Far Cry 4 director: we “did our best” to put playable women in, “really depressing” to have failed

Thursday, 12th June 2014 00:50 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Far Cry 4 nearly had playable female characters but then Ubisoft – wait for it, wait for it – wrote it off as “a workload issue”.

far-cry-4-e3 (2)

Pictured: a deeply regretful man.

This admission that the Far Cry 4 team is under too much pressure to find the time to draw ladies follows on from the disastrous PR fumble of the Assassins Creed: Unity team saying putting women in games is just too much work.

Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson said his team actually ‘did their best’ to make female characters happen.

“It’s really depressing because we were inches away from having you be able to select a girl or a guy as your co-op buddy when you invite someone in,” he confessed to Polygon.

“And it was purely a workload issue because we don’t have a female reading for the character, we don’t have all the animations, and so it was this weird issue where you could have a female model that walked and talked and jumped like a dude,” he added.


Heaven forbid a woman move in a similar way to a man. Everyone knows all women are built on exactly the same willowy sashaying sexbot lines – exotic creatures so far removed from the default human state (huge hulking men who walk like they have rockets strapped to their crotches) that they are simply unrecognisable. Ubisoft, you great pillocks, this is sarcasm again.

Hutchinson seems to be much more aware of how unsatisfactory this whole situation is, though, and looking forward to better times.

“I can guarantee you that in the future, moving forward, this sort of stuff will go away,” he said.

“As we get better technology and we plan for it in advance and we don’t have a history on one rig and all this sort of stuff. We had very strong voices on the team pushing for that and I really wanted to do it, we just couldn’t squeeze it in in time. But on the other hand we managed to get more of the other story characters to be women.

“We did our best. It’s frustrating for us as it is for everybody else, so it’s not a big switch that you can just pull and get it done.”

As much as I’d like to pat Hutchinson on the back and stroke his hand and hold a handkerchief up to catch his precious tears, that comment about planning in advance made me bite a pencil in half.

If Ubisoft sat down in its pre-production meetings and thought about women as an essential part of the human race to be built into the project from day one, there would be no ridiculous talk of lack of resources or running out of time. It’s only when female characters are treated as an optional, extraneous add-on to video games that they fall prey to budgeting and managerial decisions about how best to spend time.

“Mate, I know the game is a few months from beta and all that and we’re supposed to have everything finished, but what if, right – what if we put a chick in?”

“A chick, mate? Now, mate? But we’ve just spent 18 months lovingly crafted pectoral muscle animations and putting shine on biceps! We don’t have another 18 months to make a second character! Why didn’t you say something two years ago, you great mumpty?”

“Yeah mate, sorry mate. It’s just I saw a woman on the street today and it reminded me briefly that they exist at all.”

I don’t know why I imagine all Ubisoft game developers are male Australian comedians circa 1998, but I do, and it’s canon now. Also canon: apparently all Ubisoft decision are made by some great big sneering beard in the sky, and everybody who works there is deeply depressed by this anonymous being’s failure to support their personal beliefs about how the game should have been built from day one. (Actually, that one sounds pretty believable, since everyone who’s ever had an office job knows that the moment you move into management you are professionally required to manifest as much ignorant obstruction as possible at every opportunity.)

Far Cry 4 hits PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in November and will make millions of dollars, just like Assassin’s Creed: Unity. In co-op in both games, all players play as the same character, which is apparently more acceptable and less ridiculous than the concept of women existing and having a nice time blowing shit up.



  1. budoshi

    unbelievable…lazy a** excuse if i ever heard one,that and probably a costly one.. so laziness and the cost for motioning a female cast was in the way.
    We did our best. It’s frustrating for us as it is for everybody else, so it’s not a big switch that you can just pull and get it done.”
    Pardon me while i’m rolling my eyes.

    #1 6 months ago
  2. Alian

    man, I liked VG24/7 before it became Feminists24/7, and was all about pure, straight to the point videogame journalism, about a year ago…

    #2 6 months ago
  3. ickna11

    @Alian I agree 100%
    Ubisoft can make games however they want.
    The whole argument that they aren’t adding optional female characters is rediculous.
    if they don’t want to or it’s going to cost more money so that they can please some people is a dumb notion to begin with.
    That’s like me playing Tomb Raider and writing a huge article complaining that I can’t choose a male character.

    #3 6 months ago
  4. PEYJ

    Another game I need to support this winter. No worries Ubi, I got your back.

    #4 6 months ago
  5. salarta

    Y’know, the more I see of Ubisoft claiming they can’t include women as playables because of *insert reason*, the less I feel the urgent need to call them out, because the more they remind me of another company that used to be in exactly the same position: Capcom.

    A few years back, Capcom was riding high. They were among the most highly coveted, profitable companies in the industry. People were buying all their games left and right.

    Look at them today. They’re a mess. The past year has presented absolutely nothing meaningful or interesting, with the sole exception of publishing Remember Me (though that’s a personal thing; others disagree with me). They’ve been rocked by scandal for excluding women in Deep Down. They’ve gotten a lot of heat for excluding Jill and Claire from Resident Evil 6 while putting the guys on a high pedestal. Those are the only gender-based scandals they’ve been through, but they were highly notable, probably the most memorable of such scandals… until now, with Ubisoft and these games.

    Whatever reasons they give us, even if they sound perfectly reasonable, in the end, not providing playable female character options means they’re more backwards than Capcom was 15 years ago. 15 years ago, Capcom had Resident Evil games that allowed for one male and one female playable choice, and while they had many games that starred men, they also had many games that starred women. Ubisoft only knows how to give us one game that stars a woman in a whole franchise.

    When I poked fun at Ubisoft’s presentation for the stereotypical female hostage in Rainbow Six, I honestly didn’t think there was much more to it than just a stupid but expected choice for a scenario. Now, I can’t help thinking it was a much more serious representation of how many people at Ubisoft perceive the role of women should be as part of the game itself. And that’s sad, because they had a pretty good narrative for appearing to be the most progressive company in the industry not too long ago. It’s like they’re ashamed that they started to look good for pushing such positive change and are making up for it in spades.

    #5 6 months ago
  6. salarta

    @ickna11 Except Tomb Raider is one of a very limited pool of notable franchises that star a female protagonist. It’s not even the best one anymore, just the one people still talk about most.

    In response to YOUR analogy, you complaining that you can’t choose a male character in Tomb Raider would be like me complaining you can’t choose a female character in God of War. You want your male Lara? Okay then, but you’re required to at least give me Kratosa.

    #6 6 months ago
  7. heyvc

    It is all business. It is a fact that we have more heterosexual males playing videogame.. that’s why we see more heterosexual males protagonists.. We all know that the number of woman and homosexual players is rising as videogame becomes more mainstream and in the future we will see more games with choices and all but we must not interfere with the STORY developers want to tell us. We have characters open games like most WESTERN RPGS.. but that does NOT work with some other types of games that want to tell a story about a character.. The Last of Us would have been VERY different if It was a woman as lead (Joel) and It sure would take a LOT of time to make practically two different games -sacrificing quality- just so we can choose to be male or female.

    We will see more woman/gays characters in the future But lets stop trying to change the vision of the developers.. We can’t put shackles on creativity… We need to let it flow… IF they want to tell the story they see and imagine.. let them be… We won’t help trying to force people saying ” you need to create a game with a woman.. so change all you was creating for the sake of others.”

    It’s just a matter of time to people start creating intriguing stories with females… just relax and enjoy the game. Enjoy what they created.. if you don’t like it.. don’t play it.. and do yourself the game you want to play. Create a story with a female and do the F. game.

    #7 6 months ago
  8. salarta

    @heyvc I’ll be frank, there are a couple reasons why this is such a problem. One of them is the excuses they provide, and how they’re phrased. All of them have been along the lines of treating women like nothing more than an extra feature to add if they have the time, NOT something they actually thought about from the start. That in itself is already inexcusable. No matter what other reasons they might claim, what stands out is that they showed they don’t have enough respect for women to put as much thought into whether or not to make them playable as they do with men.

    The other reason this is a problem, for Unity there is absolutely no narrative excuse of “limiting their creative vision,” and “makes too much work” is just pure bullshit. I can see narrative-wise, an excuse MAYBE existing for Far Cry 4, IF they don’t put much work at all (or, none) into differentiating the two players. Unity has no such excuse, because the different versions of Arno look different enough.

    #8 6 months ago
  9. Not The Eyes

    So very mad at so very little.

    It’s first person and the stories in these things are rubbish – why even care? Just pretend you’re playing as a female.

    #9 6 months ago
  10. Liberty Cabbage

    In this thread: men saying that they don’t care if you can play as a woman and representing women isn’t important. Good job idiots

    (not all of you obviously but jesus christ get some perspective)

    #10 6 months ago
  11. c.huge

    “But on the other hand we managed to get more of the other story characters to be women.”

    So they’re proud they put female NPC characters in the game. Question. Do these “story characters” then walk and talk and move like dudes? Or do they have their own animations and voices? Because it seems to me that if the female NPCs have their own animations it wouldn’t be too hard to use those for the main character. Unless this was nothing more than a bogus PR excuse.

    Never mind the fact that Far Cry is a FPS, how different does the animation really need to be?

    #11 6 months ago
  12. salarta

    @Not The Eyes You know, this is the second time today that I’ve seen someone oppose women getting fair representation in these games, then go on to claim games (these ones or games in general) are too lowbrow and shoddy to deserve the time of day it takes to criticize them. It seems like the supporters of this behavior expect games to be taken back to the sensibilities of the Atari days where story and characters were sloppy and had no value, while the ones criticizing this behavior expect the medium to push further toward being treated just as significant as films, TV, books, etc.

    #12 6 months ago
  13. Not The Eyes

    @salarta That says a lot about you. You actually just like other mediums and are desperate for games to conform and be accepted as such. Games are about gameplay foremost. Story should only inform the gameplay.

    ‘fair representation’ is such a useless term in this context. It is a piece of art, it has zero business having to conform to the exact demographics of planet earth – ‘fair’ has nothing to do with it. I want games to do what their creators want. That often involves loads of great games with girls – this one happens not to.

    #13 6 months ago
  14. budoshi

    @c.huge “”So they’re proud they put female NPC characters in the game. Question. Do these “story characters” then walk and talk and move like dudes? Or do they have their own animations and voices? Because it seems to me that if the female NPCs have their own animations it wouldn’t be too hard to use those for the main character”"


    #14 6 months ago
  15. salarta

    @Not The Eyes No, it says that I want the video game medium to reach its potential. There are similarities and differences to other mediums, but the general expectation is that video games have a story. Story can be handled much differently in video games, but in no way does that mean “they should be expected to do less or be worse than any other medium with narrative.”

    By your logic, books should be about how words are used first and foremost, movies should be about how impressive the CG is or how pretty everything looks first and foremost, and so on. There might be certain types of books where the attraction is how words are used, or films where it’s purely about visuals and nothing else, but at the end of the day, people want more than that.

    #15 6 months ago
  16. Not The Eyes

    What are you even talking about? “by your logic, books should be about words are used”

    Yea that’s right, they should.

    And I didn’t say Far Cry was low brow, I just said the stories were rubbish. And in this case, given that the story is take or leave, and you can’t even see your character, what’s even the point of clamouring for them to put resources into something that has no effect?

    Either way, you clearly have no interest in the game part of games, only some arbitary twisted logic that says every peice of art should proportionaltey represent the planet’s current demographics.

    #16 6 months ago
  17. redwood

    in dark souls 2 you can switch your gender whenever you want, I find that the biggest display of gender unbiased-ness ever. how can you top that?

    #17 6 months ago
  18. BrahManDude

    jeezus Brenna we get it but relax stop hating everything if it doesnt have a woman in it try to love men every once in a while

    #18 6 months ago
  19. Game Hunter

    @salarta don’t like it?don’t buy it.your and Brenna’s complaints won’t change a thing and you know it.this article is click bait and it’s clear as day because yesterday the article about AC Unity gathered more than 100 comments.

    #19 6 months ago
  20. Panthro

    Brenda, stop being all assy whenever a playable woman isn’t included within a game.

    It’s just like someone black complaining that there aren’t enough playable black characters in videogames, its ridiculous, stop trying force your gender into videogames, let the developers do what they like.
    The worst things about games is when something feels forced.

    They aren’t sexist, they aren’t putting women lower in your imaginary sexist scale, they just wanted to make male characters to play as, that’s it.

    Last year they released an ENTIRE assassins creed game with one playable character; a woman.

    #20 6 months ago
  21. BrokenSpline

    Oh my god not just one article but two about the same shit and they both do the same thing where you are the main character in your own game who happens to be a male. So you are pissed that you as you are playing a dude are not seen as a female even though it has no effect on your actual game?

    Cry me a river.

    #21 6 months ago
  22. polygem

    Wow, some people really are afraid of women.

    Equality is a key factor for a healthy human evolution.

    It ist a natural progress. A free mind will always come to that conclusion at some point.

    It’s so great that we are finally openly discussing these issues.

    #22 6 months ago
  23. Joe Musashi

    Wow, some people really can’t permit people to express an opinion without childishly twisting it into something it’s not.


    #23 6 months ago
  24. BrokenSpline


    Its not a fear of women but the bitching for the sake of bitching. If they were to allow this it would be double the work for something that you as the player wouldn’t see unless a friend of yours happened to pick a girl avatar.

    Its similar to Watch Dogs in where in your game you are Aidan,Jason, etc but in someone elses you are random character #323424. If Dragon Age did this, sure, fight the good fight.

    As it stands she is fighting for something she wouldn’t have even seen unless she is bitching about the fact that Ubisoft didn’t pick a lead female for their games even though Ubisoft has some of the strongest female characters in their stories.

    #24 6 months ago
  25. Llewelyn_MT

    Silly Ubisoft excuses continue.

    @Brenna: We get it already. Sarcasm is not the best form of critique.

    #25 6 months ago
  26. polygem

    Well to play by your rules: prove to me that there aren’t some people afraid of women.

    All bluff and pasta

    #26 6 months ago
  27. polygem

    @polygem @joe

    #27 6 months ago
  28. polygem

    I hear You and i think there is a lot of drama and overreacting going on regarding this issue. The thing is, i think that it is great that it happens exactly like this because it just really needs to change. It will change. The right tone will be found at some point but this ist an emotional issue. To some it is close to their hearts and lifes. Only natural to see some drama going on. In both camps. That’s ok. It’s the debate that counts and the outlook of a change that this debate offers.

    #28 6 months ago
  29. Legendaryboss

    And part 6 has arrived, I need not repeat myself on this subject.

    #29 6 months ago
  30. Joe Musashi

    No further proof rquired. Children twisting words and demonstrating selective comprehension are already clearly on display.

    Starting the game off with some own-goals isn’t a strong play.


    #30 6 months ago
  31. YoungZer0


    That’s the sad state of gaming and film “journalism” right now. Every fucking dickhole needs to be some sort of social justice warrior now. Every one has an agenda. Quite frankly, I find this type of behavior embarrassing. The sense of entitlement is astounding. You have devs spending years of their lives on delivering a proper, enjoyable and fun game. You have thousands of people working on sound, art and gameplay and then some asshole comes up to them and asks them “WHY AREN’T THEIR FEMALE IN YO’ GAME? WHY ARE YOU SO SEXIST?!”

    Seeing as how you can do no right with the social justice warriors I’d stick to male protagonists, just to spite them.

    #31 6 months ago
  32. AmiralPatate

    Stop finding excuses, Ubisoft. Really, you’re bad at it. Just say you don’t want to.

    #32 6 months ago
  33. eTitan


    That’s because it’s a trend, there’s huge trend now going on about pretending that women in countries without any sexism (well not entirely without, sexism will always exist…both ways. Just as racism will always exist) are one of the most opressed groups of people in the world. It sickens me that people fall for it so easily when it’s all about making money in the end.

    What bothers me even more is that these companies feel the need to go out there and put up a stupid ass excuse for a stupid ass “problem” which they shouldn’t have to anyways.

    #33 6 months ago
  34. TheWulf


    Pretty much what I said in the other thread. To my eyes, extroversion comes painfully close to sociopathy, and some of the psych journals I’ve been lately have been drawing the same conclusion. An extrovert is someone who loves to leech off of the energy of the people around them, but they may at least try to offer up some of their own. A sociopath, by comparison, leeches without really caring what others think.

    A sociopath is incapable of empathy, so of course they wouldn’t understand equal representation and why this matters to people so much. As I said, frankly, I’d love to see every marginalised group be more represented by the gaming industry, even including the disabled. I’m still stunned we haven’t seen, say, a tastefully written amputee, yet. But then, we haven’t even seen a tastefully written gay character, really…

    So whilst I empathise with every group that’s been marginalised, the commonality is just so very sociopathic about them. It doesn’t harm them, they’re nurtured, mollycoddled, and of the minority; they’re straight, white, cis-gendered men, and almost all games are designed to suit them. So if it doesn’t harm them, it’s a non-issue. Of course, if others complain about it because this is a far reaching issue, these fuckwits bring their sociopathy to the fore and complain about feminists, or worse, terrorists. They’ll scrape the barrel for just about any grossly unethical dysphemism that they can find, like the imbeciles they naturally are.

    They’ve got their army of their bros, their gaming industry that caters to douche-bro culture, so why does it matter what other people want? They have what they want. But if we even dare to ask for equal representation, for a game that isn’t laser focused around a straight, white, cis-gendered man? They flip a shit.

    That’s sociopaths for you. I swear, damn near every person of the ‘extroverted straight, white, cis-gendered male’ category I’ve met is a sociopath. I’m straining to think of ONE counter-example. Just one. I can’t… I think that extrovert so closely brushes the line of sociopathy that it’s easy to slide from one to the other.

    So, for not appeasing these Aryan Gods of Perfection, we’re deemed feminists, nazis, or even terrorists!! Yes, I got called a terrorist the other day for pushing an ethical ideology that would benefit everyone. Good job, extroverts!

    Such genetic trash leaves me ashamed of my gender.

    There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t look at something and think of how thankful I am that I’m an introvert. Sure, I may be grumpy around people in general, and I don’t want to hump your leg the moment I see you, but most of the people who do want to do that the first second they lay eyes on you are the ones who want something from you, or desire to exploit you in some way. In this case, they’ll be friendly to you up until you voice your opposition, since they want you to believe that all games should be centred around Aryan Gods of Perfection.

    Frankly, I find these people detestable.

    Every. Day. I’m so glad I’m an introvert. I’m not perfect, but I’m not sociopathic scum out to further marginalise groups WHICH HAVE ALL READY BEEN MARGINALISED ENOUGH.

    So, yeah, I agree with you.


    The worst kind of extroverts are the pseudo-intellectuals who try to parade around some form of faux intelligence, whilst all the while being blithely clueless as just to how much they’re flashing their stupidity at everyone. Figuratively speaking, put your damn clothes on.

    You made a contradiction about games as entertainment versus games as art, and then stumbled over yourself without realising it. Which are they, then? Are games entertainment, or are they art? The mainstream is certainly entertainment, and that is definitely beholden to equal representation, since otherwise it’s just marginalising minorities, and there are laws against that.

    If it’s art, how do you prove that it’s art? Roger Ebert was of the opinion that games aren’t art, and most of them definitely aren’t. Oh, sure, a few are here and there, but some try to be art and come off as little more than opinionated propaganda pieces. So what is art? In order to say that a game is free from having to provide equal representation, you also have to provide unflappable evidence that the games you’re talking about are all a form of art.

    Of course, you were mixing up your arguments regarding games as entertainment versus games as art in your post, so I don’t expect you to actually be able to do this. I’m sorry to say that you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, no matter what others might tell you just to make you feel better (you really have to stop taking everything at face value, not everything is literal).

    This seems like a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes to me, I’m sure that a lot of people would agree with you until someone (like me) pipes up to point out that your argument is completely meaningless, and very confused.


    Too scared to admit to the actual numbers, eh?

    There are so many more people who’re fed up of this sort of unbalanced representation, I can tell you all ready feel threatened by it by understating the presence of those who’re speaking on the topic. Moreover, we’re able to speak far, far more eloquently than you, when we want to. This is why things like Feminist Frequency scare seven shades out of your type.

    You’re a cave person, by comparison. You have pound shop arguments, and aggressive shouts of unga-bunga. Your words, compared to ours, are like cave paintings set aside the works of Shakespeare.

    So, yes, I’m not surprised you’re scared of us. It’s natural for someone to be scared of a group of people that’s so much smarter than them.

    And I’m sure that it must do so much harm to your poor little ego when those who’re so, so much smarter than you are actually women, whom I’ve no doubt you have very regressive views of. And they can weave their progressive opinions into verbal tapestries, whereas the best you can hope to accomplish is the sound of bashing yourself over the head with a club.

    It’s always fun to see what your ilk will trot out next.


    Aw, not you too? I expected better of you… I really did. I’m not just saying that. I always respected you, but you’ve gone and tarnished that, now.

    That Assassin’s Creed game was a budget handheld title, meaning that the only games that women are allowed to be a part of are budget titles that most people will overlook in favour of the more mainstream fare. Thus women are denigrated to second class citizens, put in games which aren’t expected to sell big (a safe risk), which is something you forget when you throw out Liberation as an example.

    I really expected better of you. I really did. Life is filled with disappointments, I guess.


    It doesn’t matter that it has no effect on the game, lackwit. The issue is that over 99 per cent of video games focus around straight, white, cis-gendered men. Less than 1 per cent feature minorities. And I’m not just talking about women (all though they are one), I’m talking about every minority! LGBTQ, the disabled, minority ethnicities, intelligent people, and so on.

    Maybe we’re sick of it being some douche-bro in every game, some straight, white, cis-gendered guy, who’s as entitled and obnoxious as fuck. Just like you are. That’s the damn problem! I’m sorry you’re too witless to see it, or too sociopathic to care.

    For us, it does have an effect on the game. It means that there are games that we’re limited to playing, because we’re so tired of having to play the same damn gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and so on every single time. How are you not getting this? In that dim pile of sludge you’d call a brain, fire some synapses, and grok this! Stop being such a damned pathetic, entitled sociopath.


    If you can call this discussing…

    A small group of introverts sitting in a room, listening carefully, and considering everything the other person has to say is a discussion. What we have here is a bunch of rational minds stuck in a Dunning Kruger chamber, since the thickos we’re bitterly battling against can’t understand a damn word of what we’re saying. It goes in one ear and out the other, only to be replaced with memes and television-educated blather.

    So those who’ve become experts (not by choice) in the field of social equality are thrashing up against a wall of sheer idiocy. I don’t relish this, in fact I hate it, and the one thing I long for, my biggest dream, is of a world without extroverts.

    No extroverts, no Dunning Kruger effect.


    Ah, the tool of the idiot. I’ve covered this before. Anyone can say something, but you have to explain its relevance. Make a citation, and explain how words are being twisted, exactly. Provide us with some evidence that you’re not just talking out of your arse. You can’t do that though because you’re clearly not intelligent enough, I’ve had you pegged as a low-functioning sociopath for quite some time, now.


    See my other reply to you. Your argument is still invalid and made from a point of obliviousness. You need to actually understand the issue before you can respond to it. Who can see what has absolutely no relevance, here. None. Yet you’ll keep trotting that out in this (and I’m sure) future threads.


    It can be helpful if you’re a mainstream news outlet and you want them to get the message that you’re fed up with this enough to call them on it.


    And you’ve done it again! You do this regularly in the hopes that you’ll throw something and it’ll stick, thus making you look smart. What you’re doing isn’t arguing, it’s brute-forcing. It’s an almost Borg-like tactic (typical of sociopathic extroverts like you) in that you aren’t specifically replying to anything, you’ve just got a dictionary of insults and you compile them into a post to leave here on VG24/7.

    Whereas I tend to sit and think about things, and give wordy responses, yours are short and succinct. That’s not always a good thing, and in a debate, it’s never a good thing. It just means that you don’t actually know what you’re talking about, because if you did, you’d actually show us that you do.

    As to this point, I’ve never seen you actually illustrate that you understand anything you say.


    Ooh! It’s the idiot who compared a group of people pushing an ethical ideology that would benefit everyone to a group of soulless murderers. (Yes, I remember you, and your casual throwing around of the word terrorist. I still think of you as being thicker than shit because of that. So I’ll enjoy this.)

    YZ: “That’s the sad state of gaming and film “journalism” right now. Every fucking dickhole needs to be some sort of social justice warrior now.”

    What does social justice warrior even mean? Do you know? How is using words to debate for a position of equality have anything to do with war in the first place? You’re just parroting what other people have said, and the thicky who came up with this term just took the words ‘social justice’ and applied ‘warrior’ to the end without actually considering the context.

    I see no ‘war’ here, thicky. So you might want to drop the ‘warrior’ part. I believe the word you’re struggling so hard to find is ‘activist.’

    YZ: “Every one has an agenda.”

    Yes, we do. That agenda is equal representation, since your ilk has 99 per cent of games designed to suit you at the moment. We’d like some of that action. Would it kill you to allow us another 9 per cent? Of course it would! You have to have it all!

    YZ: “The sense of entitlement is astounding.”

    This is just projection, thicky. If you weren’t entitled then you’d be happy to share your ice cream.

    YZ: “You have thousands of people working on sound, art and gameplay [...]”

    Snrk. Thousands? You don’t know a whole lot about game development, do you thicky?

    Assassin’s Creed is the biggest multi-studio project out there, and that doesn’t even have a thousand people working on it annually.

    I’m sure you’d like to have us envision thousands of people working in mines, slaving over every pixel, but that’s simply not how it works. I’d advise getting an education in game development so that you’ll know what you’re talking about in the future.

    The fact of the matter is that people are more talented than you realise, and can crank out quality material pretty quickly. As I’ve pointed out in the past, just look at what small indie devs can do. Look at what a small developer like Frozenbyte did with Trine 2. And considering that, you still hold your opinion? Well… I guess a little thing like reality isn’t going to get in your way, eh?

    YZ: “[...] and then some asshole comes up to them and asks them “WHY AREN’T THEIR FEMALE IN YO’ GAME? WHY ARE YOU SO SEXIST?!””

    And why is that an unreasonable question? Again, asking for 10 per cent of the action you have makes us entitled and horrible, does it? I don’t expect you to have perspective, thicky, but I think with you having over 99 per cent of the entertainment industry focused on you, you’re the one who’s being disgracefully selfish.

    But you’d actually have to think to realise that, rather than just lash out. And the reason you’re lashing out is because you’re so scared of the people who’re talking about this, they’re smarter than you, and you just don’t really have a clue. You’re afraid, in that tiny, devolved, primal brain of yours that we’re going to take everything from you.

    Guess what, thicky? We don’t want that. That’s not what EQUALITY means. You get to have some ice cream too. We’re happy to share. You’re being the jerk, here.

    YZ: “Seeing as how you can do no right with the social justice warriors I’d stick to male protagonists, just to spite them.”

    And when have you ever tried to do right by social equality activists, hmm? You seem to lash out with fear, anger, and stupidity every time this topic comes up. And you’re going to keep playing a male character (and desperately clinging to them) because you’re afraid we’ll snatch them out of your hands and not give them back.


    I know, right? The lies are more insulting than anything else. But the thing is, if they told us the truth, they’d have to open a dialogue with us as to why. I guess that’s terrifying to htem.

    #34 6 months ago
  35. Legendaryboss

    Good lord!

    #35 6 months ago
  36. Joe Musashi



    #36 6 months ago
  37. fearmonkey

    I’m now thinking The Wulf is a troll lol….. He is literally the thread killer, once his biblical epic tirade is posted in a thread, all comments die.

    #37 6 months ago
  38. ignoreLander

    It must be miserable to live this way day in day out. I truly feel for this Brenna person and I hope she gets it worked out.

    #38 6 months ago
  39. Not The Eyes

    @TheWulf No one wants to read your crazy whining. At least use names next time.

    #39 6 months ago
  40. DarkElfa

    @TheWulf The only sociopath here is you Wulf, go write a novel and stop eating up space with your overly worded and hateful diatribes.

    Some of you really have an issue with others not sharing your opinions and agreeing with your methods. Welcome to the internet. You don’t like a game? Don’t purchase it but stop with the social shaming. You want more female characters and realistic, non sexy characters, petition for the creation of new games with those perimeters, but stop trying to bully devs into changing existing games to make you happy.

    Yes, I think games should have those things now, but they don’t. As I’m already boycotting Ubisoft, there isn’t much more I can do at the moment. I’ve chosen to vote with my wallet as is the CORRECT method of dealing with businesses. IOW, your heart is right, your interest is just, but your method is bullshit.

    #40 6 months ago
  41. iloveflash

    These guys must not have read Metal Shadow Prelude.

    #41 6 months ago

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