Dragon Age: Inquisition’s open world looks incredible in this raw gamepay footage

Wednesday, 11th June 2014 10:24 GMT By Dave Cook

Dragon Age: Inquisition was shown live on Twitch by BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah and creative director Mike Laidlaw. We got to see live combat, lots of world exploration and a giant dragon battle.

It follows this new batch of Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 2014 screens. Check them out.

Eurogamer capped the stream for your viewing pleasure.

It’s here:

During the cast, Laidlaw predicted that Inquisition would take some 50 hours to complete. The pair also showed off the game’s new top-down tactical view, which lets players issued commands to their team and rack up strategies.

Furthermore, on Twitter, producer Cameron Lee added that players can create a character a combination of two genders, four races, three classes, nine specializations and also different voices.

He also said the game will contain “40 major endings with additional variations.” Awesome.

Have a gander and let us know what you think below.

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  1. YoungZer0

    Really excited for this one as well. The lighting is a little bit odd at times, but I love the art-direction. The completely embraced the designed from the second Dragon Age.

    #1 1 month ago
  2. bradk825

    Hype level…. OVER 9000. Can’t wait.

    #2 1 month ago
  3. boskoz

    Fantasy without dragons doesn’t exist anymore?
    You know….just elves, orcs, humans, dwarves….nope?

    #3 1 month ago
  4. bradk825

    Dragons > No Dragons.

    #4 1 month ago
  5. BrokenSpline

    Can’t wait for this game. In fact I plan on holding off buying any other game when this one comes out because I plan to put in quite a few playthroughs like I did with the previous games. No rest for the wicked. :P

    #5 1 month ago
  6. budoshi

    @ 3 well it wouldn’t be a age of dragons without dragons that is why its called dragon age.if you don’t like it maybe you got the wrong game.

    #6 1 month ago
  7. sebastien rivas

    Dave.. simple question.

    Knowing it is in really raw stage. Would you somehow envision a polished and strong product. Are they trying to understand and implement gameplay, story arcs, and variety with scenery and places from DA0 and 1 or are they stuck in a DA2 gameplay with little variety?

    Is DA 3 aiming at young audience?

    #7 1 month ago