This raw Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay might justify your next PC upgrade

Monday, 16th June 2014 11:20 GMT By Dave Cook

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was on display at E3 2014 last week, and now some new raw gameplay has escaped onto the internet, showing Geralt roaming the open world, engaging in some dialogue and taking on a quest. It might be the reason you need to upgrade your PC.

But first, why not check out this fresh gallery of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt screens. There’s loads of them and they’re mega-detailed. We’re guessing February 24th can’t come soon enough for some of our readers.

Here’s the raw gameplay video, via Universe Game News.



  1. Dave Cook


    #1 5 months ago
  2. TommiK

    Want new footage?

    #2 5 months ago
  3. TheWulf

    Don’t care about the graphics, me. I’m not a graphics person. I’ve recently been playing a bunch of PS2 games, because why not? I do like the older Geralt, though, so I can respect them for that. They didn’t have the balls to do it with The Witcher 2 (fans told them that they wanted a very typically Aryan, ‘badass’ Geralt and CD Projekt knelt over and gave them that), but they did do it here.

    I hope they keep it, because frankly, I’m tired of Mr. Generic Whitemanface saves the day. I’d like someone old, for once, or something. I don’t know, I’m just fed up of homogeneity, which is the epitome of dullness.

    So… they get points for an older Geralt. I mean, I doubt I’ll play this, since it’s just a murder simulator by the sounds of it (something that not even the first Witcher was that bad about), but I do respect them for older Geralt. Good on you, CD Projekt. At least you finally managed it.

    #3 5 months ago
  4. Xbone

    I played a few hours with the second one and I dont get the hype. Its average at best and I like rpgs. Its interface was awful and the combat was bad. And I still cant run that shit on full low at 60fps. The third game’s requirement will be very high.

    #4 5 months ago
  5. YoungZer0

    @Dave Cook

    #5 5 months ago
  6. CyberMarco

    @TheWulf You sure are the soul of the party, aren’t you?

    #6 5 months ago
  7. YoungZer0


    Leave it. He’ll never get it. He isn’t exposed to the reality.

    And even if he’d get it, he’d still be wrong. First screenshots of Witcher 2 showed a much younger Geralt than what we got in the final product.

    #7 5 months ago
  8. Mike W


    Good point Wulf.

    I see your point and I agree.

    #8 5 months ago
  9. VTchitcherine


    I realise you care a great deal only about what you say and not other people but if you could just take two minutes to check the previous thread you’ll see your diatribe was disproven the last time you pontificated on events you pulled from your hindquarters.

    #9 5 months ago
  10. DBGT

    I believe that my GTX 780 will not be enough for 60fps

    #10 5 months ago
  11. YoungZer0


    He doesn’t even care. He’s coming from the tumblr land. Where people just say ignorant shit, live in a bubble and don’t let anyone question them. If this website would’ve have a ban/ignore option, he would use it on everyone.

    #11 5 months ago
  12. PrinceEV

    any Recomended System info?

    #12 5 months ago
  13. Shinji10TH

    This part of the E3 demo was shown on Gamespot, and with a better quality.

    #13 5 months ago
  14. Hcw87!4002&ithint=video,.mov&authkey=!AENI1gRZ1j6sZ38

    Top left corner, download. THAT’S raw footage, youtube is not.

    Alternate link:!xcgDDBSR!0fL6FV6DcGinmSbrqBoyRIAdX4fK-mZdEtbwlnBJYaw

    #14 5 months ago
  15. stretch215

    @5 awesome! That was the subconscious of erthazus

    #15 5 months ago
  16. budoshi

    @TheWulf shave him and he still pretty much look like in Witcher 2 , the only true differences is that now he aged a little bit more , and the graphics are now better so he s rendered nicer.

    And if you’d play the Witcher 2 , you would know from time to time that when you’r fighting, Geralt complains on how he’s too old for this.. hint that hes getting older,he would only make sense that now he look a little bit older.

    In my opinion Geralt looked way younger in Witcher 1 then in Witcher 2.

    In the end.. who cares.

    #16 5 months ago
  17. RocknRolla

    That was the sickest FUCKING Trailer I have ever seen in my Effin life!!! xD this have to get! :D

    #17 5 months ago
  18. RocknRolla

    @TheWulf Dude stop being so damn boring… you are really depressing ffs… Get on with it lol.. This is an amazing murder simulator haha!

    #18 5 months ago
  19. harr0w

    I doubt it. 780 or 780ti should have no problems running this at 60fps. Don’t forget its been made to run on consoles. The only thing I see that might cause system stress is if CDP put uber- sampling as a setting like in witcher 2 which is basically for sli/crossfire systems. CDP arnt ubisoft they look after there PC community

    #19 5 months ago
  20. 509Dave16

    Witchers age more slowly as a side affect of the mutations they underwent during the Trial of the Grasses.

    #20 5 months ago

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