Phantom Dust could be making a return if Microsoft trademarks are any indication

Friday, 23rd May 2014 15:56 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Microsoft registered a trademark for Phantom Dust in Europe, North America and the UK yesterday.

Spotted by Gaming Everything, the trademark is for “Goods and Services”. Granted, the firm has owned the trademark since 2005, with previous trademarks for it listed as “Dead” for 2004 and 2003.

Phantom Dust was released for the original Xbox console and developed by Microsoft Game Studios with Panzer Dragoon’s Yukio Futatsugi as its producer and director.

The game sort of card-based action-strategy title and players would construct “arsenals” and battle other players and eventually became somewhat of a cult classic.

Futatsugi told Siliconera last year that should Microsoft – which owns the IP – ever wanted to make a sequel, he would jump at the opportunity.

“Of all the games I have created so far, Phantom Dust is my favorite,” he said. “Microsoft owns the IP, so if Microsoft would say they want to do it, I’m ready to jump on board immediately.

“I’ve already got ideas for a sequel in mind. Perhaps it’s also good to note here that the art lead for Phantom Dust is a member of our company and participated in the Crimson Dragon production.”

Come on E3, then.

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  1. Mike W

    The game was suck….please don’t MS.

    #1 4 months ago
  2. super3001

    pd was great game. day 1 for sequel

    #2 4 months ago
  3. Obernox

    It was an interesting game.

    #3 4 months ago
  4. fearmonkey

    I didn’t finish it but it was a good game on the original Xbox, a sequel or remake could be interesting.

    #4 4 months ago
  5. onlineatron

    phil spencer changed his twitter icon to the og game’s cover a while back, he has dropped hints about liking the game a lot before. sounds like a solid bet

    #5 4 months ago
  6. marporte

    This is one of the few Japanese based ip that MS has so it makes sense to revive it Sony and Nintendo are oozing with Japanese type games. It was an exclusive that wasn’t half bad atleast MS is trying to build from what it has established because 90% of what was exclusive to xbox came to PC anyways including Halo 1 and 2

    #6 4 months ago
  7. ManuOtaku

    I hope they will make an hd update of the xbox cult classic, as well as a second game. But i dont want to get false expectations, but if spencer wants to focus on games, this great game would help.

    #7 4 months ago

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