MvC Origins, Street Fighter, Lost Planet 3 to survive Gamespy shutdown

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 00:30 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Several Capcom titles will be affected by the Gamespy server shutdown, but the publisher has plans to save most of them.


As detailed on Capcom Unity, three of the five affected Capcom games will be saved, but Age of Booty and Flock will see their online services terminated.

“Unfortunately there are no plans to update or migrate [Age of Booty] to a new service. It’s been a great ride (2008/09-2014) and we thank everyone who sailed these seas. You can still play this title offline or grab friends for some LAN action, however,” Capcom said.

“There are no plans to migrate [Flock]. You can still download and play the game, but be aware online features – such as the level editor sharing function – will no longer be active.”

Meanwhile, Marvel vs Capcom 3 has already migrated, and Lost Planet 3 and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition are in the process of transferring to another server.

Thanks, Polygon.