If you’re making a game movie for money, you’re doing it wrong, says Warcraft producer

Thursday, 15th May 2014 12:00 GMT By Dave Cook

World of Warcraft movie producer Thomas Tull has given his two cents on why so many game films adaptation fail.


According to IGN, Tull also revealed that footage from the movie – simply titled ‘Warcraft’ – will be shown at this year’s Comic Con.

On why he feels game movie adaptations fail, Tull said, “Doing a videogame movie has not really been done well, and I think part of the reason for that is it’s been done for the wrong reasons. If you simply say ‘How many people have played the game? How much money can we make?’ You’re doomed. You’re doomed right off the start.

“Bringing a filmmaker like Duncan [Jones] onboard to distill that and bring the incredible cast onboard that he was able to get… we hope that when you see the first trailer for it, you’re going to say ‘OK, this is not what I was expecting.’ He’s an incredibly exciting filmmaker.”

It makes sense that film-makers handling these projects should at least have a passion for the games they’re adapting. As gamers, we’re obviously going to notice when a treatment fails or gets the tone and direction of the source material horribly wrong.

We’re not idiots Mr. Hollywood.

When asked what Warcraft will focus on, Tull replied, “With a great cast, there’s a lot of folks to follow, so I’d look more in that direction because there’s so many talented people working on it…

“We’re very aware of the fact that in the mythology of Warcraft, there are two tribes – two big things to follow. We think you’re going to get a chance to look at both.”

Warcraft will release in March 2016.



  1. Fin

    Let’s be honest, the only reason you should make a movie is to have JASON STATHAM star.


    #1 8 months ago
  2. AmiralPatate

    A good videogame movie to me would be a movie who takes the universe of the games and make something new with it. A game already have (supposedly) a story. Why do they assume gamers need to be told the same story, with a lot of cuts and inaccuracies on top of it?
    Also, why does it always have to be live action? You could definitely do full CGI movies, where the characters really look like themselves, complete with the voice and animation. Just sayin’.

    #2 8 months ago
  3. Judicas

    No matter how good (or bad) this movie turns out, I highly doubt it will be anywhere near as good as any of the blizzard cinematics in their games. Those quite often are epic. I know they are expensive to be made, which is why they won’t risk ever making a movie like that. Pretty much because of final fantasy the movie, sprit within or whatever it was called. Lost shitloads of cash.

    #3 8 months ago

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