Wolfenstein: The New Order has been pirated over 100,000 times already

Wednesday, 28th May 2014 09:02 GMT By Dave Cook

Wolfenstein: The New Order launched last week and rocketed to the top of the UK game charts, but it seems that the game has been pirated over 100,000 times already.


The critic seemed to mostly enjoy the game, as you can see in our Wolfenstein: The New Order review round-up. I also reviewed it on PS4.

Now, TorrentFreak reports that the shooter has been downloaded illegally over 100,000 times already, and that’s no small feat considering it weighs in at 43.65 gb.

It’s believed that he file size consists largely of uncompressed textures, and TorrenFreak has cited rumours that there’s lots of junk files in there to bolster the file size and deter piracy. We’re not so sure about that one though.

The site even quoted one torrent user as saying, “43GB, the hell? No thanks, guess I will buy this when the price drops to £29.99.”

Another chap said, “I was gonna get this torrent but I saw the size and how long it would take me to download it, I said fuck it I’m getting it from Steam. Took me 2 hours to download 40GB including the day one update.”

While a third guy apparently said, “I have to uninstall like 10 games to play this shit!!”

So it seems people are actually paying for the game instead of going through the slow process of downloading the mammoth file.

Is that quite clever, or not? Let us know what you think below.



  1. azmza

    Well it depend on person if he want pirated copy or clean game, i prefer clean game that don’t have any cracked files that may includes hidden Trojans, virus and so on to destroy ur system files then u have to format everything cuz of this, and 43 so what in past we said oh my god 1 gig this game too much! now u can download it fast without trouble, so 40 or 50 in future it will be nothing and u will have huge Hdd to store something like this game without trouble.

    #1 7 months ago
  2. darji

    Living in Germany I can totally understand this. a lot of my friends did this just because they censored the shit out of the game here. It is either bring it here uncensored or people in Germany will pirate it a lot.

    #2 7 months ago
  3. Reddpayn

    I can see why there`s no gtav on pc. I consider it as a smart choice for the developers. It would just be hard work for nothing.

    #3 7 months ago
  4. mxmassef

    They should just stop making pc ports in games like this or put games always online on pc or something :D .
    But how many times wolfenstein has been bought on pc ?

    #4 7 months ago
  5. Bam007

    Don’t forget all those wonderful, hardcore, respected forum members of NeoGAF who were pirating this game to see if their PC could run it at max settings. Then they would go ahead and buy it.

    #5 7 months ago
  6. Dog4life

    Well it’s singleplayer only, another reason why to download it illegally.

    Damn this bad boy weight 52 Gigs on PS4, what the hell ? and some texture still look very low res close up (look at some nazi signs….)

    Still, i love this game :)

    #6 7 months ago
  7. Logion

    It could work I guess, though people are downloading pirated games for different reasons. If they can’t afford or just don’t want to pay for the game, they are probably just going to download it anyway.
    But if they only just wanted to try the game out ,having a large file size could probably stop some of those people from downloading it.

    #7 7 months ago
  8. f1r3storm

    @2: That’s just a stupid excuse since you can easily import it.

    #8 7 months ago
  9. darji

    @f1r3storm No you can not since it is geo locked. Which means that you will always get the Cut version no matter where you buy it. You could use VPN but since Steam does not allow this you risk your whole account with that.

    #9 7 months ago
  10. Dog4life


    i think you also get more in trouble by actual law in germany if you import uncensored physical disc containing nazi symbols etc, and get caught at border /import control.

    Well of course , downloading it for free stil illegal, but chance you get in trouble are near 0%

    #10 7 months ago
  11. Llewelyn_MT

    Somebody had to uninstall 10 games to get this? Modern games for the past 5 years take some 15 GB of HDD space on average with quite a few on 20-25 GB range, so while unusually big, it’s by no means huge.

    P.S. Since when is the size of the download a deterrent again? People pirate 5 GB worth of 50 minutes TV series episodes…

    #11 7 months ago
  12. OwnedWhenStoned

    @2 This is why a lot of my colleagues here in Germany pirated it. Although most of them paid for it too.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a large percentage of those downloads are actually for this reason, although you’ll never see this reported as it’s not sensationalist enough.

    But it isn’t the developers fault. It’s the German government that mandates this.

    #12 7 months ago
  13. OwnedWhenStoned

    @8 – Importing it doesn’t help. It’s Geolocked.

    The normal process here is to import it from Switzerland or Austria, but if it detects a German IP you can’t activate it.

    #13 7 months ago
  14. Dog4life


    Also Switzerland and Austria sell the shitty censored german version !

    I’ve imported the US version.

    #14 7 months ago
  15. harr0w

    Breaking news game gets pirated. Pffft

    #15 7 months ago
  16. CMZX

    I have pre-order this game via local distributor of the Steam-keys and I’m waiting for release in Ukraine, on friday, May 30 (regional restrictions).
    Personaly, I don’t like Wolfenstein franchise, but it’s looks way better than previous attepmts. I’ve decided to buy it after watching few gameplay trailers, the game looked a like “Dishonored” on drugs blended with Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”, but most impresive thing so far is soundtrack.
    Anyway, I hope that “Wolfenstein: The New Order” was worth ~$19.

    #16 7 months ago
  17. CycloneFox

    It’s always the same. As soon as a new generation starts, games become bigger and the effort to pirate games increases rapidly. It was always the same with each games generation.

    @The numbers: 100k downloads does not mean, that anyone lost 100k buyers. The majority of them wouldn’t have bought the game in the first place. Some might have, but for the majority, the game just wasn’t worth the money. Instead they put it in a download queue and wanted to give it a try.
    I also started to play games by lending, copying or downloading illegally hosted files. And without the ability to pirate a game, I would have never touched so many of them and never had any interest in certain genres or series. But because I gave it a try, I went to the stores later and actually bought many games, I liked. Eventually, as as sequels came out, I even bought the most beloved series or other games of a genre, I learned to love this way, on day one.

    What darji said is also a reason to pirate. Censorship, late, bad or the lack of localisations is always a big problem for gamers. You place a lot of effort into playing a certain game which didn’t get to your country or to play it in its original state and you only get obstacles put in your way.
    @Dog4life: That’s not entirely true. It would be a different story, if the game was full of anti-semitic nazi-propaganda or child-porn. But there is no restriction from owning or importing software like this in Germany. You just have to pay 19% for taxes plus a variable amount of customs, depending on the type of goods when importing. The real problem (other than the higher price and effort) with importing lies in the services, the game will offer in your country and most of all Steams region lock.
    Would you pay the full price for a game, that’s censored, cut, doesn’t offer the original voices, doesn’t get localized at all (which is especially problematic for Japanese games where you have to depend on fan-translations), or where you can’t play online, use DLCs or which you can’t even play on your PC from a IP address of your country?

    To make it short: There are dozens of reasons why people illegally download games and most of the pirates wouldn’t have an interest in buying a game for 60 bucks in the first place. But the ability to pirate games creates fans and future buyers if a game is good.

    #17 7 months ago
  18. NeoGalaxy

    Interesting, some 100k people pirated the game, shit happens. 1st the game is simpler, a guy kills other people without a real meaning behind it. It’s a perfect game for brainless or brain dead people who think that killing is fun, probably they will do that on the streets (americans do it every month :P). The problem is that the game doesn’t offer the other option also, what if I want to play as a german and stop the american guy? Well games about the american’s hate for everything else that they don’t understand/like/accept and the idea that they represent the good guys. The chieldren in Somania (without arms or legs, thanks to the american mines) can thank them but you don’t care about some people you know know right? The guys in Afganistan that are now in the Bronze Age and they won’t recover for like 50-100 years, same with other countries from Africa, you don’t give a shit about them also right? Well the idea is simple: people are stupid and these games will only “help” them become even dumber. So play more guys, because in the end… your lives mean nothing. But at least I will have a planet to call my home while you’ll have nothing. It will be fun for sure lol.

    #18 7 months ago
  19. Xbone

    Umm… okay… Every pc games gets torrented, dont see why is this newsworthy.
    I did cause I was not sure I can run it and guess what. I bought it after I saw I can. Same happened with Dark Souls 2 and same with Watch Dogs (I could not run it so I did not buy it).

    #19 7 months ago
  20. Xbone

    @Xbone Seriously… where did the fukin edit button go?
    I mean not just pc but console games too.
    Also, forgot to mention that cause of there are no demos for games, WE HAVE TO DO THIS. Nobody wants to buy game what they cannot play.

    #20 7 months ago
  21. Gheritt White

    PC games should be banned and PC gamers should be locked up.

    Scumbag criminals, the lotta them.

    #21 7 months ago
  22. YoungZer0

    That is a ridiculously low number.

    And no, it’s far from clever. Like always, it hurts the paying customer. The smart pirates will wait for a rip that will have the useless stuff cut out, like optional languages, etc.

    Sidenote: How fucking stupid is that anyway? Why do I need to install 20 GB or Watch_Dogs, when I’m not interested in using the other languages? What do I need the other sound files for?

    I know for a fact that a one-language pirate version exists and that it’s “only” 14 GB. How hard is it to allow me to choose the languages that I want during the installation process? We all win in this. Are developers really that fucking stupid? Are they that dumb and ignorant?

    Piracy is and always will be a service problem. If anything it’s rather sad to know that the pirated version of a game is superior to the one that was actually released by the devs. Sad and embarrassing.

    I don’t blame the pirates one bit.

    #22 7 months ago
  23. Gheritt White

    @YoungZer0 You would if ever you got a job (any job) in the industry.

    Games are entertainment and as such a luxury. Gamers have two choices – buy a game or don’t and buy another instead. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you automatically have the right to get it.

    #23 7 months ago
  24. Joe Musashi

    Piracy is and always will be a service problem.”

    Piracy is a greed problem.


    #24 7 months ago
  25. Gheritt White

    @Joe Musashi Darn straight it is.

    #25 7 months ago
  26. Tormenter


    Gimme a break Joe, that a far too flippant and simple answer to encompass the whole issue. You sound like a company line drone.

    #26 7 months ago
  27. Gheritt White

    @Tormenter Maybe he’s been made redundant because of unpredicted losses due to people torrenting his game?

    That’s happened to me before and let me tell you,. it’s one of the shittiest ways to get made redundant.

    #27 7 months ago
  28. bradk825

    Indeed. It’s very silly to expect the publisher to spend many thousands extra to break up the production on various language versions to save space on HDs. Even here in Canada where they are sold with two languages, it would be a tremendous expense.

    @Tormentor: I’ve done it myself, and yes, it’s a greed problem. Pirates are trying to play themselves off as freedom fighters lately and blaming entertainment industries for the problem, but the bottom line is it’s taking something without paying for it. When I did it, it was to watch a movie without paying for it, that’s the only reason. Not proud of it, but there it is.

    #28 7 months ago
  29. Legendaryboss

    “Its over 9000! What! 9000!”

    #29 7 months ago
  30. Panthro

    If they put out a demo I would have downloaded that instead, I got 40-60 minutes into the game and didn’t like it so it got uninstalled. Waste of my time.

    #30 7 months ago
  31. stretch215

    People saying that they pirate games to “try” them, then actually buy them later are full of shit. To the brim.

    #31 7 months ago
  32. jmg24bad

    Where is Ertherass? PC master race though? Lmao

    #32 7 months ago
  33. strikkebil

    what a bunch of immature and hypocritical babies.

    #33 7 months ago
  34. Tormenter


    Well greed has nothing to do with the issue for me.

    The game was blasted as ‘repetitive’ right from the start BY THE DEVS THEMSELVES.. I have never had an interest in this game and this car crash the whole issue has turned into is just a joke.. THEN UBI start piling on the shit.

    As far as I’m concerned this game DESERVES to be pirated.. However I Personally hold the ability to pirate as a punishment to the companies, not as something sweet and free to fill my pockets, that is NOT my motivation.. I can afford to buy any games that I really want… HOWEVER in a lot of cases where I THOROUGHLY disagree with the latest shit the fucking arsehole publishers pull… I’ll absolutely be motivated to ‘take’ just to give them the finger and then wave my prick at them in their forums.

    I can say with my hand on my heart.. ANY instances of piracy that I have perpetrated have been ABSOLUTELY SOLELY caused by the publishers/devs actions.. and I think EVERYONE should think this way. I guarantee we’d be better off and be treated better by the industry if they did all realise that unless we get proper treatment and transparency we’ll just take their latest project and then they’ll be fucked, but too many stupid drones out their have become too invested in the company line, and seem to think that it is somehow their responsibility to adhere to capitalist wishes …. And that is simply brain damage.

    However piracy also has another uses.. In recent memory I’ve only pirated (actually, wanted at all, thb, because most AAA these days are just fucking rubbish) one game.. AC:Black Flag great game and one I actually wanted regardless of FUCKING UBISOFT’S too much crap involved, so I paid for a copy, because I actually wanted to play it, and then torrented it.

    Will I FUCK install that Uplay piece of shit on my machine and I also refuse to be at the mercy of Ubi’s shitty online servers.

    Thank you SCENE, you provide an invaluable service.

    #34 7 months ago
  35. Tormenter

    @Tormenter damn.

    I still have watch dog on my mind, it was that one I was mostly refering to.

    However I’m not really all that surprised about the download figures for this.

    90% of that number won’t be able to run the game and that’s what they are checking for. In a situation where the game SIMPLY WON’T RUN without proper specs as opposed to just running slowly.. why would ANYONE fork out for it if they don’t know absolutely and for sure if their machine will run it…

    #35 7 months ago
  36. BrokenSpline


    Whatever lets you sleep at night. You are thief plan and simple taking away all those man hours and claiming you have a right to it for free because of x,y,z that the publisher/developer did to you.

    #36 7 months ago
  37. Joe Musashi

    The moral pirate is the worst type of pirate.


    #37 7 months ago
  38. YoungZer0

    @Joe Musashi

    What a convincing argument. But mine was actually confirmed by the folks at Valve. And I bet they know a lot more about that then you do.

    Again, if your product is inferior to the pirate version then that’s a problem that you have to fix. If you don’t – like it is often the case – then you have no one to blame but yourself.

    Show me the benefits of burdening your PAYING customers with extra hard drive space with extra/useless or uncompressed soundfiles? Tell me why you think it’s fair to do that to your PAYING customers?

    I would never download the new CoD, because it’s so huge, but neither would I buy it. For the exact same fucking reason.

    Piracy is a service problem.

    Valve confirmed this when they went live in russia.

    #38 7 months ago
  39. Tormenter


    Call me what you want, your opinion certain won’t affect my own.

    .. seriously.. “TAKING AWAY all those manhours”.. are you insane?

    You have to tighten up your definition of theft. I have one for you to start with although there are other relevant definitions,.. howabout,… charging the same for a digital release as a physical copy, that’s a good definition of theft right there.

    How many more can you come up with?

    I GUARANTEE regardless of the amount of shit you think you are entitled to able to throw at me because of my opinions, my actions are an infinitely small fraction of the daily shit devs and publishers pull on their customers, you know the people who actually PAY for things.

    You have seen for yourself the lies they have been PROVEN to tell, the hoops they make you jump through and the disinformation aimed solely to part you from your money, the EMBARGOES on reviews because they know the product is shit……..


    #39 7 months ago
  40. Tormenter

    @Tormenter DAMN


    Can we have the edit button back please.

    #40 7 months ago
  41. Joe Musashi

    Piracy is not a service problem. Piracy is a greed problem.
    Piracy isn’t making the little man making a statement to the big corporation, it’s about selfish people wanting stuff for free.

    Every single argument, every layer of excuse and obfuscation by the pro-piracy brigade does all it can to get further and further and further away from the basic, simple, ugly, immoral truth.

    Every pirate knows what they are doing is wrong. A child of 5 knows taking something illegitimately is wrong.

    The whole ‘service’ argument. The whole ‘not actual sales’ argument. This is utterly vapid speculation, but the pro-piracy brigade are so determined to bang the drum, and have been banging it for so long that they actually start to believe that their actions are the actions of substance. Of making a statement. Of giving power to the powerless.


    You’re greedy and want your fun for free. Nothing more.


    #41 7 months ago
  42. BrokenSpline


    If this was food and they were withholding it from the masses of starving people I would understand or relate but this is entertainment. If you don’t like how they operate don’t buy it that doesn’t mean you have the right to take away what people have busted their ass for for the last 2-5 years working on for free because you feel you are being cheated even though you didn’t buy the fucking thing and have nothing to claim that is yours by the developer.

    #42 7 months ago
  43. YoungZer0

    If people think your product is worth the money; they will pay. You treat your paying customers like criminals and they will pay you in kind. No one but yourself to blame.

    #43 7 months ago
  44. Joe Musashi

    @43 That’s cute. But, again, piracy is the catalyst here.

    Piracy isn’t a response to DRM. It suits pirates to make that excuse because it paints them as the put-upon ones.

    DRM and equivalent measures is a response to piracy.

    It is impractical, convenient but mostly self-serving and selfish to argue that one party can act against the other (pirate) but that the other party is in the wrong to respond to such actions (by taking anti-piracy measures). Claiming ‘it treats people like criminals’ is, like 99.99% of the pro-piracy argument – an excuse. Self-serving rhetoric and double standards.

    Pirates would prefer to think their actions have no consequence. But the more pirates go gleefully taking what isn’t theirs to take, the rightful owners will take steps to protect their property.

    Cause and effect.

    The best any individual can do to halt implementation of DRM is to prevent the need for it in the first place.

    But then, that would mean not only not paying for the game, but not being able to play the game either.

    As decades of piracy has shown, the pirate’s actions do not serve the greater good. They serve the one. They won’t play the game, but they will consider themselves entitled to it regardless.

    Everything, all these arguments, are nothing but self-serving excuses. Ideals concocted to permit the pirate to feel better about taking what they’re not entitled to – at the expense of the maker, and absolutely at the expense of the legitimate consumer too.

    Piracy is a greed problem.


    #44 7 months ago
  45. Gheritt White

    Reminds me a bit of Nosgoth.

    #45 7 months ago
  46. Joe Musashi


    They won’t play the game, but they will consider themselves entitled to it regardless.

    Was meant to say

    “They won’t pay for the game, but they will consider themselves entitled to it regardless.”


    #46 7 months ago
  47. Gheritt White

    @Tormenter Not only are you greedy and selfish, but you’re ignorant, childish and have atrocious grammar to boot.

    I bet you mainly pirate games to make up for your entirely non-existent sex life. Now, why don’t you be a good little boy and run along and leave the discussion here to the grown ups, you pathetic turd?

    #47 7 months ago
  48. Legendaryboss

    Look at that, popcorn moment might be approaching.

    #48 7 months ago
  49. YoungZer0

    @Joe Musashi

    „Piracy isn’t a response to DRM.“

    No. It’s a response to bad service. DRM came later. Around the time when you still couldn’t tell how much ‚damage‘ piracy was doing.

    „DRM and equivalent measures is a response to piracy.“

    That may be, but who are you using it against? Pirates always find a way to crack your game. Always. So who wins here, if not the pirates? You’re basically pushing your customers towards piracy if you continue with more protection measurements.

    If the game I payed my hard earned cash for is actually inferior than the pirated version, how is that not a service problem? How is that not something you can fix? You may ignore it as much as you want, but you have a responsibility in this.

    You realize that there are DRM’s out there that make it downright impossible for you to play the games you bought? Just this week people were unable to play Watch_Dogs via uplay.

    Think that’s something that might encourage people to use the pirate version instead? Think that’s something you can fix?

    „Pirates would prefer to think their actions have no consequence. But the more pirates go gleefully taking what isn’t theirs to take, the rightful owners will take steps to protect their property.“

    But they are not protecting them from pirates though.

    That seems to be something you don’t seem to get at all.

    The only people you damage are the paying customers. You do that long enough and you’ll lose those.

    You can continue to be as angry and ignorant as you want, but that won’t fix the problem. Neither will more DRM measures.

    #49 7 months ago
  50. bradk825

    Still have to say I’m with Joe on this one. If you stole a physical item from Wal-Mart and tried to tell me it’s because of some policy Wal-Mart has that you don’t agree with and they deserve the punishment, it would be abundantly clear how full of shit you are. I don’t see why digital content should be any different.

    And how does it makes sense for DRM to be an excuse for piracy when DRM is a response to piracy?

    #50 7 months ago
  51. Legendaryboss

    What i see going on here is: “fighting fire with fire” & “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

    #51 7 months ago
  52. Joe Musashi

    No. It’s a response to bad service.DRM came later.

    Not at all. Crying about ‘service’ conveniently means you can excuse your tangible actions as response to intangible ones, that have no metric other than personal subjectivity. A very one-sided view. Of course, there are legitimate ways to bring your issues to light when you are unhappy about ‘service’. Piracy is not one of them. But then, piracy is the one that gets you your game for free. Which is what it’s all about.

    Around the time when you still couldn’t tell how much ‚damage‘ piracy was doing.

    For some crazy reason, few pirates ever seem to want to publicise exactly how much content they’ve taken illegitimately, or account for its legitimate cost. I wonder why that is? So it conveniently leaves a big gap in the argument. When the party that does keep record of sales and transactions speaks up, the pro-piracy brigade calls them greedy liars – putting nothing other then their self-serving rhetoric as way of a counterpoint.

    “but who are you using it against? Pirates always find a way to crack your game. Always. So who wins here, if not the pirates? You’re basically pushing your customers towards piracy if you continue with more protection measurements.

    As I said, the pro-piracy brigade want their cake and to eat it. They want to pirate. They want to play the victim and they want those they are pirating from to give them free reign to do so. Should they take measure to protect what is legitimately theirs the pirates make out that they’re being victimised and everyone is being treated like a criminal. The pirates refuse to be held accountable for the consequences of their actions.

    If the game I payed my hard earned cash for is actually inferior than the pirated version, how is that not a service problem? How is that not something you can fix? You may ignore it as much as you want, but you have a responsibility in this.

    You vote with your wallet. As a consumer. Legitimately.
    You might also, constructively voice your concerns in a reasoned manner, taking in the responsibilities of all parties into account rather than just having a tantrum about how you want something that you don’t own to be made specifically how you want it.

    The pirating option is, unquestionably, the most harmful, least constructive way of expressing your point. But then, piracy is the one that gets you your game for free. Which is what it’s all about.

    You realize that there are DRM’s out there that make it downright impossible for you to play the games you bought? Just this week people were unable to play Watch_Dogs via uplay.
    “Downright impossible” is a needlessly theatrical term. As ever, making one seem powerless and a victim.
    Ultimately, what has motivated the implementation of DRM in the first place? Legitimate customers or selfish pirates?
    Is it permanently impossible to play the game? No.
    Are you, as over-dramatising an inconveninece to make the pro-piracy option sound benign and a reasonable response to a situation that a history of systematic piracy is responsible for implementing in the first place? Yes.

    “Think that’s something that might encourage people to use the pirate version instead? Think that’s something you can fix?”

    Stop giving companies a reason to employ DRM. Every single time you choose to pirate, you legitimise the implementation of DRM.

    But that’s not convenient or easy for you. It’s not the option that gives the pirate their quick fix and their game for free and it takes away the impact of their ‘helpless victim’ rhetoric. So they will, as they always do, favour piracy instead.

    “But they are not protecting them from pirates though.”

    You’re [choosing to] miss the point.

    “The only people you damage are the paying customers. You do that long enough and you’ll lose those.”

    No you won’t. Have a look at the last 30 years of gaming and piracy and anti-piracy measures. Market growth. Increased demand. Increased sales. Increased revenue.

    You can continue to be as angry and ignorant as you want, but that won’t fix the problem. Neither will more DRM measures.

    I’m not angry or ignorant. In decades I just have yet to see a single pro-piracy argument be anything more than an excuse for personal greed. Not a single one. Ever. Including every single thing you’ve written.

    Every pirate knows when they take something that doesn’t belong to them by illegitimate means, they know they are morally in the wrong. A child knows this. You know this.

    The moral pirate is the worst kind of pirate.

    Piracy is a greed problem.


    #52 7 months ago
  53. Gheritt White

    @Joe Musashi Whoa, Shatner – all is forgiven. #doublethumbsup

    #53 7 months ago
  54. polygem

    like always, things aren´t that easy. piracy is a problem obviously but at the same time pricing for games is a problem, the lack of content and quality in many games is a problem, season passes can be a problem, online subscriptions can be a problem, crazy salarys can be a problem, crazy out of proportion, artificially made, marketing costs (crazy salarys again) are a problem. you could trim a lot of fat here. lots and lots of fat.

    i have never pirated a game in my whole life, believe it or not…but i don´t think that blaming everything on the people who pirate games makes any sense. in fact this is what the industry wants you to do (of course) but it´s a one dimensional viewpoint really that doesn´t take the bigger picture into perspective.

    the people creating and publishing games have a responsibility to make this process fair for the dev, the retailer, the consumer, for everyone involved in this commercial chain. a lot of things need to be improved right there on this side of the fence.

    i do not believe for one second that a game needs to cost 70 euro. but if it needs to be that expensive it should better offer me some true value. replay value, entertainment value…but the trend goes in the opposite direction. the games are becoming more expensive but at the same time they are getting trimmed more and more contentwise. that´s indeed a service problem and it´s not something any consumer could fix.

    i am not saying pirating games is ok. it isn´t but the creators and pubs of these games play a role in this scenario as well, are to blame as well. it´s a market situation they create and shape. they can design and steer this situation and try to make it more fair.

    the greed problem is not so much on the pirate site, it´s the industry that is greedy, the pirate is just egoistic.

    consumers need to feel like getting real value for their money and in that regard the videogame industry must fix a lot of issues. lots and lots of issues. if they will do that, less people will pirate games. the problem will become less problematic. the industry must fix this first not the pirate.

    #54 7 months ago
  55. Joe Musashi

    The ‘price’ element in the argument for/against piracy is so far up the ass of the entitled gamer that they have lost all sense of perspective. Simply and utterly eclipsed by greed.

    People, we are not talking about food and water. We are not talking about basic human rights.

    Videogames are a luxury, not a necessity.

    You deserve no empathy if you regard the cost of luxury goods as too high.

    Read reviews. Shop around. Do without.

    For every excuse a pirate will utter to excuse their morally corrupt and selfish behaviour, their is a fair, legitimate and practical alternative.

    An alternative that doesn’t involve greed.


    #55 7 months ago
  56. polygem

    why is gaming a luxury market? and if it really is…does it really need to be?

    i don´t think so. at least not as it is today. it is the way it is because the industry wants it to be like that because they believe that how this business modell is shaped, they will get the most profit out of it. the greed problem is on this side of the fence first – the root can be found here. pirates are egoistic, pirating is unsocial but so is this industry in itself. must it be like this? again, don´t think so.

    the industry can shape this, they can look for fairer solutions, they have the responsibility to do just that and they should have started AGES ago to make pirating less attractive and buying more attractive.
    but in fact they only thought about more restrictions while making the deal for the consumer less and less atractive…then they wonder why people pirate more games.

    it´s not a wonder though. it´s a bit of social science, psychology and knowledge of the human nature. if the market would try to look into these things a little more while not only focussing on the dollar and the dollar only – a lot of things could improve. really improve. long term improve.

    again, i am 100% against pirating videogames and i am not defending it but at the same time, you just can´t blame everything on the pirate. that´s just one very tiny piece of the puzzle.

    #56 7 months ago
  57. BrokenSpline


    You don’t need games to survive or to live thus it is a luxury market same as cable, music, movies, books. You can’t slice it up any other way.

    #57 7 months ago
  58. bradk825

    Price/content can be handled by the most irresistable force in the universe. Time. Wait a little while and the price drops, if you feel the content is worth $30, wait for the price to be that. Personally I haven’t bought any games lately having felt there was not enough content to justify $60 leaving my wallet. Many people claim the mere existance of DLC proves there is not enough content, if that’s the case explain why I rarely buy DLC but usually find I’ve had a full experience when I finish a game.

    As for DRM, I’ll say this. Physical items you buy and own. Intellectual property you can only license. You do not ever own a story, at best you can own the paper it is written on unless you bought it digitally. When you license intellectual property you also agree to certain terms of service. When I log in to the Xbox store and download a game, I even have to actively agree to the terms before I can continue the purchase. Any form of DRM is part of the terms of the licensing. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but that doesn’t make it ok to steal it. The DRM is in place specifially to make it harder to pirate games. It doesn’t eliminate it, but it certainly adds a bigger obstical than how we used to be able to just copy a floppy disk and give it to a friend. The laziness factor alone will stop most pirates, only the savvy ones willing to put in the time are still going to copy games and put them up for download.

    #58 7 months ago
  59. polygem

    i know that it is a luxury market but i don´t believe that it must stay exactly like it is today. sometimes it´s good to question things that are taken for granted.

    gaming could become more accessible for more people and for the most part it´s a matter of pricing vs profit.

    i believe that a fairer market, a fairer pricing system, fair payment, better, more complete games that offer you better value for your money, would lead to less piracy in the long run and because of that to a much more healthy and sustainable economy in the gaming biz.

    imo you can´t simply say the industry is a victim of the pirates. the pirates just need to stop pirating. we´re fine, we´re not to blame. we deliver the games. the pirates ruin our business. the pirates also are a vicitim of this industry because of the unfair rules they are forcing on you as a consumer. you can´t seperate these things. it´s just not that easy.

    sure, you can say, hey, you cannot afford games, then you´re out, deal with it…i don´t think that´s a legitimate solution, others might disagree though, saying that´s totally fine. i believe that there are different options available. there is more than just black or white.

    so if you´re saying the pirate is greedy you should at the same time realise that the industry is just as greedy. if you are saying that the pirate acts unethical, well, if you look at the business practices of the gaming industry you´ll find out that they act very unethical in many many ways.

    i think it´s easy to point fingers at the pirate but i don´t believe that this will offer a real solution to the problem. it will get you nowhere.

    the problem needs to be solved within the industry itself.

    #59 7 months ago
  60. the dog

    @bradk825 No offense but you really need to do some research first. Most DMR’s are broken in 1 to 2 days. Some in just a few hours. These DMR’s haven’t caused the pirates any trouble but have caused the average gamer tons of grief and non playablity. I understand the premise, but the effect is usually for the worst.
    Piracy sucks but they need to find a better way to fight it. Call in the cyber police.

    #60 7 months ago
  61. Joe Musashi

    “Fairness” doesn’t come into pricing. “Fair” is the bleating of the consumer that wants things more to suit their liking.

    Publishers, under no circumstances “have a responsibility” to price fairly. The thinking behind such a statement reeks of self-serving ignorance and a ludicrous perspective of commercial markets.

    Utterly, dumbfoundingly, eye-gougingly, self-servingly ignorant in the extreme.


    #61 7 months ago
  62. polygem

    “extreme” is only the sound of your post shattyboy.
    publishers have indeed a responsibility for fair pricing. your view on the market is just outdated and one dimensional and narrowminded, just as your conclusions are short sighted.

    #62 7 months ago
  63. YoungZer0

    @Joe Musashi

    If you don’t understand this one sentence then I won’t waste any more time with your ignorant rants:

    You don’t punish the paying customer.

    Guess what I bought today? Watch_Dogs. Guess what I can’t play right now? Watch_Dogs. Guess who can? Pirates.

    But yeah, totally not a service problem. No pirate came up with retarded DRM, it was all the idea of idiot publishers.

    You know what I’ll do right fucking now? Download a crack, so I CAN PLAY THE GAME I PAYED FOR. BECAUSE I’M SUCH A GREEDY PERSON.

    You. Fucking. Moron.

    #63 7 months ago
  64. Legendaryboss

    Publishers have many responsibilities, fair pricing unfortunately is not one. Never has been and what has been stated in this very thread by you or the pirates has not excused or justified (their) piracy. Its petty and irrational reasoning at best.

    #64 7 months ago
  65. polygem

    i did not justify piracy. in fact i called it out as rubbish.
    imo publishers have a huge responsibility for pricing, for making the whole production process fair for every single person involved in the process of making and consuming the product that they publish. we don´t have to agree about this.

    #65 7 months ago
  66. Legendaryboss

    We never agree on anything! However, it is not their responsibility to price fairly. They can price a product however they deem worthy, sure. It is the consumer’s responsibility to find a cheap deal, those exist a few months (even weeks) after launch either pre-owned or new. Pricing isn’t an issue, millions have the funds to purchase the lastest AAA games such as FIFA, Battlefield, GTA etc. So thats ruled out.

    #66 7 months ago
  67. Joe Musashi

    @63 Cute.

    Ask yourself: What prompts the publisher to employ DRM in the first place?

    Except you won’t ask yourself that question. Partly because you already know the answer but would like to pretend you don’t. Partly because you’re too busy playing the victim card whilst endorsing piracy and therefore legitimising the DRM you complain about.

    Action. Consequence.
    Cause. Effect.

    Ignoring the above suits you because it gives yourself licence to pirate on a whim and insist you’re the victim whilst doing so.

    You’ve provided a perfect case study which demonstrates all that I’ve said. Ironic, no?


    #67 7 months ago
  68. polygem

    “The big publishers have become risk-averse mega-corporations driven by “the financial guys” who are looking for the lowest common denominator answer to how to make the most money.”

    Michael Pachter about modern pubs – and he has a point here actually :D

    thing is, if that´s your attitude…you should not wonder about piracy too much. if your interest is exlusively to increase profit while at the same time reducing the effort (and boy is that happening in gaming lately!), you should not be too surprised if people do not see enough value in your product anymore to justify a purchase. it´s just logical.

    it does not make piracy right, it does not justify it one bit but it doesn´t give a ransom to pubs either. they have a responsibility too and for the most part, they are the ones who can fight piracy – and imo they shouldn´t fight it with more and more restirictions but just by creating better games, better working conditions, better pricing systems. it would benefit them in sales too in the long run. i believe we´re getting there. things are in a dead end. new solutions are needed. one can be optimistic.

    #68 7 months ago
  69. Joe Musashi

    Flowery idealistic nonsense.

    Piracy has nothing to do with a product’s quality. Terrible software is pirated with as much zeal as good software.

    Piracy has nothing to do with cost. Cheap software is pirated as well as full-price software. Hell, even freeware gets pirated.

    Piracy has nothing do with DRM. DRM-free software gets pirated.

    Pricing of luxury goods is not, and will never be, about fairness.


    #69 7 months ago
  70. polygem

    there is a difference between a real luxury market that will stay very exclusive, is build around being super exclusive, like selling cruising yachts and videogames. videogames are a much more mainstream driven market. gaming is certainly not as essential as buying food or water (the comparison is deeply flawed to begin with) but every human being should have a right to enjoy some entertainment.

    my thoughts are far from being idealistic nonsense. i don´t know where you have been in the last 10-15 years if you can´t see a huge alternate shift in many business sectors. this shift is needed and gaming is no difference.

    your ideals will be the ones looked as naive pretty soon.

    #70 7 months ago
  71. Joe Musashi

    Despite #57 helpful definition and your claims to understand the term ‘luxury goods’ your arguments demonstrate your ignorance of the term and its qualities.

    You are beyond help.


    #71 7 months ago
  72. kil13rchap81

    This is sad, it makes me feel better knowing I paid top price for a great game and supporting the gaming industry

    #72 7 months ago
  73. polygem

    maybe i should ask one of your 4 accounts for help then.

    #73 7 months ago
  74. Joe Musashi

    It looks like you can’t even grasp the meaning of the term “beyond help”.

    Perhaps, if you weren’t so desperately keen to have the last word at another’s expense, you wouldn’t make such ignorant blunders.



    #74 7 months ago
  75. ManuOtaku

    I do agree with joe musashi here, not in the tone, but in the idea, piracy is getting things(games hete) not by legal and right ways, is a wrong action and a Very selfish and self centered view.
    Developers, publishers release their product to us consumers under some guidences, and if we want those products, we have to pay for their them, give something in return, this way the industry can keep making games, doing our part, in the right way, we are helping with this. if we all the gamers resorted to piracy, then companys will close, and we will not be getting more games in the future, so we need to keep it legal the most we can.
    Here In venezuela consoles cost 4 thousand dollars, games costs 500 $ each one, and many gamers pay that price to enjoy those games, we make sacrifices to have the privilage of gaming, it could be easier to pirate games, but first it would be illegal, and secondly we want to support developers and the industry, we make the sacrifices, we dont pass those to the Developers, we do not stole those from the brick and mortar stores neither, because is wrong and ilegal as well. Their hard work needs to have a compensation by legal methods because the product is delivered by legal methods.

    #75 7 months ago
  76. Malmer

    I love this game. Well worth full price. It was a long ago I played a single player game that got e this hooked. Oh, and good music! I bought this on PSN. Cost an arm and a leg (yes I know I’m part of the problem of too high download prices). But still worth it.

    #76 7 months ago
  77. lubu

    only on three torrent sites GTAV breaks the record and it has over a million leechers but nobody made a news for it. 100,000 is nothing and thats not even a news

    #77 7 months ago
  78. polygem

    @Joe Musashi

    no, that was exactly what i was trying to say because i bet shatner, kerplunk, koffdrop and all the others in the joe family must be experts about being “beyond help”.

    this was a decent discussion. you started to insult and twist and manipulate again. you are pathetic. you are ruining this site. always have.

    #78 7 months ago
  79. polygem

    i agree with that as well. i don´t think that there is any excuse for piracy at all but at the same time i think that people shouldn´t just call out piracy as a problem but refuse to look at the problems that this industry has that imo help to cause more piracy.

    i am not saying that these issues are the main reason for more and more piracy but they are playing a big role in this scenario. the manufacturers of videogames are not the poor little innocent lamb that needs to be rescued from the big bad pirate and only is the victim.

    in fact the industry is aggressively causing more piracy because of how it acts. increasing piracy is a logical transition in the changing market really and they should not be too surprised about it because of how they actively changed the market themselves in the last years.

    you just can´t blame the pirate exclusively. the industry has a responsibility to make a fair product, to make sure that their products are made in a fair way. the working conditions in the gaming industry are far from perfect. many devs work in precarious conditions with tempoary working contracts. while some earn crazy amounts of cash, others earn not enough. there are a lot of set screws to make this better and improve it and in the end the consumer would also benefit from this because it would lead to better games and fairer prices. the pubs must rethink profit margins. i don´t think that it is a healthy structure that a game must sell 1m + copies to be a successs and even then it´s not enough often. that´s a structural problem and it shows that a lot of things are out of whack in the industry. these things need more focus..

    if publishers only focus on increasing profit with the least possible effort you´ll get: big fat marketing, milked franchises, milked gameplay, few innovation, lots of dlc, lots of subscriptions, lots of incomplete games and patches…and this is happening in gaming. a lot.

    …and these things are causing more and more piracy as well because people are not willing to buy incomplete products while at the same time paying more and more for it.

    these business practices and working conditions/structures in gaming are part of the problem, that´s all that i am saying. piracy might be a greed problem but the service problem of the devs is definitely a greed problem as well.

    you cannot seperate these two things.

    you can´t seperate these things if you look at the piracy problem that´s why i believe that pointing fingers on the pirate and then forcing more and more restrictions on the consumer to avoid more piracy will only make things worse. the solution lies in the game development process itself. it is about pricing, fairer working conditions, more patience, less easy cahs grabbing and more thinking about what product you want to make, how to make it good, memorable, enjoyable for the consumer and not exclusively about how to make the most cash with it with the least possible effort.

    that plus some clever restrictions would change a lot regarding piracy.

    #79 7 months ago
  80. polygem

    sorry, wanted to delete the very last section (actually thought that i had?) no edit button.

    #80 7 months ago
  81. Legendaryboss

    And this one was tamer while i was sleeping.

    #81 7 months ago
  82. Joe Musashi

    @78 Insult? Refering to greed as greed is not an insult. Hell, it’s not even a label.


    Now that’s an insult. But as it was directed towards me, you clearly don’t have issues with insults at all. Just people.


    #82 7 months ago
  83. polygem

    it´s funny to read your teachings about “cause and effect” and then watching you complain about young zero calling you a moron. it´s just. you know cause and effect.

    “Utterly, dumbfoundingly, eye-gougingly, self-servingly ignorant in the extreme” that´s an insult btw (only one of many in this thread alone) and if you can´t see that, maybe calling you a moron is legit. i think it is.

    i wouldn´t be polite to a rapist and man are you raping this site.

    you are the aggressor here, like always, with your passive aggressive bullshit that goes on thread over thread over thread. it has always been like that, because this is what you love, no matter the account that you are using.

    i definitely have a problem with you, not people. you. you are the most problematic poster on this page. imo you need to get the fuck out of here as soon as possible…but you would just return, with yet another account. it´s pathetic.

    #83 7 months ago
  84. Legendaryboss

    :lol: Where have i heard those exact words before? Um that rapist remark, not cool. Tread carefully, find an alternative next time.

    #84 7 months ago
  85. polygem

    i hear you but pleae explain…joes behaviour is ok then in your book? because, you know, you never criticise joe…is “dumb” and “ignorant to the extreme” ok but “moron” isn´t. it´s confusing you know.

    #85 7 months ago
  86. Joe Musashi

    @83 I wasn’t complaining about it. As usual your selective comprehension eagerly omits what has been said and just as eagerly twists it into something else.

    Where did I complain about it? Hm? Point it out. Quote the words I used that complain about it. Not your [mis]interpretation.

    The observation concerned your transparent double standards, polygem.

    You don’t have an issue with insults. If you did, you would be taking issue with all of them and not being selective. But, as always, you focus exclusively on the person and how you think you can score a point against them.

    You’ve done this repeated times in this thread alone. Which is why terms like “Utterly, dumbfoundingly, eye-gougingly, self-servingly ignorant in the extreme” are apt.

    “maybe calling you a moron is legit. i think it is.”

    And there you’ve perfectly proved my point (again) and your own double standards (again). You have no issue with insults. You openly endorse them. You only have an issue (well, a grudge) with people.

    You brand identical behaviour as good or bad based exclusively on the person, not the behaviour. That’s not a balanced view. That’s not an objective view.

    And using ‘rape’ references? That’s a new low. Even for you.


    #86 7 months ago
  87. Legendaryboss

    Please explain? I am not explaining “JM’s behavior” Ask JM. I think @61 is referencing your viewpoint, so it isn’t directly an insult to you. But even if it was, it isn’t even on the same level or remotely comparable to “rapist”. If you don’t like discussing with JM, take your own advice, you give to others and stop arguing with him.

    #87 7 months ago
  88. polygem

    @Joe Musashi
    you´re doing the twist again. face your problems joe. it would be helpful. that and finally standing up for who you are instead of denying it all the time. it´s embarassing really. deeply so.

    it´s even more embarrassing that you are still allowed to be around here though.

    some posters know your story kid, unfortunately i am one of them. if you know that story, your character really shines in a very different light.

    i cannot help you. you need to fix this on your own.

    #88 7 months ago
  89. polygem

    it´s not on the same level i agree but i would definitley get to a different conclusion. joes behaviour is worse because it´s passive aggressive and therefore it does so much more harm in the end. overall, this behaviour triggers scenarios like this one here. this is what joe does all the time. that´s why i called his behavior raping the site. he got banned for that multiple times already. it´s what he does. it needs to be pointed out.

    imo calling someone a moron, or telling someone to fuck off is so much more unproblematic than this constant passive aggressive internet bullying and manipulation going on. joe is a pro in that regard. true pro and he´s not getting tired of it, that´s for sure.

    #89 7 months ago
  90. Joe Musashi

    Good discussion on different views on piracy. Until ignorance and personal agenda derailed it.

    Oh well.


    #90 7 months ago
  91. polygem

    @Joe Musashi +1

    #91 7 months ago
  92. ManuOtaku

    @poly, i do agree with your points to some extent, the thing is one of the reasons for the high prices is because we gamers demand the most high end graphics, and more cinematic experiences in games, well at least a part of the gaming population, and this constant demand put preassure on devs, which of course increases the costs. Of course some of the reasons you mentioned have incidence over the high prices issue, but we are also in part responsible, we have the industry we help to shape with our actions as consumers.

    #92 7 months ago
  93. polygem

    fully agreed

    #93 7 months ago
  94. Legendaryboss

    “Its over 90! What! 90!”

    #94 7 months ago
  95. Squishy05

    Wow… you 1st world country people are very lazy when it comes to large amounts of bandwidth… Even though the 40gb will take me a week to get, it is worth the time and effort, besides, in the waiting time there are patches released so by the time I get the game, I can patch it and have a bug-free game. LOL then you complain if you have to downlaod for 2 hours, our country does not even have speeds higher than 10mbps, and that is for the elite rich people only :)

    #95 7 months ago
  96. Gheritt White

    @Squishy05 You should be grateful you even have electricity, fuckface,

    #96 7 months ago
  97. Vice

    Never had troubles with file size… Yeah it’d take me an evening, but I’m not in a rush.

    #97 7 months ago
  98. Vice

    @Reddpayn Hard work for nothing? Idiot, majority of people already bought it on their shitty consoles, no matter how big pirated number will be on PC (and consoles have piracy too fyi), it’ll still bring in a nice profit. They’re just sold with guts to same fucking Sony and MS to delay PC release for few years, that’s all.

    #98 7 months ago

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