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  1. The_Red

    I think it’s need to see all 3 console makers having simple game making tools (Mario Maker, LBP3 and Spark). The fun part is that looking at them from right to left, they become more and more specific.

    Spark is most free of any themed character or design, LBP3 is mostly about Sackboy and folk while MM is what it name says, a fun tool that’s limited to world of Mario.

    #1 1 month ago
  2. POOhead

    Since you can make mario hard its already better then lbp

    #2 1 month ago
  3. westman98

    Seems cool. Looks like the big 3 have all created a “make your own game” game (LBP 3, Project Spark, Mario Maker).

    #3 1 month ago
  4. Joe Musashi

    No mention of sharing creations?


    #4 1 month ago
  5. EightBitYoshi

    Can you play other peoples creations does anybody know? Cus that idea appeals, it’s essentially an endless Mario game. But if you can only play your own then what’s the point?

    #5 1 month ago