from Sony’s launch eccentricities (which eventually fade away), the most supportive platform for introverts is the PC.

    In general, I just… don’t think the platform or the hardware matters so much. I mean, what’s the point of having hardware for complex AI if the extroverts don’t want complex AI? The hardware is designed to be more focused towards Hollywood-esque graphical set pieces. Extroverts tend to be graphics whores, after all. Could you imagine sitting one down in front of Tesla Effect, which almost looks like it’s from the early ’00s, and has a general air of being from the ’90s?

    It’s funny that PC owners are accused of graphics whoring, but that ended with the end of the hardware race, a long time ago. Now, it’s more about the unique games, the game jams, the mods, the European creations, and so on. I remember watching Conan at E3, being shown an indie game, and bluntly saying ‘this game is beautiful, and… no one is going to buy it!’ That’s so true, from his perspective.

    No Hollywood set pieces?! In MY extroverted entertainment experiences?!?

    Sooo… yeah.

    It’s really less about platforms, now, and more about personality types and tastes. It’s just weird that certain personality types are compelled towards certain platforms. I think the open development, game jams, mods, and being involved in development actually has something to do with the introverted presence on PC, though.

    I mean, hey, I actually got some of my lines used in Tesla Effect! That was great, for me, and that’s an experience I actually enjoy. I don’t want to be known for cheevos, I’d rather be known for providing them with that funny line, right there. >_>

    See, that sums it up. It’s not the hardware, it’s the infrastructure, in a way. An extrovert measures himself by cheevos, an introvert measures himself by creativity.

    And the PC is simply more open to creativity.

    It’s not that we have superior hardware, I don’t believe that’s the case at all, we just have a more open platform in general. So we can be involved in development processes on a level that extroverts just wouldn’t be interested in. The extrovert just wants to go to the store, pick up the latest action adventure, and rack up their cheevos to brag about. The introvert is intrigued by the development progress, so they get involved with early access, they follow the blogs, and they offer suggestions.

    I’ve seen extroverts try to get involved in introverted stuff, it’s ugly. Remember all the people bitching at Notch about an incomplete product? The introverts defended him, because they were enjoying following the ongoing development of the game. Each new alpha was fun to poke around in, and it was mesmerising watching it evolve before our eyes. But the extroverts were just bitching about a lack of content, too many bugs, and so on. They wanted a store-bought game, Minecraft wasn’t that.

    I’m VERY careful not to recommend games like Minecraft to extroverts, these days. I go for things like Rust, instead, which are more bastard simulators rather than creative efforts. I mean, the early days of Minecraft only had creative mode! I loved those days.

    This is something that SOE seemed to understand with Landmark. They didn’t include enemies or threats, it was all about the building and the creativity, and as such they had us introverts hook, line, and sinker. They had people building amazing things, doing stuff with their tools that even they didn’t know could be done. That happens.

    The extrovert isn’t interested in that, they just want to kill shit and get cheevos.


    Sure they did. *pat pat*


    Actually, we had a variety of computers! The Spectrum, the Amstrad, the C64, the Atari ST, the Amiga… we were spoilt for choice. Home computing capitol of the world at that time, really. Leading the curve.


    That is so endemic of extroverted thinking! A keyboard and mouse pisses you off because of their complexity — too many buttons and shit, amirite bro?

    This is what I was talking about with the hardware, above. I wouldn’t call the PC superior because it can do better AI. Consoles could do AI if they had better processors in them, but it’s just not a priority to extroverts. Extroverts are confused by complexity. They just want to blow shit up, kill shit, and be some machismo-empowered hero.


    Eh. I’m too amused by it to be bothered. Plus, it gives me the chance to study people! It’s always fun poking brains and… well, sometimes brains explode. But that’s okay.


    Ooh, a sensible post from you. I agree with that, actually. It’s funny, playing Ratchet & Clank is best done in lock-strafe mode, and I can count hundreds of times when I’ve wished that I could use a better analogue system. I love controllers and all, but for some games, controllers are crap. It’s mostly because the analogue sticks aren’t very… analogue. That’s the problem.

    But the controllers need to lack complexity to fit the audience. Due to console owners being more extroverted than introverted, the controls need to be designed with that in mind. They need to be easy to understand. People get pissed off at a keyboard & mouse combination, after all! Too complex!

    Still, I wish I had the option.


    You’re talking about introversion versus extraversion. :I

    In the past, it was with a wink because no one took any of it seriously, it was just silliness. This is because most gamers back then were introverted, and they didn’t have a herd-attachment, they didn’t have a brand god. With the shift to extraversion in gaming, everything has become serious business.

    The Sony and Microsoft herds must pay tribute to their Xbox and Playstation gods.

    There was always money in the industry, Tim Schafer has told us this. Tim also told us that it became much harder for him to pitch games when the shift to extraversion happened, that’s why Double Fine is going for the ‘indie commune’ approach now, doing smaller games that they can get out more quickly in order to be profitable whilst still aiming at an introverted audience.

    Again, imagine an extrovert playing Hack & Slash. Just… imagine. It’s funny. Do it.

    And that’s that, I think. Enough brain poking for today.

    #49 6 months ago
  50. lookingglass

    VR is here to stay. You say it’s niche and it might be, but not for long and certainly not forever.

    The VR experience is so powerful that the technology won’t stop evolving until it becomes ubiquitous.

    The Rift and Morpheus designs are crude. They are like the personal PCs of the late 80′s; niche and clunky. The goal for VR over the next 10 years is the sunglass form factor and then it’s on to contact lenses.

    It was hard to imagine such powerful computers packed into something so small and cheap as a smartphone, but it happened. Entry-level VR sunglasses will be $50 and interact with every computing device you encounter during your day.

    Anyways, beyond VR and some new approaches to content a la No Man’s Sky, this years E3 was dreadful.

    What we saw this year was safety across the board. Xbox completed it’s ultimate backpedal. Sony continued it’s strategy of trying to confuse exclusivity. All publishers gave up on innovation and decided to give the “gamers” exactly what they want; sequels and standard, uninspired gaming experiences.

    This year was a circle jerk for the conservative gaming base. A circle jerk to celebrate the victory over Microsoft. A circle jerk to celebrate another generation exactly like the last. A circle jerk to get off on mediocrity and to celebrate the power of the mob.

    You’re going to get these games, sit down on your couch and start playing. You’re going to convince yourself it’s awesome, but beyond your denial is the same gaming experience you’ve been having your whole life. But you like safe. Safe excites you and ignorance really is bliss. Sit back and enjoy it.

    #50 6 months ago
  51. Clupula

    Jesus fucking Christ, did The Wulf really outdo himself. Normally I’d say he has diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain, but…wow…I’d say you went all the way to full on cholera.

    #51 6 months ago
  52. OrbitMonkey

    Consoles have always offered generic gaming experiences that appeal to the masses… Thats the point.

    Plus the idea there was a time when games meant something? Nostaligia kiddos.

    Its not the industry changing, so much as its you changing. Modern console games not doing it for you?

    Then go back or find something new.

    #52 6 months ago
  53. Dragon

    Please, I know some people who suffered from Cholera and I think you should stop insulting them with such comparison. Also ones with constipation and diarrhoea too.

    #53 6 months ago
  54. Tormenter

    “…convinced by Microsoft and Sony…”

    Congratulations Matt, you’re probably the only one.

    Get with it man, consoles are dying, the PC market outstrips it now by an order of magnitude.

    You’re SO behind the times.

    #54 6 months ago
  55. Tormenter


    Think od ghim as you wish, however the fact tha

    #55 6 months ago
  56. Tormenter


    Think of him as you wish, however the fact that he can string all of those many, many words he uses into a coherent dialogue certainly speaks volumes for him.. agree or disagree, I’d like to see you attempt something like that.

    #56 6 months ago
  57. Tormenter


    #55.. accidental post is total gibberish

    #57 6 months ago
  58. Tormenter


    Yep, you are right, it will be around forever.. on the fringes annoying the shit out of people trying to ignore it.

    It’ll be a curio for about 5 minutes until the mainstream market realises you have to sit with a box on your head, a hot, heavy, sweaty box…. and then it’ll die.

    In this incarnation, VR is absolutely doomed because although there are devs on board with it, this particular product doesn’t have “support” as it’s main hurdle.. this time it’s people.

    VR will never actually take off until you have something like the holodeck.. and that IS a long way away, if ever in that particular form (simulated matter.. nah.)

    Only hardcore gamers are going to use it (and not even all of them) and that’s not a nearly big enough market to sustain it’s ‘industry’.

    The whole thing is rather funny, tbh, if you look at the people shouting about the second coming.

    I want what comes AFTER VR.

    #58 6 months ago
  59. DarkElfa

    @Clupula I was going to go through and do an “extrovert” word count, but I decided fuck it, don’t really care.

    #59 6 months ago
  60. DarkElfa

    @Tormenter Just because some serial killer can collect 500 hooker faces and weave them into picture of Lincoln on horseback doesn’t mean I have any interest in doing so.

    Sure, hooker face Lincoln is an amazing feat, but its still coming from a place of sheer bat-shit insanity.

    #60 6 months ago
  61. DarkElfa

    @DarkElfa I decided, meh, why not.

    Use of word: Extrovert: 66 times.

    #61 6 months ago
  62. DarkElfa

    @DarkElfa My bad, it was 69 times, giggity bitch.

    #62 6 months ago
  63. Clupula

    @Tormenter Unless I was to wake up in some bizarre alternate universe where they pay people by the word to make article comments, I wouldn’t even attempt to write something that long here, because 1) nobody would actually read it and 2) If you only need five words to say something, you’re just stroking your own dick, being in love with your own verbal spewage, if you use five thousand words when you say it.

    #63 6 months ago

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