Miyazaki explains why Bloodborne isn’t Demon’s Souls 2

Thursday, 12 June 2014 12:31 GMT By Dave Cook

Bloodborne is the new PS4 exclusive from Dark Souls studio From Software. It’s being helmed by Demon’s Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki, who has explained why the RPG isn’t a follow up to his original, as originally rumoured. Also, don’t call it a shooter just because it’s got guns.


Before you read on, someone has recorded a minute of Bloodborne PS4 footage on their phone during a private showing at E3 2014. Naughty bugger. Still, check it out through the link.

Speaking with Famitsu, Miyazaki was asked why his team decided to go for a new IP instead of a follow-up to Demon’s Souls, to which he replied, “Back in 2012, before the announcement of the PS4, [Sony Computer Entertainment] originally approached us with the idea, ‘would you be interested in making a new game for new hardware?’ so this was never considered as a Demon’s Souls II.

“For us, the idea of new hardware was appealing and I remember feeling enthusiasm from SCE for a new game.”

Bloodborne takes place in the city of Yharnam, which exists in a different era to Dark and Demon’s Souls, as made clear by all the Victorian architecture, steampunk elements and gunplay. When asked why he prompted a shift in time period, he explained, “There are several reasons, the first of which is the combat.

“We were already thinking of a shift to a combat system where you would enter battle more actively than the sword and shield-based combat of Demon’s. So we adopted the idea of guns, but there was a prerequisite that we didn’t want the game to turn into a shooting game, and the Victorian age fit perfectly. It’s an era where the imagery of old guns still remains.”

So don’t call it a shooter, unless you want Miyazaki to invade your reality and back-stab you. Seriously, I hear he’s like Soul Level 900 or something.

Via Kotaku.