Four-player co-op expansion for Killzone Shadow Fall coming in June

Friday, 16th May 2014 14:09 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

After being teased earlier this week, Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept has been announced as a four-player co-op expansion, and it comes with four arena maps inspired by locations from the single-player campaign.

It will be available for free to Season Pass holders come June and will be released as a standalone option later this year.

Four-player teams step into the combat boots of an elite VSA team known as Intelligence Squad Alpha operating behind enemy lines.

You will need to intercept and relay Helghast military transmissions back to VSA headquarters and keep Helghast at bay long enough to “establish a Hacking Uplink and transmit the data.”

Combat Roles for your team are Assault, Marksman, Medic and Tactician and your Team Score will indicate how close you are to Hacking Uplink.

The Team Score also increases “by defending your Uplinks from Helghast capture attempts, or by banking the Personal Score” accumulated from kills, ability uses and recaptures.

You can even earn bonuses such as artillery strikes and jetpacks.

Learn more through the PS Blog.



  1. lexph3re

    I am supppppeeerrrr excited for this!

    #1 4 months ago
  2. mistermogul

    @lexph3re Yeah it’s great to see this game getting so much free post-launch updates.

    Really enjoyed playing this and thought it was much better than most “reviewers” would make you believe…

    #2 4 months ago
  3. Dog4life


    Coop is not free. It’s within the season pass you need to pay.

    Good finally the coop mode comes , was about time. Last chance i give this game.
    Dont let me down GG

    #3 4 months ago
  4. mistermogul

    @Dog4life Yeah you’re right, oops!

    #4 4 months ago
  5. Spider Law

    i want this so bad…..but dont want to pay for the season pass to play it…..i got too many games to play as it is. O well, we shall see.

    #5 4 months ago
  6. GK

    so wait until it is gonna be free and buy season pass :)

    #6 4 months ago

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