Titanfall players on PC can play Capture the Flag again with matchmaking update

Friday, 23rd May 2014 20:52 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Last week, Respawn pulled Pilot Hunter and Capture the Flag modes from the playlists on the PC version of Titanfall. Now, the developer has said it plans to reinstate CTF mode after the community expressed disappointment over the removal.


Respawn said last week it made the decision to remove these modes because matches were nearly impossible to find and less than 1% of the player base was “even trying to play CTF, let alone actually able to get in to a game.”

“With that few players attempting to connect, our matchmaking would just sit there, spinning forever, waiting to find a game to play,” reads a blog post from the developer. “This is a bad experience for the user, and so we had to look at how we fix it.

“Our first step was removing playlists that were effectively broken. The second step is to continue refinement of our matchmaking. After that first step, though, it’s obvious that lots of people were upset – far more than the player counts on the removed modes led us to believe.

“We’ve continually been working on improvements as testing matchmaking systems in closed player groups (like our office) is really tough. Our best feedback has come from observing the game in the wild. Even the beta we ran in February with 2 million players wasn’t enough data over a long enough period of time to give a complete image of how matchmaking would function post-launch. We’re actively working to make our matchmaking better.”

The blog post is long, and detailed, and explains why matchmaking wasn’t working in these modes. If you want to give a read, click the link. If not, just know CTF will be back once the matchmaking update is live.



  1. Ekona

    That should make those seven people happy again.

    #1 7 months ago
  2. Arnvidr

    Shouldn’t this have been an apology?

    #2 7 months ago
  3. aseddon130

    I like how they only complained when its taken away when they had a good enough reason to take it away, only 1% of people play CTF?? wow.

    #3 7 months ago
  4. Llewelyn_MT

    @Steph: This news could use some tagging. ;)

    Games like Battlefield 3 has a plethora of game modes and DICE never removed any of them. They have a server browser and you can find exactly the game you are looking for.

    If the matchmaking for a game mode, maybe, just maybe, it was the problem with the matchmaker? If people are willing to wait longer to play a game mode it’s their choice. They might have just added a notification what was the average waiting time for that region and mode in the past hour.

    #4 7 months ago

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