Maybe if Rare made a Banjo Kazooie game, it wouldn’t have suffered lay-offs

Monday, 19th May 2014 23:35 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Rare has had to let a number of staff go, something we can’t help but speculate might not have happened if it made a game we actually wanted to play.


Microsoft has confirmed the Kinect Sports Rivals developer has experienced a round of lay-offs.

“At Xbox, our goal is to constantly create new fun, social and interactive entertainment experiences. As part of Rare’s commitment to this goal, we have made a decision to change our development process and methodology at Rare to best support our future projects, this has led to us reviewing the skills and the makeup of our development teams in our business,” the company said in a statement.

“Rare continues to invest in our people and future projects.”

According to Eurogamer‘s sources, about 16 staff were let go, including project managers, software and design staff.

Lay-offs happen for all kinds of reasons, and regular, cyclical lay-offs are an unfortunate reality of the triple-A games industry these days, so we probably shouldn’t read too much into it. That said, 16 is more than 10% of Kinect Sports Rivals’ 150 strong development team, and it’s hard not to link the job cuts to the mini-game collection’s under-performance; it barely made a dent in the charts.

Over the last few years Rare has become something of a champion for Microsoft’s Kinect, and a brief wander through the comments section of any article on the topic will show you how much core gamers resent it.

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft has never forced Rare to work on Kinect games – the studio seems genuinely excited about the device, and perhaps with good reason.

But that doesn’t stop the conspiracy theories – after all, if you could make a game like Banjo Kazooie or Perfect Dark, which gamers are genuinely crying out for, why wouldn’t you?



  1. POOhead

    Seriously why is this site going from shit to fucking cancer, remember the times where the headings were shit like “layoffs at rare” now we have stupid edgy shit like “Maybe if Rare made a Banjo Kazooie game, it wouldn’t have suffered lay-offs” seriously matt is fucking shit and pat has no idea what hes doing, cant wait brennas next article about the 5 faces that show banjo is a rapist

    #1 7 months ago
  2. Lloytron

    What is this? This article is shameful. A lot of talented people lost their jobs today.


    #2 7 months ago
  3. Hunam

    Remember the last Banjo game? Do you also remember how that one tanked too? Everyone forgets that family friendly 3d platformers just didn’t and still aren’t selling. Why do you think that naughty dog went gritty, PoP became an assassin? Spyro went sky landers?

    The best thing is how everyone says all the original staff left rare, but then cry about wanting them to do the same old things.

    #3 7 months ago
  4. Ristas

    That headline is incredibly inappropriate.. It’s unprofessional, has nothing to do with the news and comes off as offensive towards all the people working at Rare, including those who got laid off spending the last few years working on Kinect Sports…which is probably the main reason Rare still exists in the first place, mind you. While Rivals tanked, the first two games were million-sellers.

    Please don’t start using Buzzfeed-Headlines, I’d like to keep using this site :/

    #4 7 months ago
  5. ManuOtaku

    Yeah Brenna how dare you with the headline?, next time just make a survey with the headline options, so we the readers pick our favorite, well the thing will be the headline of the survey, because we will not like it, so you need another survey.

    #5 7 months ago
  6. chuckyj360

    Or if they made a better X1 Kinect sports game. This one was by far the worst of the Kinect sports games. I really enjoyed playing the other two Kinect sports games by myself and with my kids. But, X1 rivals my kids didn’t like and neither did I. It looks like a lot of people had the same opinion… But, in all honesty it could have been worse for Rare, because only 16 people got canned for that $h1ty Rivals game, that was suppose to be the Kinect 2.0′s most promising game.

    #6 7 months ago
  7. Michael Ireland

    Even a cursory glance at the sidebar makes it pretty apparent that these click-baiting headlines have been mandated by the editors. Based on the large spike in comments since they started doing this last week, its working.

    Unfortunately, Pat has to pay the bills. He all but admitted that was why he’s doing this in a recent article. I don’t begrudge him for it, because I don’t think he’d do it without any other choice, but the target audience has simply changed, and it’s not me anymore. Welcome to the The Video Gaming Daily Mail. Enjoy your tabloid sensationalism.

    Though I no longer interact with the community, I still visited the site for its news. I won’t be doing so anymore. Based on the comments I’ve seen, pretty much everyone’s whose been here for any length of time is doing the same. It seems I choose the right time to leave. If any of you hang out on any other sites, let us know where.

    This headline is deplorable and an insult to people’s hard work and commitment to their jobs. I’ll give Brenna the benefit of the doubt and assume she didn’t want to use it and didn’t enjoy having to. I hope that’s the case, anyway, because if not that’s just morally reprehensible.

    #7 7 months ago
  8. mistermogul

    @Michael Ireland Yeah I’m out too. See you guys :)

    #8 7 months ago
  9. Lloytron

    I don’t post here much and with articles like this I won’t come here much either. What happened to responsible journalism? This is a Daily Mail piece. Garbage.

    #9 7 months ago
  10. super3001

    another clickbait troll article from brenna.

    resign. you are a bad journalist.

    #10 7 months ago
  11. Panthro

    I agree though, they should have been making better games.

    But right now though I am going to go downstairs and cry into my weetabix at how offended I am by the title.

    Then I am going to come back upstairs, post another comment about how the site has gone to shit, say I am leaving for attention and then come back next week. Sound good?

    #11 7 months ago
  12. salarta

    @Michael Ireland I’ve noticed a lot of people leaving lately, and an inundation of new users that, to put it bluntly, aren’t very smart. There’s also been an increase in articles that don’t feel like they’re really news or reasonable opinion pieces; the recent 26 pictures of Peter Moore article comes to mind. It was fun and playful, but that kind of content seems more appropriate for a personal blog, not a news site. The recent approach to articles around here has me honestly wondering if it’ll result in VG247 getting fewer interviews and other special perks they’ve received in the past.

    @super3001 Quit being an asshole. It’s fair to criticize an article, but it’s a different matter entirely if you’re posting in an article someone wrote solely to insult them and try to make them feel bad, which is what I’ve seen out of you so far.

    #12 7 months ago
  13. super3001

    @salarta article is shit. deserve shit thrown at it and author who has troll for many times

    #13 7 months ago
  14. POOhead

    why leave when you can have adblocker

    #14 7 months ago
  15. Legendaryboss

    Tread carefully, the “rapist” remark is pushing it.

    Bawahahahahahahaha! :P

    Topic In Comment Section: Don’t take the change in tone in the headlines seriously, i’m sure Brenna was joking.

    #15 7 months ago

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