Next hardware system being prepped by Nintendo

Tuesday, 13th May 2014 17:02 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Nintendo is already working on a Wii U successor, according to the firm’s boss-man Satoru Iwata.

Granted, Nintendo has said before it’s always working on it’s next big thing while it’s current thing is at retail, so this isn’t really shocking news.

“We are preparing for our next hardware system,” Iwata told investors. “In fact, we already have a clear idea to some extent about the direction our next hardware is going to take.

“Once we launch a new platform, we naturally start to prepare for the next one. As it takes several years to develop a single platform, if you ask us whether we are preparing for our next system, then the correct response will be that we are always developing new hardware.

“On the other hand, the most difficult question for us to answer in public in concrete terms is when we are going to launch our new hardware and what kind of hardware we are going to launch, and I am afraid that I cannot talk about this in more detail.”

This won’t leave current hardware owners in the proverbial dust though, as Iwata promised the company will continue to make sure those users remain “satisfied” with the “great value in our software.”

“I can certainly assure you that we are not at a dead end of any kind in which we are out of ideas for developing new hardware,” he said. “I of course believe that launching new hardware will not produce good results unless we first make sure that those who have already purchased our platforms are satisfied.

“[T]he idea I mentioned about redefining the definition of video game platforms will also require approximately two years. This is how we would like to talk more about our mid-term measures and lead them to actual results. However, we will not be able to create a good environment for the company unless projects are undertaken simultaneously, so this is the kind of timeframe that we have in mind.”

Nintendo is already looking to release new consoles and devices in emerging markets during 2015.

A really crazy rumor made the rounds back in January, which stated the new hardware would run 3DS and Wii U games and were called Fusion DS and Fusion Terminal.

Nintendo has also denied rumors that it would announce a new console at E3. Considering it will host a pre-recorded Nintendo Direct for the conference, it is really unlikely. Nintendo always announces brand new consoles with a media event, not a pre-recorded session with exes wearing Mario hats.

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  1. unknown_gamer

    Already !?
    Then Give us Fatal Frame back you monsters

    #1 4 months ago
  2. dizzygear

    Whatever it is it will still be region locked and will still have a shit online infrastructure.

    Because Nintendo

    #2 4 months ago
  3. ManuOtaku

    Well this is expected, i do hope they keep their touch, i mean do your thing and vision, not a carbon copy of rhe other two manufacturers, that pretty much offer the same experience, improve on those things like miiverse.
    Improve On things related to customer service like an unified account, and things like that.
    Also keep improving the online store and the relationship with indie devs.
    As a personal request, i do hope they release at some point in time an holographic console without the need of a tv and glasses.

    #3 4 months ago
  4. krfbmk

    I have an idea that seems a little crazy… I mean, it’s totally out there and everybody might think I’m completely nuts but here goes.. How about asking the consumers what they would like from a next gen system? I don’t know…maybe because we are going to be the ones who will be buying the systems and filling their pockets with our hard earned cash. And before anyone on here starts saying I am a Nintendo hater, yes…yes I am. Now I am, especially after wasting thousands of dollars from being the poor sap who waits in line to by their newest console on launch, only to see it do poorly and not deliver. Nintendo 64, Gamecube, 3DS, Wii, and the Wii U. Now one could argue that they have all been successful but they all share one thing in common. They all have been designed as to what Nintendo feels the vision of gaming should be. Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t gamers have some input? Nintendo 64 refused to go the CD rout. Gamecube went CD but not a traditional CD which pissed of 3rd party developers something fierce. The Wii was new and refreshing but severely underpowered and 3rd party developers, and consumers eventually seen it for what it was which was a gimmick. The 3DS although unique, the 3D component was poorly designed and was very reminiscent of the virtual boy in regard to giving one headaches, hence why they released another 3DS without the 3D (2DS). The Wii U was more powerful but didn’t release a traditional controller (well they did but it was more of an afterthought), and their online component is still garbage. 3rd party developers are just tired of Nintendo’s shit. And to be quite honest as a consumer looking for Nintendo to recapture the magic form the NES, SNES days am getting tired of them too. If Nintendo’s next system is another gimmick and 3rd party developers don’t share the vision, this is a huge sign as to what their success will be. I won’t be standing in line on launch again, and I am sure that most other die hard gamers won’t be either. Sorry but Iwata can take all of the salary cuts he wants, but his salary cuts are nothing compared to the millions that they will be losing.

    #4 4 months ago
  5. ManuOtaku

    @krfbmk while i understand you hate nintendo for the valid reasons you believe, although is such an strong feeling, keep in mind that most of the time the manufacturers do not listen to consumers while they are making new consoles.
    Most Of the time is their best intetest to show, lead the way and their vision, and to push their own techs like sony and microsoft for the phormat wars, pushing those for their interests, New tv sets, etc.
    This Is not a bad thing, although the PS4 and The one U – turn around, is quite the opposite, but they were born out of neccesity for losing market shares.
    It Is a great idea to listen to consumers the thing is that nintendo fans just want more of their games and like their consoles knowing they are not perfect. Othet consumers get nintendo as a second option to their gaming needs, they could indicate a lot of things to improve because they can be the more honest. Lastly the people that do not like nintendo or hate them, they might never bothered again with nintendo, even if they release a superior console, because they are not interested on nintendo ips.
    Lastly I understand that you say things like i dont like motion control games, or that you dont like wiiu gamepad, because is your valid preference, and a valid opinion, but dont call it gimmick because It is self centered and overly broad statement, that i do not agree with, because a lot of wii games were great for me just because of the motion controller and now the same with the gamepad.

    #5 4 months ago
  6. krfbmk

    @ManuOtaku…Okay maybe hate is a strong word that I shouldn’t have used for myself. I strongly “Dislike” the direction that they are going in. I can appreciate your point of view and strongly encourage a healthy debate in any subject of discussion, but after reading your response to my comment.. I almost feel like you’re being difficult just for the heck of it. Do you honestly take offence to my calling the Wii a gimmick? Do you really think I am the only person who thinks of the system as a gimmick? Lol… It’s not just my preference but I would say about 90% of the people out there share my same preferences as I do, hence why people aren’t as easily fooled this time around with the Wii U. I am not some guy bashing Nintendo here.. I am speaking from experience here and probably have more Nintendo paraphernalia than you and your friends do. It’s not a secret that by being different they have dug a hole for themselves, and although they have found success by taking risks, they have also had great failures, and they have been having more and more problems as of late (Take a look at SquareEnix as well). I thought the Wii U gamepad was unique but developers seen it as a nightmare, and consumers shared the same thoughts as well but for different reasons. Battery life, and costs and availability to purchase a second gamepad created a lot of problems for them. Also to add to your comment about consumers just looking for a second console to pick up their gaming needs. That’s fine and all but do you think that’s the market share that Nintendo is looking for? Do you think Nintendo is really okay with being 3rd place in the console wars? NO…they are not. Nintendo is looking to be successful and with the Wii U failing as badly as it has, them preparing and possibly releasing a future console ahead of their 7 year console replacement is proof of this because they are leaking in the red. Nintendo did a great job with the Wii by bridging the gap with the hardcore game and your grandmother with it’s motion controls.. I have no doubt in this.. The problem here is that casual grandmothers don’t come back once they feel like the system is a fad and is collecting dust in their closet. Guys like me who grew up with Nintendo are the ones that come back, and these are the exact people they alienated with that system. And now it seems that because they have burnt so many of their core fans, this would explain why their staple Ip’s are doing so poorly. I own them all, they are great, especially Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. But how come it didn’t sell well? Because people feel burned by them and nobody wants to wait 6 months to 2 years for their favourite Ip’s, which is why if they do wait that’s why having great 3rd party games to play help with the waiting period. Mark my words friend, their next console will make or break them. I want to see them win, and I want to see them become successful but I wanted the same for Sega and look what happened to them. I know that Nintendo is a much different animal compared to Sega, but nobody is safe from consumer disapproval. Bigger corporations than Nintendo have fallen for less.

    #6 4 months ago
  7. tmac2011

    needs to got back to just call it nintendo or nes ..

    #7 4 months ago
  8. Legendaryboss

    Topic: Already covered but i’ll just say it again. 1. Too soon. 2. Benefits of Nintendo weighed down by their issues. 3. They need third parties, fact sorry no longer debatable. 4. They need to fix their problems, not ignore them.

    I’m not a fan of essays, but you deserve a round of applause for several of the points raised.

    #8 4 months ago
  9. Joe Musashi

    I think, today’s events elsewhere in the industry have shown that the meaningful demographic of gamers have little desire for under-utilised, expensive, middle-of-the-road gimmicks that compromise the performance of the rest of the system.

    Start with acknowledging where you fell short of your customer’s expectations and why they favoured your competitors products over yours.

    Address that first and foremost. A desire to be different for the sake of being different is not a guranteed formula. Being ‘different’ isn’t a meaningful metric in and of itself. “Failure” is different from “success”.

    And, for fuck’s sake, do something about your third party relationships. You need them far more than they need you.


    #9 4 months ago
  10. FBSKing

    Actually what they really need are new ips, things like this could be a good game:

    #10 4 months ago
  11. krfbmk

    @Joe Musashi Well spoke sir…

    #11 4 months ago
  12. krfbmk

    @Joe Musashi Well spoken sir…

    #12 4 months ago
  13. nani17

    Kinda reminds me of sega in a way not as bad but similar

    #13 4 months ago
  14. polygem

    yes, give the man a medal for copy pasting your average, short sighted nintendo interent criticism that exclusively focuses on negativity while completely ignoring all the positive changes that have been made.
    nintendo are on track, the wiiu is a great console and it makes sense. the ps4 and xbox might sell better but these things are conceptually outdated already. this industry is changing. nintendo are preparing for their future in this everchanging industy with a product like the wiiu, a product that is different to the competition, they prepare for being relevant in a very competitive future market by shaping what is special about nintendo. it´s clever, it will pay off, you´ll see. QOL is another sign in that direction. i worry so much more about sony and ms. they can´t both survive in the gaming sector if they do not drastically change their apporach towards gaming. this is not the 90´s or 00´s anymore. you can´t copy/ paste your concept forever by just making your hardware stronger. it wont work. you can´t sell hardware to people anymore at some point. you need to innovate through software AND hardware. consoles are outdated already. the whole concept of it. the pc is becoming less and less complex and less inaccessible for people too while at the same time they become cheaper and it has always been a more flexible system anyways, ms at least tried to get another horse running by focussing on kinect and the tv stuff. it was a stupid idea and indeed the wrong horse to bet on but at least they seem to be aware about the situation. aware that this is needed in order to survive in a future market. analysing the current situation by current sales, is short sighted. it will offer you the wrong results.

    #14 4 months ago
  15. Legendaryboss

    “i’m loyal to the end” The Boss.

    “Why did you come here? Why do you continue to return after you betray your own words? i’ll tell you why. You enjoy all commenting that’s why…” Liquid.

    I’m sorry Poly your critique of Nintendo’s situation is just ignorant to their many problems (just like Ninty), that’s just won’t fly anymore – fact. PS4 & X1 is here to stay, the Wii U and its rival are already in the grave. Your opinion on PS4 & X1 doesn’t matter for the time being (a few more months to be exact), as long as they sell like they do – fact. And finally there’s a whole lot of irony in that post i.e. copy and past their concept that shit is just funny :)

    #15 4 months ago
  16. Joe Musashi



    #16 4 months ago
  17. ManuOtaku

    @krfbmk Maybe i didnt explain myself correctly, i dont have an issue/problem with you hating nintendo, or not liking it, it is your valid preference. For example i do not like valve, particulary steam, because i want to be able to control the access of digital purchases, like psn or live that allows me to have my purchased games store on the console hard drive, and for that i say things like i dont like steam, steam is not for me, etc. Because is a personal preference, But i dont say steam is bad, or steam is customer unfriendly, because there is people that like steam and its offerings, and for that is somewhat a wrong statement. My issue is with that way of posting. Like i said i dont have problems with you not liking wii mote or gamepad, but i do have with the gimmick remark, is self centered view.

    Secondly, every each wii unit have an attach rate if games aprox by 10 plus for each owner, which to be considered a console for casuals ans that they do not invest to much in games, adding the notion of being a dust colector, are decent numbers and indicates that it is/was no gimmick. Also keep in mind for that number, every person that did own one game brought down thar number, so chances are that avid gamers got more amounts of games.

    For The third party support, i believe is not all the fault on nintendos side, but nintendo console owners as well. In the N64 era it was certainly their faulr, but now it is share with their customers because third party games do not sell on nintendo consoles, it is not a thing of quality games like little king story, muramasa, zack & wiki, no more heroes, zombie u, red steel 2, baten kaitos were well received by media, and i like all of them, but they didnt sell. Gamers have a part of the fault because it they do not get thosw games on nintendo consoles, just nintenndo titles, nintendo fans, customers that get the nintendo console as a second source, do not get them either and multiplatform games do get it on othet consoles, for being the better version, which this being nintebdo fault. But if nintendo owners dont support third party titles, then third party will not come and it is something nintendo cant do much about it.
    If Zombie U would end up selling 3 million copies, probably more games would had come, even if it is inferior power wise, devs go were the money is.

    #17 4 months ago
  18. Joe Musashi

    “…every each wii unit have an attach rate if games aprox by 10 plus for each owner…”

    Exaggeration at worst. Wishful thinking at best.

    Nintendo’s own Investor Relations page shows 101m hardware unit sales, 895m software unit sales.

    Whilst undeniably impressive, an attach rate of 8.85 is absolutely not10 plus“.


    #18 4 months ago
  19. ManuOtaku

    @Joe Musashi the key word is aprox. Because one i dont have the samw number, second other sources put those numbers closely to 10 .000 million, and there are a lot of different numbers out there to just pick one.
    And lets say is 8, Still is decent numbers considering thay casuals didnt invest on more games than wii sports which came bundle, an wii fit, therefore those make the % go down. For a gimmick and dust collector console, 8 is rather good undet those circustamces.

    #19 4 months ago
  20. ManuOtaku

    @ManuOtaku sorry i meant 1000.

    #20 4 months ago
  21. ManuOtaku

    @ManuOtaku And by % i mean for every casual that picked just wii and or wii fit, for consider it gimmick or dust collector, there has to be owners that pickef more titles, to compensate that number to reach 885 .
    If I dont recall wrong here i saw an article with a numbet of 900 plus sotware, do not remember the exact number, aprox.

    #21 4 months ago
  22. ManuOtaku

    I mean wii sports and wii fit, man i need the edit button badly, between my not so good english and my smartphone keyword, iam a writing train wreck, not use to type on phones that much, is hard.

    #22 4 months ago
  23. CyberMarco


    are my comments showing up?

    #23 4 months ago
  24. CyberMarco



    #24 4 months ago
  25. ManuOtaku

    @CyberMarco yep, they are

    #25 4 months ago
  26. CyberMarco

    Manu try here

    #26 4 months ago
  27. ManuOtaku

    @CyberMarco sorry but my phone cannot access that site/link

    #27 4 months ago
  28. CyberMarco

    #28 4 months ago
  29. ManuOtaku

    @CyberMarco maybe i didnt explain it correctly, i do not like steam but understand the appeal of prices, good service, etc and it is valid, the thing is that i was trying to make a point, of how different iy sound a personal prefeence than a remark self centery and over board.
    Now Let me explain my issue with steam or psn plus, is the certainty of knowing iam not controlling the access of the games, because they are tied to an account, if by chance i get blocked or all of the sudden facebook buys valve and says that back ups are not possible, and change the overall TOS and EULA, or othet things like that cannot be predicted, i lose all the access to the games. Iam the type of person that likes to have the digital purchases store on hard drive controling the access, thats all, i know iam a minority here, but seeing the things like NSA, makes all the tinfoil hats theories real, and i dont want to spend an X amount of money with something that i can lose the access forever.
    Sorry If i did derail the thread.

    #29 4 months ago
  30. polygem

    @LB: i told you: that TShirt thread was a joke. Thought it was obvious.
    Can´t you just comment on the topic? Why not? You are telling me to stop talking “about it”…again start with yourself for a change? Why not? Your lack of self reflection is getting tiresome.
    My opinion about the situation is not ignorant just because you do not share it. We can talk in a few years. I am pretty sure that you will then understand that sales are only one factor in a business like this one. In fact, it´s just a very small piece of the puzzle. Nintendo always had their ups and downs yet they have been relevant all the time. They still are despite a struggling WiiU and in fact the WiiU is one reason why they will be relevant in the future too, Because they innovate, they try to differentiate from the competition and i believe that´s exactly the right thing for them to do, Even if this doesn´t fully pay off for them now i think that it is the only way to maintain relevance in the long run.
    I am not a Nintendo loyalist. Never have been, that´s just you putting a label on me again, to make your own small world a little easier for you. less black and white please legendary boss, more tolerance, open your mind :D

    #30 4 months ago
  31. CyberMarco


    That’s a problem with every digital distribution service, not just Steam, same thing with PSN/Live.

    At least on PC you can always always always get access to your purchased game, via a crack file, community servers etc.

    I’m with you on that aspect too…

    #31 4 months ago
  32. Joe Musashi

    ‘I am not a Nintendo loyalist. Never have been..’


    #32 4 months ago
  33. Legendaryboss

    1. I never said “Nintendo loyalist” again it i don’t say it you can’t claim i said it. I said “loyal to the end.” I have really got to stop being vague, but that doesn’t equal Nintendo loyalist.

    2. if you’ve played MGS you would know that has many meanings and interpretations: i know exactly what i meant with that comment in mind.

    3. I did comment on the topic (8) twice in fact (another article), just because it is not done in a certain style doesn’t mean its not contribution.

    The rest doesn’t detract from anything, sorry but factual data isn’t a small piece of the pie – fact: its complete non-sense to suggest otherwise. And believing (14) in a product (QOL) that hasn’t even been shown off, is just a leap of blinded faith.

    #33 4 months ago
  34. polygem

    stand up for what you are saying and stop the nitpicking, reflect more on what you say before you say it, then you wont have to damage control everything all the time.

    i am not “believing” in a product that hasn´t been out yet (as a loyalist probably would – i am not a loyalist though, i am just a guy who enjoys nintendos current systems a lot because they are good).

    i said that i believe that nintendo made the right steps at this point in time and that i also think that it will pay off for them in the long run. there´s so much internet drama involved regarding nintendo atm and i can´t help but smile about all that. it´s naive to judge nintendos position in the gaming industry only by the sales of one product and at the same time ignoring all the great features that this system offers and the huge potential it opens for them for future products. i am not denying that the wiiu sells bad at all, i agree that nintendo did a terrible job on third party again which is just unbelieveably stupid, that the account system needs to be adressed. i am not saying that they nailed it with the wiiu itself but i still think that the wiiu was the right choice. that it was the right product to launch after the wii and with the ps4 and xbox one in mind.

    nintendo are on the way to a hybrid console (“fusion”). that stuff is obvious now. the wiiu helps a lot to get there and make it feel right. again, please let´s talk about this again in a few years, about “failures” and when it is the right time to call that out and judge things. i personally think some people are just too quick to judge. the genreal problem of the internet really. too quick to judge, too much drama – not very well thought out opinions most of the time.

    if there is anyone i believe is in trouble, i think it´s sony. they might be successful with the ps4 but in almost every way they are behind these days and they really are a company that has lost touch with the market. the huge disappointment that the one reveal was helped the ps4 a lot. they nailed it with the ps4 but at the same time that thing feels so uninspired and dated that one can only worry about their future. they are just missing the spark. teir stuff feels backwards in many ways. it´s worrying.
    they could also do so much more with their fantastic ip´s. they are wasting potential there.

    sales are just one piece of the puzzle, they tell you if a product sells good, at this point, status quo and that´s all. not more and not less. they do not tell you anything about the future of a company at all, especially not in this industry and with that in mind, i believe that nintendo really are on the fast lane atm and the only ones who really seem to have a plan about where to go in the future, about how they want to actively shape what they want to be. this might sound funny to you, or “ignorant” even – that´s totlally fine but to me this really feels like a pretty damn confident and solid masterplan and i cannot say the same about the xbox (180ing) atm and a sony that struggles in almost every business sector they are in…you just have to put stuff into perspective sometimes.

    #34 4 months ago
  35. marporte

    Nintendo has been a greedy and gimmick heavy since the N64. They could have dominated so many generations but they didn’t want to pay “licensing fees” for the technology so they stuck with cartridge then shose tiny GC disks and making their own format again for the Wii U. What good is spending millions trying to avoid having to pay for an effective format if nobody buys your format. If Nintendo would have not had Wii Sports bundled with it and a zelda game in the ready and a cheap price tag because it was marginally stronger than a PS2 it would have not sold. When the world changed Nintendo decided to take their own route because Nintendo feels “entitled” as being the the savior of the game industry in the 80s but you need to adapt and stay cutting edge because new companies come out everyday and offer something new and better. Nintendo has a battalion of IPs over the decades with some that doesn’t even reach these shores out of ignorance that we would not accept it or understand it because of some outdated cultural BS. If companies like ATLUS, XSEED and NIS can profit off of Sony for the past 2 decades bringing obscure things then Nintendo can take a shot. We are still waiting for Mother 3 and Nintendo sees no point in releasing it even with people who would be happy to work on the translation for Nintendo for free because it would be an honor to be a part of bringing such a gem to the US. The only reason they are around still is because the handheld market doesn’t have a definitive format so Nintendo move slow with the evolution of handhelds because graphically it should have been on par with or close to Vita with a second stick built in for Monster Hunter 4 and scrap the 3D. It is just too bad that tablets and cell phone gaming is on the rise because that means Nintendo’s handheld reign will come to an end within the next 10 years

    #35 4 months ago
  36. Joe Musashi

    Some of these lengthy posts are very much like a soufflé.

    They appear well-crafted and substantial. But on closer inspection they are undercooked and quite empty. A gentle prod and they implode leaving a dissappointing mess.

    Oh well.


    #36 4 months ago
  37. marporte

    People are passionate about Nintendo even if they have fallen out of love or are still devoted. This is nothing you should go on Star Wars Movie boards and see how long they go on, it makes these posts seem like a like a business card.

    #37 4 months ago
  38. polygem

    therise of the phone and tablet market is exactly why the wiiu and the 3ds are steps in the right direction and not a sign for nintendos decline. like i said, i think that everything points to a hybrid console now. miiverse pretty much is a sign towards that as well as the wiiu implementing the basic elements of the ds family. imo this is a very well thought out move that makes a lot of sense for nintendo because this way, with a focus on ONE nintendobox device that you can use at home and on the go, they can focus all their first party efforts on just that device, which means that they will be able to satisfy consumers with enough first party content. finally. indies and third party will be less important for them then. it would also differentiate them enough from their home console competitors as well as from the tablet / phone gaming market.

    i don´t share your interpretation about “gimmicks”. the wiiu gamepad is not a gimmick at all, not even close to that term really. the 3D effect of the 3DS could be called a gimmick but it also makes a lot of sense for many games as well.

    ip-wise i think it´s totally up to nintendo to decide when and what they want to release of course. that doesn´t mean that fans should not demand stuff :D

    …but overall, the way they carefully handle their ip´s is exactly the biggest deciding factor for what made them so relevant, it´s what made these ip´s so strong and well designed and well received. this takes a lot of care and thought. rushing in this department, would be a huge mistake.

    listening to fans is great. i actually think that nintendo do that a lot, all the time. they released a mario game with the wii launch, they completely redesigned albw and they did an outstanding job with it, they have released earthbound on the vc just to name a few very recent examples.

    #38 4 months ago
  39. polygem

    @polygem Edit: “(…)wiiu launch”

    #39 4 months ago
  40. krfbmk

    You know it literally blows my mind as to how some of the people on here are not seeing the problems with Nintendo. You all can criticize my self centred opinions all you want. You can even say that the Wii was not a gimmick. But how come your Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, aren’t playing it anymore? Because once they realize that after their initial purchase of some games for Wii fit…There isn’t much substance left. How come the Wii U didn’t share the same success? One could blame poor marketing…But to say that Nintendo is on the right track? Really? The right track? Really? Numbers don’t lie..Yes Nintendo is innovative and there is no denying that. The number one problem that Nintendo has is and has been for a while 3rd party support. So what is Nintendo going to do to solve this? NOTHING….Polygem answer me this…Why the fuck is Nintendo still using a pg friendly online friends code system? No proper voice chat component, or an ability to leave voice messages. Now compare this online system to even a sub par PS3 online template. Do you not see a problem? SquareEnix a beloved franchise is sharing much of the same problems Nintendo is too. They both have a lets re invent the wheel attitude and we will be successful.. Have you seen Square Enix’s numbers over the years? They aren’t doing very well at all, and consumers are screaming for them to back to their roots. Now all of you people who think that Nintendo’s Wii wasn’t a gimmick because of the systems overall hardware sales, I can’t argue the numbers, I just can’t. But something happened along the way..People stopped buying the system in droves and it came and went as a novelty crappy motion based system, and nobody was purchasing it no more. So what does Nintendo do? The release another Wii, and they add a U beside it, and make it everything we all wished it would be ( More powerful, faster, and a sleek tablet futuristic controller ). How come it didn’t sell? I mean if Wii wasn’t considered a gimmick then the same people who loved and bought the Wii should have bought the Wii U. Wrong…Nintendo was banking on this. I bet you any money the same people who are talking garbage on here saying that Nintendo is great and Nintendo is on the right path, they didn’t wait in line on launch and buy a Wii U, and if you did, you’d be pissed because you spent $450 for a system that gets one or two glossy IP’s every 6 months to a year. I do have an idea though…Instead of complaining and being part of the problem, I will become part of the solution (Dr. Phil)
    1) Sit down and talk with 3rd party Developers ask them what they feel that they would like to see in a new system for innovation. It doesn’t mean that they have to do it everything that is said, but maybe a few things.
    2)Pick a common format that is being used right now…Blueray…Okay so that means they gotta pay Sony some scratch, but it’s better than picking an older format that no other 3rd party developer is using, or worse..A new format that will cost 3rd party developers millions in trying to make games for.
    3) Online component..Now this one Nintendo just doesn’t take seriously or just doesn’t care, and PLEASE don’t say the Wii U’s online system is amazing or you literally were dropped on your head as a kid, and me arguing my point home is useless. Friend codes, No voice chatting, Trophies?
    4) A fucking hand controller…and not a power glove. Nintendo was renowned for their controllers. SNES, NES, N64, GAMECUBE.
    5) Social media…Why not for fun put up a direct dialog with the company between Nintendo and the consumers world wide through either their own website, facebook, youtube, twitter, asking the consumers of what they would like to see. Once again doesn’t mean it will happen, but it show humility and a humbleness that would make powerhouse liked again.
    6) Why the fuck am I problem solving for Nintendo…Shouldn’t they be doing this? How come I don’t hear or see any of these ideas being thrown around. Oh ya that’s right, I am just sucker that wants you to take my money on launch because I am nostalgic that my childhood friend won’t let me down.

    Shits a joke..
    Sorry for swearing :(

    #40 4 months ago
  41. Joe Musashi

    “listening to fans is great. i actually think that nintendo do that a lot, all the time”

    Reggie Says Nintendo Fan Desires ‘Doesn’t Affect What We Do’

    Remarkable, isn’t it? You can quote sales figures directly from Nintendo, or statements directly from Nintendo but blinded loyalty will see different numbers and hear different words.


    #41 4 months ago
  42. Legendaryboss

    This is why i’m not a big fan of essays. There’s much more hilarious irony to be found here :D I’ll pick one “stand up for what you say” on that subject when are you leaving? Or is self control still a problem? Regardless on whether that was a joke or not, it still doesn’t make any sense why you still continue to comment when you made the claim that this was a “poisonous, dead site” due to other community members.

    The problem is your equating your personal viewpoint of these next gen consoles and Wii U as a baseline for a company’s success or failures. It simply doesn’t work like that and it needs to be differentiated into another category. I can’t bother with the rest or else i would end up laughing far too much.

    #42 4 months ago
  43. polygem

    i am seeing a lot of problems nintendo are facing (as well as the comptition faces a lot of problems too) but i actually saw much much more problems during the wii times actually. the changes they have made with the wiiu are finally going in the right direction.

    the friend system works, the eshop is slick and functioning and fun to navigate, the account management needs some proper work but it´s getting there, miiverse is ahead of it´s competition in many ways and it is different, the games they have released for the wiiu feel all polished and modern and fresh – something i had a problem with on the wiiu. most games just didn´t click with me. they felt dated despite the motion controls. the first party wiiu games feel fresh and are all pretty impressive really.

    the wiiu doesn´t have voice chat because nintendo wants to be family friendly…which leads to the point:

    i think people need to understand, that nintendo these days are not trying to make a console that is just like the xbox one or the ps4 and again and it makes sense.

    people need to let go of the idea of a superpowerful nintendo console that has the best grafx and third party support as well as a steady flow of nintendo first party games. it´s not going to happen guys. nintendo go into a direction that is even more nintendo, even more family friendly, even more for “everyone”. that´s the direction they are going. that´s still the market they are aiming for with the wiiu and the 3ds. it´s not aiming for soccer mums, not making gimmicks, not about being casualbut trying to be a family friendly console for gamers of every generation and in that regard things are shaping up very well imo and look indeed very promising if you look a little deeper into it, scratching the surface.

    it doesn´t mean that there wont be hardcore games on the system but the focus will be elsewhere. clearly.

    the gaming community sems to see a problem in this – i do not share these concerns at all. i believe that this is the way to go for nintendo. it´s good, it´s positive. we´ll see a lot of great games BECAUSE of that.

    this comes with a lot of problems too though of course, like lack of third party support, lack of features that other consoles have /// the other consoles have other problems though imo. it´s unaceptable that i cannot draw a nathan drake riding spyro the dragon and post that on my psn :D – or freaking ads on a paid service, or overpriced memory cards and more, you get the point. the world isn´t perfect.

    so yeah, i think nintendo have a struggling system atm – it´s called the wiiu – no questions asked – but i do not think that this is a problem for them at all if you read the signs and try to look at the bigger picture of things a little bit.

    noone needs to share these thoughts.

    #43 4 months ago
  44. polygem

    i think you´d make a great mod man!

    #44 4 months ago
  45. Legendaryboss

    Whatevs Polygem, thanks for voting!

    #45 4 months ago
  46. polygem

    @Legendaryboss You´re welcome :D Now, don´t disappoint me!

    #46 4 months ago
  47. Joe Musashi

    @43 TL;DR translation: “Iceberg? Nonsense! Full steam ahead.”


    #47 4 months ago
  48. ManuOtaku

    @krfbmk dont worry mate, i do agree with some of your points, and i want to give my input on some issues.
    1. What Made all people want and play wii, like aunts, grandma, pretty much all the Family, is the thing that does separete them for the Wiiu, the gamepad or the not so simple controls, the wii mote was a very friendly approach torwards non gaming people. The gamepad is a departure from that, it is not that friendly and simple for wiimote lovers (casuals). Both Consoles a very different in nature and target.
    2.- for The third party issue, is not all nintendo fault, is their customers as well, because they dont buy third party titles for the multiple reasons i stated before. The thing is that if customers buy third party titles like zombie u, more games will be coming, developers go were the money is. Nintendo cannot do much about it if their customers do not buy third party titles. For nintendo is an advantadge (loyalty and indicates they love their games) and a disadvantadge at the same time.
    3.- For The online offering and social media i do agree with you, they should improve the customer service, like with an unified account, however this do not mean go carbon copy everything sony and microsoft does, do your things with your touch, a fine example Miiverse, but for the rest of both points, agree.

    #48 4 months ago
  49. polygem

    one pro tip btw. writing longer posts of as “essays” all the damn time is labeling again. it´s just a nasty habit i know but maybe you want to change that at some point?
    let people post the way they want to and don´t try to make jokes about it just to devalue their opinion. it´s pretty childish tbh. nothing wrong with longer posts in a discussion.

    #49 4 months ago
  50. marporte

    @polygem It feel like the WiiU could have been so much more. In many ways it is could have been a DS for the TV but not enough innovation has gone into the gamepad. The DS made the second screen something we couldn’t do without. The Wii comes out and we have to dish out extra for motion plus to get the level of motion control the Wii needed because Nintendo didn’t think that far ahead. There are so many partnerships that exists with Nintendo for 3rd party exclusives The Wii U gamepad has some interesting ideas but if Nintendo can’t find enough ways to implement them and work with developers effectively it will still feel like a gimmick that is incomplete to me.

    #50 4 months ago
  51. ManuOtaku

    I Will like to add, people that do not like nintendo games, their style, their family approach will probably dont give nintendo a chance, even if they release a nintendo ps4, theres nothing they can do with that segment of the gaming population.
    Also Reggie can say they do not listen to their customers, but their games, miiverse, the improvement on the store, etc, tells me quite the opposite. Dont Believe in words but actions, those speaks more.

    #51 4 months ago
  52. Legendaryboss

    Devalue? Jokes? Childish? Take what you want from my posts, but once again “if i didn’t say/imply it you cannot claim i said it”.

    Pro-tip: If the same tactic is being used 40 comments later, it obviously isn’t a problem.

    #52 4 months ago
  53. ManuOtaku

    Oh and i forgot to mention i got wii u on launch window, pretty happy with it, i have 10 games that made it worht it, dont gonna post which ones, because it does not add anything to the topic.

    #53 4 months ago
  54. ManuOtaku

    My kids and the misses as well, waiting for the next great games.

    #54 4 months ago
  55. Joe Musashi

    “..It’s not Nintendo’s fault..”, “..there’s nothing they can do..”.

    Both untrue and worryingly fatalistic. Let’s hope Nintendo don’t share this view.


    #55 4 months ago
  56. polygem

    @marporte: i completely agree with that. they have said that they want to show stuff that makes proper use of the gamepad this e3 and that they are working on this stuff now with much more focus. it took too long for sure but it´s nothing that cannot be fixed…but yeah, it indeed needs to be improved.

    @LB: look, don´t give me that: “you´re putting words into my mouth” bs yet again. in this thread alone you called longer posts essays, that´s labeling and an attempt to devalue that post, nothing else. focus on the content. discuss. please stop throwing labels in every direction, whenever you can, for everything. you also said that you had to stop reading my post, otherwise you must laugh, you labeled others as loyalists (enventhough you deny it), you called other opinions ignorant and non-sense and more – yet you fail to see that this behaviour is pretty much just trying to spark a fire in a discussion – an interesting discussion imo…then, in the end, it´s just others again being the “catalyst”. sure. again lb, i get your logic, i don´t share it though. keep it for yourself now please. this stuff wont change if you refuse to look at your own behaviour, so let´s just call it a tie and move the fuck on.

    #56 4 months ago
  57. Legendaryboss

    “Others?” “loyalist?” Now its confirmed your definitely not reading my posts carefully. Pro-tip: Try reading carefully before you make your next response.

    Pro-tip: either you quote my words, word for word or quit the “he said this in my imagination, he called others (me) insert label here”.

    #57 4 months ago
  58. polygem


    #58 4 months ago
  59. polygem

    @polygem “yea we did”

    #59 4 months ago
  60. Legendaryboss

    Yep, just as expected.

    #60 4 months ago
  61. polygem


    @lb: posting “loyal to the end” as a reply to my post was just a cowardly way to call me a nintendo loyalist. you can deny that all you want – wont change it. again man, i prefer a more direct way if i want to pick a fight rather than these nasty passive aggressive backstabbing attacks but that´s just me. i read your posts very carefully. you should do the same once in a while. why not starting it right now?

    nothing is “confirmed” btw…that´s just pretty close to labeling territory yet again.

    #61 4 months ago
  62. Legendaryboss

    Well Polygem its interesting that you got Nintendo loyalist from Loyal to the end, which really says it all. In fact I’ll argue it says more about you than me. Deny? Post 33: 1 & 2 never called you a Nintendo loyalist/doesn’t equal it, you did that to yourself – fact. Yeah thats another confirmation you’re not reading my posts. Confirmation is close to labelling? Thats silly.

    #62 4 months ago
  63. Joe Musashi



    #63 4 months ago
  64. antraxsuicide

    This is for people who would argue that Nintendo is on the right track. They’ve steadily been on the wrong track for decades. The Wii is, clearly, an outlier. The Wii U is definitely going to sell less than the GC, so it’s business as usual for them. I like Nintendo games, but they’ve been riding out their time as a console manufacturer for too long. It’s made them arrogant instead of wise.

    #64 4 months ago
  65. Gekidami

    Yep, the Wii was an anomaly. Failing with home consoles is par for the course for Nintendo.

    Any new systems they make will follow suit. People just arent interested in their consoles and they’re never going to get the back the kiddies and grannies like they did with the Wii, because the casual console ship has sailed. They really should look into leaving the home console game, if they arent going to go third party, at least go portable only.

    #65 4 months ago
  66. polygem

    @LB: no it´s not. it just means what it means and it´s obvious. you are just in denial again. it´s like a broken record really. it´s silly too, stop pointing fingers at others, take a good look at yourself once in a while.
    explain what you meant by using that quote then please. what was your secret message here? please decypher…or just be brave enough to say what you want to say without hiding behind passive aggressive bullshit and abusive labels 247.
    i bet you are in your very early twens, so this stuff is forgiveable. if you will read this again in a few years, i am pretty sure you´ll see what i mean.

    #66 4 months ago
  67. polygem

    Edit: “Confirmation is close to labelling? Thats silly.”
    No, it´s not because nothing is confirmed because YOU say so…that´s just silly, childish and indeed very close to labelling because, you know, this is just you using a very shallow catchprhrase again that means shit.

    #67 4 months ago
  68. ManuOtaku

    @Joe Musashi for their customers not getting third party games what they can do? they cannot say what the customers need to buy, that it is our part.
    Even Titles That were published by them geist, baten kaitos,xenoblade, etc did not sell even remotly close to nintendo own created ips. This might indicate that Nintendo customers are only interested on nintendo own titles. I honestly ask, because i dont have any thoughts in this, what they can do, or need to do about it?

    #68 4 months ago
  69. Joe Musashi

    See #9.

    If Nintendo want third parties then they will find a way to attract them to the platform. Look at what their competitors are doing – the support and infrastructure and working relationship offered to them.

    They managed it for Capcom and, in particular, Monster Hunter. There is plenty they can do. And they have demonstrated that they can do it when they want to.

    The fault is not with the consumer. That’s a resignation and an excuse to make Nintendo blameless for their own problems.


    #69 4 months ago
  70. ManuOtaku

    @Joe Musashi well ubisoft is probably the third party that support wii and Wiiu consoles, they didnt had to attrack them in a hard way, and their games, exclusives and multiplatform didnt sell well, problaby just dance was the best one. And because their games dont sell they might stop bringing the games. one that was almost cancel watch dogs, and that still has a possibility of being cancel.
    They Will keep releasing games, but if they keep not selling, they probably will stop. Nintendo has a good relationship with ubisoft, so if they stop supporting wiiu is mainly due to poor sale because they cannot match nintendo sales level, and thus situation is for all devs, it is really hard to find a third party game that reached the nintendo games level.
    For Me this is not an excuse is a real situation, for you it is an excuse, fine is your opinion, we agree to disagree.

    #70 4 months ago
  71. ManuOtaku

    Also i did stated in this thread, that with N64 was their fault, and i sat now they had their share part, as well as their customers. I never intend to not call for their mistakes.

    #71 4 months ago
  72. ManuOtaku

    Also i did stated in this thread, that with N64 was their fault, and i said on this thread as well, that now they had their share part, as well as their customers. I never intend to not call for their mistakes.

    #72 4 months ago
  73. ManuOtaku

    Sorry double post, for trying to correct the comment while posting.

    #73 4 months ago
  74. ManuOtaku

    oh i forgot to mention, if we see the main Segments of consumers that owns nintendo consoles are:
    1. kids, parents buy nintendo games to avoid more mature games, most of third party games are mature or teen oriented, so parents dont get their kids this type of games.
    2.- Nintendo Fans, they get mostly nintendo core ips only.
    3.- Owners That own more consoles, they will get third party games were they are better, on sony or microsoft console. I said in this thread this is mainly due nintendo direction to not put a more powerfull console, and developers for not giving added especial features, but is nintendo fault because they want to bring an experience different than the other two.
    4.- avid gamers, like myself, that buys everything on the console, third party exclusives like zombie u as much as nintendo titles, and multiplatforms that offer something different line ninja gaiden 3 and batman origins, probably the less amount of all of them
    Therefore, keeping in mind all this segments, is really hard for nintendo to do something with each segment, because they have reasons to not buy third party games.

    #74 4 months ago
  75. Joe Musashi

    Ubisoft are pretty much the worst example to use in such a scenario.

    If you were to look beyond Nintendo, you’ll see that Ubisoft ensure they have a couple of titles ready for every time any new console launches. They know the reasonably meagre choice will mean they’re likely to get bigger unit sales. They’re also ride the crest of the wave of that new-console excitement which can easily eclipse issues concerning the quality of a game.

    The issue with third parties isn’t just about “Oh, the Wii U needs to sell more before we’ll support it”. That’s not the be-all and end-all of how third party relationships work. Look at the hand-in-hand way that Nintendo’s comeptitors are working with third parties. Providing tools, commercial opportunities, co-funded marketing, promotions etc. These are working business relationships. For example, when have Nintendo ever bundled their hardware with a third-party game? Their competitors do it and it benefits both parties in the short term and in the long term by building on the business relationship. Not so with Nintendo. Nintendo is about what’s in it for Nintendo.

    Nintendo could decide to work with third parties. Build relationships. Long term business partnerships.

    No. Their current notion is not to work with the market, but go off elsewhere to places like China and [unproven, unsubstantiated] schemes like QoL.

    That’s Nintendo’s actions. Those are Nintendo’s consequences. There is plenty they could do but they are, apparently, choosing not to do it.

    That’s Nintendo. It’s not consumers.


    #75 4 months ago
  76. Joe Musashi

    Your numbered groups in #74 are a fallacy. You’re acting like they’re mutually exclusive. They’re not.

    It’s not the first time in this thread where you’ve massaged the figures either.


    #76 4 months ago
  77. ManuOtaku

    @Joe Musashi again i did mentioned in this thread nintendo has is faults, since N64, but now it is share with their customers, which mean both have part of the fault.
    Never I said is the only reason on this thread, there are others, but it is one of the main ones imo, but this doenst mean that nintendo does not have faults, you seem to massage my opinion like i did never mention nintendo faults.

    #77 4 months ago
  78. Joe Musashi

    The only time you’re bringing the faults of Nintendo to light is to blame anyone other than Nintendo for them.

    It’s called ‘being an apologist’.


    #78 4 months ago
  79. ManuOtaku

    @ Joe Mushashi, in this thread when i mentioned nintendo having the fault on the N64, i did Put all the fault on nintendo, because it was, and because third party sold better than on gamecube, and WiiU, thats not an apology, thats given them 100 % the fault.
    Now I do believe is share with customers, because consumers have part of the problem.
    When Wii came out ubisoft, ea and a few others try to support the console, their games didnt sold, neither the good quality ones, neither the quick cash grabs. With wiiu ea started supporting it as well as ubisoft, their games didnt sold, ea stop supporting it, naming inferior power wise reasons, but they didnt had a problem with this with wii. Parents didnt gave their kids mass effect, assasins creed, etc for rightful reasons (proper Age), gamers that on other consoles, they pick those on better versions, this is nintendo fault for a different strategy than the other two, which I did stated on this thread but you seem to massage it like i never did. Core nintendo gamers dont got them because they only buy nintendo games, and avid gamers probably did, but they are the less quantity of these.
    So This reasoning, that i do believe, can be wrong, can be right, and you may not agree, but making it wrong in your view, doesnt transform it , into an apology and neither makes me an apologist, just Because you want to put another label on me, keep selling smoke.

    #79 4 months ago
  80. ManuOtaku

    @ Joe Mushashi, in this thread when i mentioned nintendo having the fault on the N64, i did Put all the fault on nintendo, because it was, and because third party sold better than on gamecube, and WiiU, thats not an apology, thats given them 100 % the fault.
    Now I do believe is share with customers, because consumers have part of the problem.
    When Wii came out ubisoft, ea and a few others try to support the console, their games didnt sold, neither the good quality ones, neither the quick cash grabs. With wiiu ea started supporting it as well as ubisoft, their games didnt sold, ea stop supporting it, naming inferior power wise reasons, but they didnt had a problem with this with wii. Parents didnt gave their kids mass effect, assasins creed, etc for rightful reasons (proper Age), gamers that on other consoles, they pick those on better versions, this is nintendo fault for a different strategy than the other two, which I did stated on this thread but you seem to massage it like i never did. Core nintendo gamers dont got them because they only buy nintendo games, and avid gamers probably did, but they are the less quantity of these.
    So This reasoning, that i do believe, can be wrong, can be right, and you may not agree, but making it wrong in your view, doesnt transform it into an apology and neither makes me an apologist, just Because you want to put another label on me.

    #80 4 months ago
  81. Joe Musashi

    Sorry, but the cry-baby distraction attempt of acting offended when applying a lable doesn’t work when I’ve seen you rattle out plenty of unprovoked labels yourself elsewhere. That just earns you another label: hypocrite.

    Constantly making excuses for a company is to be an apologist for them. You can object to that label as much as you like. But it applies to your mentality and skewed reasoning that you’ve demonstrated numerous times here.

    Consumers are acting as consumers.

    They are not at fault for doing this. If they’re not buying products related to your favourite company that is not a fault. That is consumer behaviour. It is the nature of the beast.

    It’s like being okay with water being wet when it quenches your thirst but claiming its wetness as a fault when you accidentally spill it on the floor and it makes other things wet.

    Something that behaves perfectly reasonably isn’t at fault just because you don’t like the outcome of that reasonable behaviour.

    Nintendo have carelessly spilled a lot of water. Everything’s all soggy and floppy. And you’re insisting that something’s wrong with the behaviour of water because everything’s got wet.


    #81 4 months ago

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