Adam Boyes on Sony-indie relationship: “You have to be transparent and honest and forthcoming with what you’re planning”

Monday, 5th May 2014 19:44 GMT By Sherif Saed

VP of Publisher & Developer Relations at Sony, Adam Boyes, has outlined the firm’s approach when dealing with independent developers, and how the approach it used, has helped make it the indie darling it is now.

Speaking to Gamespot in an interview, Boyes talked about the relationship that Sony has with indie developers, “I think the important thing for us is all about the accountability and the relationship we have with developers. And it’s so important that you have to be transparent and honest and forthcoming with what you’re planning and how you interact.”

He later added that you wouldn’t want to create any issues, especially today with the rise of social media. “Nowadays, if anyone has a bad experience, they’re going to tell everyone and then word is going to get out.

“We see the conversations that are happening so it helps guide and mold our internal thinkings.”



  1. pmagent2013

    I used to dislike indie games but lately i have found myself playing more and more of them. I have no problem illegally playing/downloading triple A games but i always pay for indie games because i respect what they do and want them to be able to continue doing it.

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