Anyone can now stream their Steam games to other devices in the house

Wednesday, 21st May 2014 20:34 GMT By Sherif Saed

Valve’s in-home streaming service is now out of beta and available to the public. The service allows you to stream your library of Steam games to other, less-powerful devices, such as a laptop.

steam-in-home streaming

The firm announced the news today, adding that currently, you’re only able to stream from a PC running Windows, with support to SteamOS, Linux, and Mac OSX coming soon.

The in-home streaming page details three easy steps to start the service, all you need to do is log-in on your PC -the one that will act as the host-, log-in to the other laptop or device you’re going to stream to, and finally launch the game. Both PCs have to be on the same network.

Interestingly, the support page adds that you can stream non-Steam games, though they’re not officially supported. Non-Steam games are games that are not sold through the service, but some users choose to launch them through Steam to gain the overlay functionality of the service, so games purchased on GOG for instance can be streamed.

Are you looking forward to try this feature, or have you tried it during the beta? Let us know your thoughts.



  1. Chockster

    I’ve been trying this in a beta for a few months, and it’s been absolutely fantastic. I’ve got a six year old laptop that’s been connected via wireless, and at 720p performance has been great. On games like Civ 5 and Kerbal Space program the experience is indistinguishable from my main PC. I haven’t tried anything FPS wise, but that’s more due to not wanting to use a touch pad as input.

    The success of this streaming tech has made me decide to try small PC under the TV rather than splashing out on one of the next gen consoles.

    #1 7 months ago

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