Sunset Overdrive’s box art is bright, artistic, just the right amount of wacky

Friday, 9th May 2014 20:35 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Sunset Overdrive’s box art has been released and it was created by ilovedust, a graphic design studio based on the south coast of England. Check it out below. Sunset Overdrive will be released exclusively on Xbox One later this year.





  1. ManuOtaku

    For me one of the best covers out there is from the borderlands series, and this one hanst anything to envy to those ones, i dig this style. Based On the cover this game will rock.

    #1 4 months ago
  2. hadamrw

    Agreed! Excellent cover!!

    #2 4 months ago
  3. Joe Musashi

    Yup, another box ticked with aplomb.

    This game’s enthusiastic irreverence is wildly compelling.


    #3 4 months ago
  4. Legendaryboss

    That’s just really crowded.

    #4 4 months ago
  5. dazedonthemoon

    It is really cool box art. Kudos to the people who chose this design. Looks sweet.

    #5 4 months ago
  6. derpachu

    One f the best I seen. Noice!

    #6 4 months ago
  7. Obernox

    Dammit…. Insomniac finally makes a game i’m really interested in… aaaaaand it’s a XBO exclusive…

    #7 4 months ago
  8. Persia13

    Looks awesome.

    #8 4 months ago
  9. majormayhem70

    You ever watch a movie preview and and it shows a whole lot of action? Then you go to the movies to see it and realize that the preview showed ALL of the action that the movie had to offer. That’s what this cover reminds me of. And I like what I see, so that’s not a bad thing. I love this games art style. I hope it plays as good as it looks.

    #9 4 months ago
  10. XanderZane

    So awesome. Greatness is coming.

    #10 4 months ago
  11. Gheritt White

    @Obernox Yeah, I agree. This is easily the most compelling game on XB1 right now – I’m getting a proper Crackdown vibe from it, in a totally awesome way.

    Still, as much as I find it very appealing, I still prefer the loom of The Order: 1886 and InFamous 2, so right now I’m still more likely to pick up a PS4 this Xmas. Not making my mind up until after E3, Gamescom and TGS though!

    #11 4 months ago

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