Xbox One is more interesting without Kinect, says GameStop

Tuesday, 27th May 2014 12:00 GMT By Dave Cook

Microsoft’s decision to remove mandatory Kinect from its Xbox One console bundles appears to be paying off, according to american retailer GameStop.


We’ve got a full report on Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect u-turn, along with details of its new $399 console bundle which launches June 9.

Speaking with IGN, GameStop president Tony Bartel told investors at a recent briefing, “I definitely think we’re already seeing in our stores [that] there’s a stronger demand as a result of the price drop

“The good news for us is we’ll sell a lot more units and that means there will be more [Xbox One] units out there to put software on.”

Just last week, Microsoft’s Phil Harrison said that the new Kinect-less Xbox One will see more developers flock to the console, which he reckons will result in more games.

Do you think he’s right?



  1. Rockstar Vienna

    Who’d have thought!?

    #1 7 months ago
  2. Legendaryboss

    Just as it should be.

    #2 7 months ago
  3. OlderGamer

    The xbo is a bad joke with or without kinect.

    #3 7 months ago
  4. _LarZen_

    I find the XBO less interesting without it.

    #4 7 months ago
  5. Mike W


    I agree, the Kinect is what separated it from the PS4.

    #5 7 months ago
  6. Mike W


    The only joke (which I don’t think is a joke at all anymore) is how MS made themselves look like complete fools with the XBO.

    They have retracted on almost every feature that was suppose to make the XBO this “ultimate all in one system.” They’re rapidly proving to me and probably many others, that they don’t have any faith in their own system……and the million dollar question is why should we, if they don’t?

    #6 7 months ago
  7. fihar

    Interesting is definitely not the right word for it.
    Financially attractive perhaps.

    #7 7 months ago
  8. Doppleganger

    Why would he say something like “see more games on it” now he just made PS4 fanboys get them all wet in their pants but they do realize Xbox One has way better games so far on their console.
    Im all for seeing developers tap into more of Xbox ones power with out the kinect but for me having a home theatre I absolutely LOVE the kinect! I saved over 100 dollars not having any need for a Logitech Harmony remote anymore lol

    #8 7 months ago
  9. Legendaryboss

    @OlderGamer Ouch! Dig the knife in why don’t ya!

    #9 7 months ago
  10. salarta

    @Mike W On the flip side, this shows Microsoft is willing to admit when they’ve made a mistake and then act to correct it, instead of sinking more time and money into a lost cause that’s only damaging the brand and the company as a whole.

    #10 7 months ago
  11. Ge0force

    @salarta Microsoft is not “willing”, they are “forced” to release a Kinectless bundle because PS4 keeps outselling Xbox One all over the world.

    Releasing a console with a €100 motion control device but without any good games that support it, is just plain stupid.

    #11 7 months ago
  12. salarta

    @Ge0force Microsoft is “forced,” but they’re “forced” in the sense that they made an active decision of their own choosing to unbundle the Kinect. They could have refused to budge on the issue and suffered greatly for it.

    #12 7 months ago
  13. bradk825

    I do have a couple of friends who haven’t upgraded yet that are now planning to do so June 9.

    Personally I prefer to have the Kinect, but I also prefer having lots of friends to play multiplayer with…

    #13 7 months ago
  14. bradk825

    @Mike W I would say on the contrary, that they had too much faith in a model that a large amount of people don’t want, and have decided they need to change it up to make it more attractive.

    What good is a dream (business-wise) if no one else is buying it?

    #14 7 months ago

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