Aisha Tyler returns to host Ubisoft E3 2014 conference, games line-up announced

Thursday, 22nd May 2014 18:03 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Ubisoft has revealed its lineup of titles for E3 2014.


The games include Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Crew, Valiant Hearts The Great War and more all of which will be playable at the Ubisoft booth.

As previously announced, Ubisoft’s E3 media briefing will held at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles at 3 p.m. PDT on June 9 and will be hosted once again by the lovely Aisha Tyler.

The briefing will be broadcast live and on demand on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel and Twitch channel.

A pre-show – starting at 2:45 p.m. PDT – will look back at past E3s and a post-show hosted by Tyler will welcome back key speakers to answer questions from fans.



  1. Joe Musashi



    #1 7 months ago
  2. zme-ul

    she was dreadful last E3, why would they want her back?

    #2 7 months ago
  3. Hcw87


    Because she gets people talking about their conference, therefore more people will check out their games.

    Not hard to understand really.

    #3 7 months ago
  4. Obernox

    Oh god no, not again.

    #4 7 months ago
  5. Logion

    Well that is one conference that I won’t watch. I can’t stand her.

    #5 7 months ago
  6. Erthazus

    she is annoying

    #6 7 months ago
  7. pukem0n

    still better than the guy they had before that…

    #7 7 months ago
  8. Obernox

    @pukem0n You mean this guy? :D
    Totally agree.

    #8 7 months ago
  9. KAP

    She does totally fine every year with what she has to work with, which isn’t much so for a professional comedian to make me laugh every year is fine by me,

    #9 7 months ago
  10. jmg24bad

    Yes please. I love her. She should also marry me.

    #10 7 months ago
  11. TD_Monstrous69

    Loved her in 2012, but she made 2013′s press conference almost abysmal, but none the less, I will still watch.

    #11 7 months ago
  12. ddtd

    She’s hilarious on Archer. Also, is rather listen to her than Mr Caffine.

    Anyways, I’m watching the conference for the games, not the host. They could have a rapid squirrel host and it would make no difference to me.

    #12 7 months ago
  13. ddtd

    @ddtd Argh. They need an edit button. “I’d” rather than “is” and “rabid” instead of “rapid.”

    #13 7 months ago
  14. Homer2014

    no more wiiu game from ubi?

    #14 7 months ago
  15. Asgaro

    I don’t understand the hate this woman gets.

    #15 7 months ago
  16. KAP


    This is the internet. Gamers LOVE to hate, usually without fully thinking it through.
    She’s great at hosting, what more do you need for a E3 presser? Kevin Spacey?

    #16 7 months ago
  17. fearmonkey


    #17 7 months ago
  18. DjCowHerder

    Yeah she was really, really bad.

    #18 7 months ago
  19. mal617

    The sexy Aisha Tyler returns

    #19 7 months ago
  20. mitcHELLspawn

    honestly you people are retarded, or gay. The second of which is fine, but even if you are gay she’s still hilarious. I think aisha Tyler is awesome. love having her host the conferences, she’s so good on archer… but I like being able to actually look at her when she hosts the ubi conference. can’t wait

    #20 7 months ago
  21. Joe Musashi

    “…what more do you need for a E3 presser? Kevin Spacey?”

    Goddamn, that’d be glorious.


    #21 7 months ago
  22. DeVitowned

    Always found her attractive, but not funny. Good for a model, bad for a comedian.

    #22 7 months ago
  23. NocturnalB

    @KAP I’ve been a fan of Kevin Spacey for years up until recently when the internet suddenly decided it liked him (thanks CoD), now suddenly everyone’s a Spacey fanatic.

    #23 7 months ago
  24. unacomn

    As long as whoever wrote the 2012 script doesn’t return, I see no problem.

    #24 7 months ago

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