Shadow of the App Store? Steam releases in 2014 already outnumber 2013

Friday, 16th May 2014 06:31 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Steam’s apparently inexorable march towards an anarchic, creator-driven storefront continues apace, with more games releasing through the service in the five months of 2014 to date than in the whole of 2013.


That’s according to data harvested from Steam by Gamasutra.

The site fingers Greenlight as the culprit, since Valve has begun passing a couple hundred titles each month, but we’d also like to nominate Steam Early Access.

While it’s great to give gamers and creators a way to interface, we’re not the first to complain about how crowded the Steam store is becoming. Like the App Store, which is largely uncurated, it’s getting harder and harder to find things on Steam.

That means indies need to spend way more money on marketing; users have to wade through guff to find treasures; and trying to stay abreast of new releases is pretty much impossible.

To its credit, Valve has made several changes to the platform to aid discoverability, such as improved recommendations, tags and user reviews.

I don’t know, how do you feel about this? Is opening Steam to more developers a good thing, or is the chaos of the new release feed too unpleasant a trade off?

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  1. dsr

    Its a horrible thing, really. If Steam won’t start curating their store, they will might fall for the same trap as Google Play Market: lots of shitty stuff, serious developers try to stay away from it.

    The only thing it has going for itself is what Steam nowadays is almost a monopoly. And this is a sad thing.

    #1 7 months ago
  2. dtyk

    Human nature cannot handle too many choices. It swallows up things that are of real quality.

    #2 7 months ago
  3. fihar

    Uncurated art (or uncurated anything really) is only good in principle.

    I’ve stopped trying to find new music on Pandora and/or Spotify and is relying mostly on Podcasts and sites like stereogum.

    The same thing is happening with Kickstarter isn’t it? The only ones managing to raise some serious cash are nostalgia projects and famous names.

    #3 7 months ago
  4. sebastien rivas

    I agree with @1 Dsr, he has a point. The situation is not dire but could easily become in the future. More than shitty stuffs, I would point wag the finger at games with too little depth, longevity, or worse pretend to be beta while they would not meet Alpha standard, and yet, still sell the game with downloadS down the road for longggggg time.

    #4 7 months ago

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