UPDATE: The Last of Us Ellie image is fan art

Sunday, 4 May 2014 23:32 GMT By Brenna Hillier

UPDATE: The artist has confirmed that, as suspected, the image is a piece of fan art.

Okon confirmed with Kotaku the image is a piece of fan art. Hey, even the guy who made the game’s key art can be a fan, right? Oh well.


The Last of Us concept artist Marek Okon has dropped a mysterious tease which, if you squint, hold your breath, click your heels together and believe in magic, might just be our very first look at a sequel to Naughty Dog’s award-winning adventure.

The artists posted an image of what seems to be a work in progress painting of a more adult looking Ellie on Facebook.

“Let me tease you something. It’s coming,” he said, with a winky emoticon.

Naturally, fans have leapt all over the artwork as “proof” that a sequel to The Last of Us is in the works. Or, of course, it might just be a piece of personal artwork, but we may as well live in hope, right?

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