Capcom takeover a possibility due to new stock policy

Tuesday, 17th June 2014 21:28 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Capcom shareholders have voted to dissolve its hostile takeover defense plan. This means another company could swoop in and purchase a majority stake in the firm.


Capcom voted to implement a policy in 2008 which would counter any hostile takeover attempt by another company. Many public firms have such measures in place to protect it.

However, it doesn’t seem likely at this point a company will swoop in and buy up the company stock Capcom.

The company said in a statement it will “react to make necessary measures within the admissible limits of applicable laws and regulations,” to regarding the new policy.

Shacknews has come up with a plausible list of potential buyers and what it could mean for the industry here.

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  1. Obernox


    #1 6 months ago
  2. Obernox

    Keep Microsoft away
    Keep Microsoft away
    Keep Microsoft away
    Keep Microsoft away

    #2 6 months ago
  3. Dark

    @Obernox Don’t worry Nexon or GungHo will buy them.

    #3 6 months ago
  4. xxxGamesMasterxxx

    Nintendo now is your chance to get these golden IP’s. Megaman needs you.

    #4 6 months ago
  5. polygem


    #5 6 months ago
  6. Legendaryboss

    I knew this day was approaching, but not so soon. Neither of the Big three should touch them, get a competent multiplatform publisher instead (Take Two, Warner Bros and the like).

    #6 6 months ago
  7. TheWulf

    This seems like a really, really stupid thing to do. Okay, well, nice knowing you, Capcom.

    #7 6 months ago
  8. fearmonkey

    Here comes EA to ruin the day……….

    #8 6 months ago
  9. LovesALLformats

    @Obernox With Phil running Xbox now, I can see it being great for MS. So far fanboy or not we all have to give it to Phil for making a bunch of great changes to MS policy’s. Removing XBL paywall, Games w gold, external HD support, monthly updates etc.

    To keep up w Sony of course but….

    For ms and Xbox fans its a Step in the right direction.

    But my point if MS bought Capcom it would be great. Cause Phil would maybe revive mega man? Possible resident evil exclusive remakes? Street fighters? I mean Capcom has IMO some historic IPS. But Nintendo could step in. (Remember the Resident evil exclusive deals they had w GameCube, so they have a good business relationship)

    #9 6 months ago
  10. Templar0929

    @xxxGamesMasterxxx Unless they intend to continue the Dragon’s Dogma franchise along with Monster Hunter and bring Resident Evil back to its roots, I’d rather Capcom stay away from Nintendo who would just focus on something like Pac Man and Megaman. Microsoft would ruin them too. If it’s purchase by anyone then it should be by some company that would still continue to allow it creating multiplatform titles.

    #10 6 months ago
  11. jmg24bad

    Ubisoft should get them. A megaman game made in the engine they made rayman in. Delicious

    #11 6 months ago
  12. salarta

    Microsoft: Hell no, they’d make everything XBox One exclusive.
    Squeenix: Hell no, they’d ruin everything same as they’ve done for the IPs of all companies they’ve touched.
    Amazon Game Studios: Hell no, they’d probably make Capcom exclusive to their new thing, and they’re on my shit list after the Hachette dickery.
    Ubisoft: Hell no, just look at the mix of their keeping Desilets’ IP away from him to be assholes and their terrible excuses for excluding women from their games for plenty of reason.
    Anyone else (currently): Eh, okay. I guess it could work.

    Bonus round:

    Platinum Games: Hell yes, and it would be sweet justice.

    #12 6 months ago
  13. YoungZer0


    Platinum Games is not a publishers, they can barely stay afloat on their own. They probably have it worse than Capcom.

    #13 6 months ago

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